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Project Runway All Stars s4e12
Some Like It Hot Dog  5 February 2015

Last time on Project Runway the designers created bridesmaid's dresses for a runway wedding that host Alyssa Milano officiated.

Helen edged out Sonjia for the win.  

Fabio beat out Dmitry and Michelle for elimination.   Only Michelle put up a real fight, with her horrible fit.

Not that kind of fit.

Oh, and Dmitry did whisper to Michelle, "It's like it's preordained.  Fabio will place 5th, you (Michelle) will place 4th, Sonjia 3rd, I'll put up a valiant fight, but place 2nd to Helen.  She can't fail.

Oh, but she can wail.

The four remaining contestants meet up with Alyssa and a satellite hookup on the runway.

"There's a zero percent chance I could win this thing."

Spongebob Squarepants needs a runway look and a press look for the premier of his movie, in theaters Friday.  The winner of this particular challenge gets to design a look for a made-for-TV movie.

If only.  They are to be inspired by Marilyn Monroe to create a red carpet look that will appear both fresh and timeless.

The spend $500 at Mood.  They have 8 hours.  Not at Mood, but for the entire challenge, once they get back to the work room.  They get in, presumably, during the 8 o'clock hour.

"This is the last challenge of the season, and at this point, it's a fair game for everybody.  It's only unfair when the judges show up and hold to script."

The designers go with strong, bright colors like beige, light gray (sorry, mint julep) and black.  Sonjia is drawn to the gold.

"As well she should be.  Customers love a bold beige & gold."

During the 9 o'clock hour Isaac comes in.  Wait, who, why?

"Look, I've been taking tap dancing lessons!"

"No, I just felt bad that Michelle was going home next, so I thought, let's all jump through some hoops so we can justify giving her a Rice-A-Roni parting gift."

Isaac summons what I can only guess is the tenth male dog to play female Lassie. 

"There is NOTHING wrong with a guy playing a female!"

Or maybe he plays 'gotchyer nose' with Lassie's handler.

The contestants must make movie genre inspired canine couture.

Helen selected Sci-Fi, Michelle went Western, Sonjia received musical comedy, and Dmitry got all gangsta.  So, Helen had unique shoulders, Michelle used chartreuse, Sonjia gave her dog a long pencil skirt, and Dmitry used a plethora of cut-outs.

Well, no, but Michelle was awarded the win. 

Even though Sonjia had the coolest dog.

Isaac calls it a great runway, but, did YOU think that?  They look like they took 15 minutes.  I didn't see ANY sleeves or pants.  I *think* this brings them to 10:30a?

Why Sonjia won't let go of 2012 and poor, beleaguered Sweet Brown is beyond me.  Try to stay current, dearie.  Back during filming wasn't Meghan Trainor the big deal?  Right now we're overfocusing on teleprompter news reader Brian Williams lying about being shot at in 2003 while overseas.  (Was he even overseas at all?)  Oh, and how PRAS is so unlike the fashion Olympics.

Although there is the crying.

Zanna time!

Love the dress, but why the aversion to the brush?
Did Jeffrey S. beat you up with it last season?

She likes the front of Michelle's look, but finds the chains cheap looking.

Zanna calls Dmitry's dyeing of the fringe clever.  Helen interviews that it looks like a a dirty mop.

Zanna thinks Sonjia's dress is modern and timeless.  Sonjia is admonished to present perfect construction.

"Quite honestly, it's gonna be a really tough call to get rid of any of you at this point."

"Hahahahaha!  Good one!"

Zanna fears Helen went Victorian, old-fashioned, not modern.   She hints that it is forgettable.  Dmitry interviews that it is quite forgettable.

How do they do?

Joining Alyssa, Georgina & Isaac is Sophia Amoruso

Sonjia Williams

Michelle Lesniak

Helen Castillo

Dmitry Sholokhov

Isaac finds Sonjia's gold dress dramatic, memorable and inventive.  Georgina thinks it is just too busy to appreciate the statement bow.   Alyssa acquiesces that it would be timeless.  Sophia implies that it is editorial.

Alyssa likes Michelle's fabric, but laments that the design is all about the fabric.  Sophia calls it pretty & timeless, but too sheer.    Isaac likes how she lined it.  He thinks he likes the loop where the wearer can place the hand, to show off jewelry.  He doesn't like the fabric.  Georgina doesn't like how the pattern was (mis)handled.

Sophia calls Helen's work unmemorable, but finds it a beautiful dress.  Georgina deems it too safe, unoriginal.  Isaac loves it, but he didn't like that it didn't move.

Dmitry's look blew Alyssa away.  She says it is the best she ever saw on PRAS.

"Behold, the power of fringe."

Sophia admires the work.  Georgina thinks it is one of the rare times where there is nothing that needs to be changed or done over.  Isaac wonders about the appropriateness of it for the red carpet.

Dmitry is awarded the win!
He earned it, right?

Sonjia places 2nd.
Both are clearly in the finale.

The judges decide to put Michelle & Helen through some more turmoil.  What a surprise, such a refreshing twist.  They've never done THAT before!

Just like PRAS3e9, they have to use the previously eliminated designers' losing garments to come up with a fresh new look.   They are to use fabric from three (3) different loser looks.

Michelle forgets her numbers for a bit and only uses fabric from two fellow contestants..

"It was nice having you here, Michelle.  Now, take your pancho and leave.  Immediately."

Helen is in for the finale!

Tune in next week when the winner from Last Chance Runway is announced, joining Dmitry, Sonjia & Helen in the finale.

"I'll give Helen a reason to cry!"

Alright, I do go a bit over the top with griping about the editing giving away how everyone will do.  Yeah, Michelle earned her end on PRAS with the pancho.  Still, it's hard to see someone so talented not make the finale.

But I'll only cry on the inside.


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