Thursday, February 5, 2015

Face Off s8e4 Royal Flush 3 February 2015 

Last time on Face Off: Return Of The Champions, the 14 remaining contestants, in pairs, created animal/plant hybrids.

Ben was the individual winner.  His teammate Darla, along with Emily & Regina, were all in the top.

 Bottom dwellers were Stephanie, Alan, and Adam & Julian, with Alan being eliminated.  

He and the first guy to go have such stellar resumes.  It was weird that Gregory & Alan left first.

The 13 remaining contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at the Normandi Casino.  Their new Spotlight Challenge is to create a Tim Burton appropriate Royal Court member.  They choose cards and sketch on site.

"I can't.  I mean, how do you choose between Dave & Juice?"

I miss me some 1980s Canadian TV, though.

Daniel interviews he is in trouble.  He's never done a beauty makeup up. 

Why am I suddenly thinking of Steve Buscemi?

He thinks he's gonna go with a jagged look.  Hmmm.

Jamie has last choice on model selection, and she gets a female for her King of Spades.  Problem?  Anthony advises her to go whimsical, not realistic.  Now, when was the last time Tim Burton and Realism were in the same sentence?

Daniel doesn't like his man sculpt for a queen.  Anthony doesn't like that he went so serious.

"Start over."

He laments that he is so far behind, starting over will RUIN him.  Yeah, what, you lost 30 minutes?  Even if it was an hour or two, it's A THREE DAY CHALLENGE!  Focus & proceed.

"Echa Pa' Lante"

Westmore time!

Michael sees more horror than Tim Burton in Rob's sculpt.

He thinks Regina's is too realistic, not whimsical.

"You are in clay hell."

He tells Logan that the club aspect isn't pronounced enough.


Um, there are 13 contestants, not 4.  Do they just rip him outta there with an oversized hook?  And, where were McKenzie and Laura?  Ugh.

Is that why Emily felt she had to huff some hair spray, just to cope?

Stephanie's model has been changed on her (we don't learn why.)   She seems unfazed.  You know, there seems to be a story here this week:  Change.   Jamie, Daniel, Anthony, Regina and Stephanie all had some sort of a wrench thrown into the works, and they all had to roll with the punches.   Let's see how everyone did.

Joining host McKenzie Westmore and regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page is Maleficent Director Robert Stromberg.














McKenzie names the safe middle and sends them out back.

Darla's Jack Of Hearts is a hit with the judges.  Glenn calls it brilliant and stunning.  Neville likes the sculpt, as does Robert.

Jamie's King Of Spades is a small dandy.  Ve doesn't like that idea.   Neville fails the sculpted hair.  Glenn and Neville loathe the paint job.

Robert is impressed with Emily's Queen Of Hearts.  Glenn, well, he just might have given his best compliment yet.

Glenn's jealousy over Emily's talent level is adorable.
Glenn.  Adorable.

"Hey, it could happen."

Anthony's emotional state is palpable before they even start.  Wow.  Robert calls the paint job muddled.  Ve nicely calls the hair an absolute mess.

Robert later shares this incredible gem: "You can't overlook the paint job.  I've seen more kingly bowls of spaghetti to be honest with you."

Glenn calls Daniel's work 'unintelligible.'  Ve thinks the diamond lips are muddy & deformed.

Ve likes the interesting, bizarre job Julian did.  Neville likes that it isn't on the nose, but out of the box.  I pray to God he's got all the overused phrase-speak out of his system.

Top three are Darla, Emily and Julian.

All were on Laura's team.

Emily wins!  Finale potential, eh?

Bottom three are Jamie, Daniel and Anthony.

Daniel is eliminated for his uninspired, incoherent concept.

Tune in next week to see if Anthony can ever eat spaghetti again.

Hey, maybe they will have the Kingly Spaghetti Monster God challenge next time?

"Oh, dear God, let Anthony be safe."


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