Thursday, February 19, 2015

Face Off s8e6  Troll Bridge • 17 February 2015 

Last time on Face Off the contestants, in six pairs, fabricated characters to go with sounds created by Erik Aadahl.   

Stephanie won for her concept of a 1940's/1950's housewife automaton.  

Adam & Regina had the bottom look, but since Adam had won immunity during the Foundation (mini-) Challenge, Regina was let go.

The eleven remaining contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore on a dry part of the Los Angeles River.

Think 1954's Them,

or 1978's Grease.

The Spotlight Challenge this week is to select one of six international bridges and create the troll that lives under it.  McKenzie tells them Doug Jones will be a guest judge, and he will give the models acting advice on reveal day.  Soon the makeup artists are sketching.  But, first, McKenzie admonishes, "Now make sure you keep in mind not only the architectural design but also the location and cultural settings when creating your trolls."

It's a typical 3 day challenge.  Not long into it, coach Rayce spews, "When it comes to conceptual stuff, you guys have to think where no one is thinking, reinvent trolls."  Doesn't that almost sound like 'ignore the challenge and do something else?'   What would you do?

We get to see the mentor in action this week!

Michael likes the direction that Ben is going in.

Kelly's technique is great, but she needs more "troll."

Logan's sculpt is great, he receives some painting advice.

Michael wants Darla to go more traditional with the troll, 

Jamie is told not to overwhelm the model with so much vegetation that they can't find the model's silhouette, or all of Jamie's sculpt / makeup.

Darla has trouble taking Mr. Westmore's advice.   She puts aside the face work and plays with the cowl for a while.   She doesn't like what she has done so far.

On day two Rayce affirms Rob's "alien" take on a troll.

He tells Anthony that he is doing his best work yet.  Anthony interviews how great it is that he is taking a risk.  You mean, by not doing a troll for the troll challenge?

Emily has trouble with her molds.  One comes out with several cracks. The body sculpt is hurting, but she salvages much to use.

The other opens, but only after much grief.

On day 3 Doug Jones is in early to help the models interpret and portray the looks accurately.

Kelly's paint starts to look muddy.   She has the last hour to fix it.

As stated earlier, joining host McKenzie Westmore, and regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill & Neville Page is guest judge creature actor Doug Jones.












McKenzie calls out Adam, Darla, 


Logan and Julian as the middle safe.  She tells them "nice work this week."

Glenn deems Kelly's work astounding.   He likes how she built on the model's features.   Neville doesn't see a troll, but likes her level of work.

Anthony's genetically mutating troll is a miss with the judges.  Ve can't find any cohesion.  Neville is frustrated with the transition.  Glenn calls it a lack of a clearly identified goal.  Ouch!

Ben envisioned kids playing in the Summer.  The judges are beaming.  Glenn calls it Ben's best work thus far.

Doug and Glenn see the abrupt, messy transitions from skin to prosthetic.  Doug does appreciate Emily's color work.

Glenn calls Rob's vision flawed, but loves his paint job.   Ve sees a pull over mask.

Neville is impressed with Jamie's wood effect.  Ve admires the paint job. Doug loves the attention to detail.

Rayce apologizes, and informs the judges that he steered his guys in the wrong direction.  Two of the bottom three were his guys.

The top 3, all Team Anthony, are Kelly, Ben & Jamie.

Jamie gets her first win!

Glenn congratulates Anthony for his people being the top 3.

Bottom three are Emily, Anthony and Rob.

Anthony is eliminated for his 2-in-1 anti-troll.

"We liked it."

Anthony is gracious & professional.  Good man.
Glenn insists he belongs in the SFX world. 

Anthony will be missed. 

Next week: It's the Lisa Stansfield Body Paint Challenge.

Or, bees in space?



  1. OK. First of all, I totally shouted at the television when Rayce told his team not to make trolls. That was horrible advice.

    Second of all, I think Doug Jones is the love child of Tim Burton and Max Headroom. (No? Showing my age? Hmm.)

    Thirdly, I disagreed with the judges on a lot this week. For instance, I thought the best look was Stephanie's; it was the only one that I had a strong positive reaction to. I also thought Rob's troll's head DID read troll; I thought those underbite fangs went a long way to saying 'troll.' Finally, I thought that Anthony's look was absolutely great - maybe it would've benefited from a color palate that had more contrast between the 'old' look and the 'evolved' look, but look at that photo. It's a strong, good look. Compare that with Emily's look - her look is a mess.

    I also didn't understand the love for Ben's troll. I understand wanting to encourage outside the box thinking, but that face makeup was a mess.

    Boo! I want a judge do-over for this episode. Though I did like Doug J's props to the models!

    1. ALSO! ALSO! I forgot to even MENTION the TRAVESTY of never getting to see Anthony's hair out from under that skeevy knit cap. Curses!!!