Thursday, February 12, 2015

Face Off s8e5 Sounding Off 10 February 2015 

Last time on Face Off: Return Of The Champions, the contestants were inspired by Tim Burton & playing card royalty on the 1st individual Spotlight Challenge of the season.

Darla & Julian were in the top,

but Emily won the challenge.

All three are on Team Laura.

Jamie & Anthony were in the bottom,

but Daniel earned his elimination for being,

as Glenn Hetrick put it, incoherent,
uninspired and having technical flaws. 

Then guest judge Robert Stromberg
told him to cheer up and keep going. 

 "Trust me, I know what I'm doing.?

"I am a man who will fight for your honor."

The contestants walk into the work room to see four models.  It's a Relay Race Foundation Challenge, in teams of three.  They each get two 20-minute turns.  There is no communication to each other, period.

McKenzie beams, "You're guest judge is the co-host of Wipe-Out" and everyone at chez Rubino is shouting,

"John Henson!  Skunk Boy!  John Henson!,"

but, no, it's Jill Wagner.   She expects cohesion with the hands, of course, plus strong work at the mouth area.  Was that an odd thing to say?

Maybe she listened to 1974 Genesis too much?

The four models each have hand/claw inspiration for the makeup artists to work off of.

Jill Wagner calls Ben, Darla & Emily's work appropriate and cohesive, but unoriginal.

Julian's horns might be misplaced, but they definitely aren't painted well.  Anthony, Julian & Regina aren't winning the Foundation Challenge.

Jamie, Logan & Stephanie's character scared Jill Wagner, which is good.   It's her 2nd favorite look.

Adam, Kelly & Rob impress Jill.  She loves the coloring.  This is the winning look.

The wig choice earns Adam the win, so he gets immunity for the upcoming Spotlight Challenge.

Then, Rayce comes out?  But, not in the way we all want.

"I have to go to anger management class,
after giving Anthony a black eye last challenge."

"Thank you, Jesus!"

So, adorable RJ is in for Rayce, who has another obligation.

Next day, over at Fox Studios they meet up with Sound Designer Erik Aadahl.  They are to design a corresponding character to one of his sound creations.

They pair up, so there will only be six looks.   Erik tells them to find the personality, and figure out the genre.  It's a standard 3 day challenge.

They listen, design and sketch right there.

"And I snagged a date with a hunky bear!"

Adam & Regina are at odds over whether a robot is too obvious a direction to go.  He has immunity.  Just take over, Regina!

"You *have* to."

Julian & Ben aren't at each other's throats, but they can't figure out what their guy is gonna be. Two hours later they finally figure it out, thanks to help from their coaches.

RJ demands that Regina gets to sculpting.  I bet that there was more to it than the little bit we saw.

We don't see any Michael Westmore mentor walk-through, either.

Everyone seems stressed during the last few hours on reveal day.  Logan & Rob don't apply much of their guy together until the last hour.

Judging this week are regulars Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.

Both RJ & Rayce are there for the reveal.

Anthony & Darla

Logan & Rob

Kelly & Stephanie

Ben & Julian

Adam & Regina

Emily & Jamie

Host McKenzie calls out Emily & Jamie, and Logan & Rob as the safe middle, sending them out back to the makeup room.

Glenn thinks Kelly & Stephanie nailed the design, and the judges all think they executed it perfectly.  Ve loves all the extras, like the earrings and the photo.

Ve finds Regina's sculpt rough, with horrible paint, and Adam's more successful.  C'est tout?
Neville tells Ben & Julian they hit it out of the park, Ve sees it as very scary.

Glenn deems Darla & Anthony's work directionless.  The judges especially do not like Darla's face sculpt.  They do like Anthony's work on the chest. 

McKenzie gives the coaches a chance to speak on behalf of the bottom dwellers, and quickly each hers a coach speaking up for him.  Nice.

Top teams are Kelly & Stephanie, 

and Ben & Julian.

Stephanie & Kelly are on top!

Stephanie earns the win for originating the strong concept.

Bottom three are Darla, Anthony and Regina.

Regina is let go for her face sculpt & paint.

I get the idea that if she had just told immune Adam that her idea was the way to go, she would have saved several hours, and might have been much better at both the paint and the sculpt.

Tune in next week for trolls!

No word on if Kini will guest judge.


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  1. There can be no troll show without Kini.

    I found this show hard to watch. I literally fell asleep during the commercial break right before they announce the winner/loser on two consecutive attempted viewings.

    Regina sucked all the fun out of my house during this episode - I'm glad to see her go. Also: I want fewer team/group challenges.

    I also want - nay, DEMAND - that Anthony take off his stupid hat and let his presumably-delightful mane be beheld and adored. OMG, what if he's bald? I need to know.

    I thought Jamie & Emily's character deserved more credit than it got.

    J'Enough of Kelly. Just j'enough.