Saturday, January 24, 2015

Project Runway All Stars s4e10
Versatile Tops & Bottoms 22 January 2015

Last time on Project Runway All Stars the contestants were to be inspired by aquatic life to create an avant garde look.   

Dmitry won over the judges by merely copying one of his s10 finale looks.  2012 must still be very fashion forward, that it works as such in 2013/2014.   Justin unnerved Isaac with his silhouette so much that he was eliminated.   I thought the torso was like a vortex.

All I could see was House's work on Face Off s4.

I'm still recovering from a nasty head cold, so we're doing things differently this week.  Let's work backwards.

You know you wanna.

He doesn't wanna.

Here's what walked the runway:

Sonjia Williams

Fabio Costa

Helen Castillo

Michelle Lesniak

Dmitry Sholokhov

Jay Sario

Okay, not only what do you think, but, what was the challenge?  Doesn't it look like they all got different challenges?  Although, some must have been told "junior" for the first look, huh?

Sonjia Williams
The judges love it, although Georgina sees flaws, especially at the hip area.  She wants it backwards.  (Jump!  Jump!)  Diana Eng was using cut outs in season 2.  In season 4 Nina would say they were out.  How is this new?  Separates are nice, usable though.

Fabio Costa
Isaac thinks he is clueless as to what is going on in the world.  These aren't relevant.   His separates read too junior.

Helen Castillo
The two looks do not go together at all, but the judges like the high end, fashion forward look.  The separates could only be worn successfully by an emaciated little girl.

Michelle Lesniak
Some like the print, but I'm with Isaac, yuck.   Georgina likes her attitude.  George likes them, but thinks they are BOTH fashion forward.   I see that Michelle herself might look fine in it, but it's not for the everyday woman.   It's easy to see the cohesion, though.   
I can't stop seeing Willam on Little House On The Prairie.
Would Willam be Charles' first or second wife?

Dmitry Sholokhov
The judges love his work, but do not find the separates very accessible.   They love the dress, which is more sellable.   Okay, I'll say it, I'm just glad there aren't any cut outs used.

Jay Sario
We've had boring tops like this before.   They've sent designers home.  The pants do him in (too long, fit is bad, poor fabric choice.)  What a difference from the garbage bag pants in season seven, huh?  Why no one on set broke into "Land of Hope & Glory, Mother of the Free" is beyond me.

Still don't know the challenge exactly?   They were to create a 2 piece look for QVC (think 'the masses') and the winner would get to actually sell one of them on QVC.   They were also supposed to create a high end look inspired by the original 2 piece outfit.  No one ever asked for junior.  No one ever asked for a particular fabric.   VERY FEW thought about different sized purchasers.     There's nothing wrong with having a different niche in the fashion world, but do Helen and Jay really think that skinny little girls (not grown women) are 'the masses?'

How did they place?

At least we got to see Swatch.

Oh, and this happened:
IM: Hey Fabio, you've been in the bottom a lot.
FC: Yeah, I have, yeah, I have.
IM: Don't do it again. 
FC: Yes.  I won't.
IM: I mean it.
FC: Okay.

Either Fabio ain't gonna be in the finale, or this is an idle threat and he wins the whole thing.

"Don't be silly.  He can't win the whole thing.  *I* am still here."

How long has Isaac been impersonating Jack Benny?

Tune in next week when Sonjia, just after this big win, gets the loser edit.   Will she go home after a big win?  She did on season ten.


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