Thursday, February 26, 2015

Face Off s8e7  Queen Bee • 24 February 2015 

Last time on Face Off the contestants fabricated trolls associated with particular bridges.

Jamie won her first Spotlight Challenge with her Bali Dragon Bridge troll.

Anthony was eliminated for his Singapore Helix Bridge troll.

Oh, and Rayce specifically told his team members not to go with a typical troll look.   In other words, don't make a troll for a troll challenge.   That advice perhaps kept his people out of the top, don't you think?

Before we get into it:

We've lost these guys already.

These are the winners of all of the 
Foundation & Spotlight Challenges, so far.

The 10 remaining contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore in the work room for their third mini-challenge of the season.

"It's not a 'mini-challenge!'"

Sorry, Tom, their third Foundation Challenge.

It's the Philip Treacy challenge.

"Minus all the in-your-face sex, I hope."

They get two hours to select a hat and create an original character.  Lois Burwell returns to judge.  She is looking for technique, skill, a clean makeup, and cohesion.  The winner gets immunity in the upcoming Spotlight Challenge.

Upon completion, they show mini-critiques with:

 Jamie, then Rob,

then Emily, and then Darla

Lois says the top two are Rob & Emily.

Emily wins the Foundation Challenge and
immunity for the Spotlight Challenge.

The next day the makeup artists hit Canyon Ranch.   In teams of two, they are to create an insect queen, and a companion.  They select their own teams.

Then, the nudist colony comes over.

They have one day to body paint.  Nix Herrera (Face Off s2 and Naked Vegas) comes out from behind a tree to have him share advice:  Use the entire body, all of the insect's colors, and have fun.  Nix and the 3 coaches will be around for guidance.

Logan and Rob seem to be uncomfortable with a body paint challenge.

Others, just with the nudity.

Q.  Why did Kelly & Ben pair up?   On the very first challenge, he helped her with one her molds, and yet there was friction between the two.  Wouldn't you run from that?

At any rate, Kelly wants to combine the two models to make one queen bee.  Ben insists on instead separating, and blending the guy completely into the scenery.  Isn't that a missed opportunity?  Remember that.

Soon enough the coaches are around.  Anthony & Laura approve of Emily & Jamie's Honey Bee vision.

Laura (& Rayce?) steer Julian & Logan away from their larva idea, in that they have no idea what exactly the larva would look like.  They would be just winging it, so to speak.  The judges might not like that, especially if they guess wrong.

Anthony sees that Ben is doing a pure, straight blend (into the scenery) and Anthony tells both that their team is the only one doing that.   He adds it might not be a wise strategy.

Laura guides Darla & Stephanie's vision towards a combined 2 models to make one insect.

Nix makes the rounds, giving everyone body paint advice.  At the end of the day, they take pictures, and the next day the judges see those pictures.

Those judges would be: Glenn, Ve & Neville.

How did they do?

Logan & Julian

Stephanie & Darla

Adam & Rob

Emily & Jamie

Kelly & Ben

Glenn calls Logan & Julian's work incredibly successful, with a brilliant use of the two models.  Ve likes the paint job, including the leg work. Neville concurs with both.

Ve thinks the model's breasts are too obvious on Darla & Stephanie's insect.  Neville notices the wings come out of the head, not the back.  

As for Adam & Rob, Neville doesn't think the lady bug is queen like.   He mentions The Cowardly Lion and Kibuki.  What a pairing!  Ve sees a cartoon caricature, not a beauty makeup.

Emily & Jamie earn praise from the judges.   Ve admires Emily's queen's beautiful face.  With the eyes and the face, all I can see is Yara Sofia.

"Well, that *would* be beauty."

Ve doesn't like Kelly's work, the face looks more like a muzzle than insect-looking.

Neville asks if they worked well together, then says the work is boring, and part of that is their inability to work together.

I can see it now.  One of them is gonna make it to the finale, and the other will be *just* recently eliminated, and will have to come back and help the first win the entire season.

"Teamwork!"  That was priceless, eh?

Top teams are Logan & Julian

and Emily & Jamie.

Logan & Julian win.

Logan is the individual winner.  He is the first to win two Spotlight Challenges this season.  Although Emily has now won a Spotlight and a Foundation Challenge.

Part of the reason Logan won is that he had the idea to use two models for one creature.  Do you wonder if he just overheard Kelly & Ben arguing, and stole their cast off idea, since they weren't using it anymore?

Did you catch that ego?  (Not to mention the poor reasoning skills.)  Was he just joking about winning the season easily?  Proverbs 16:18?  Or merely an accurate prediction?

Darla & Stephanie are middle safe,
much to their surprise.

That leaves Adam, Rob, Kelly & Ben in the bottom.

Glenn gives the bottom 4 mixed reviews before eliminating Rob.

I gotta see what Tonya Reiman says about people putting up sideways prayer hands, as opposed to "namaste," when they are conveying information.  I've noticed McKenzie doing this, and now Glenn.

Of course, we've seen Tim Gunn do it on PR for years.

Okay, Tonya seems to say that it means the speaker is uber-confident.  I am not buying it.  Well, for McKenzie and Glenn, sure, I believe.  But Tim always seems to do it when he starts to feel overwhelmed, while speaking with the contestants, as if he is losing control of the situation, and trying to get it back.   Yeah, like they might all rush him, punch him out, and then go over to the Brother clock and turn it back many hours.

Ve reminds Rob that she knows he is better than what was just presented.  Wow, have they always been so complimentary early on  Okay, episode 7 isn't 'early on.'

Next week: Clive Barker!

Not *that* Clive.