Saturday, January 3, 2015

Walking 11.5 2 January 2015
I had to run more errands yesterday.  I did most of them in 6.5 miles, and then another errand reared its ugly head while I was about to pass out at home on the floor, in front of the fan.  So, five more miles, bringing the walking to a grand total of 11.5.  Surprisingly, the feet are okay.   I bet I am sore tomorrow, though.  (I fell asleep writing this, and, next day, hell, yeah, I'm in (very minor) pain.  Heh.)

I saw the first ducks of the season.  Spring is here.  Well, it is Florida, after all.   And, they were on the sidewalk, in the fog, not in some boiling lake.  (Again, it is Florida.)

Note:  Today, Saturday the 3rd, I chatted with someone who walked 22 miles yesterday.   Ugh.  I am such a wimp.


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