Saturday, January 17, 2015

Project Runway All Stars s4e09
Sketching With Sharks 15 January 2015

Last time on Project Runway the designers created swimsuits and resort wear.  

Justin edged out Dmitry & Sonjia for the win, 
with Fabio & Helen placing safe middle.

Samantha beat out Jay & Michelle for the elimination.

The remaining seven contestants meet up with Alyssa & The Penguins (Kevin & Pam) at the Long Island Aquarium.

"Hey, where the *hell* is my closeup?" 

The challenge this time around is to create an avant garde look inspired by a particular creature at the aquarium.   Helen sketches in a shark tank and ups everyone's budget to $250.  It's a 2 day challenge, y'all !!!

Everything seems to be going well at Mood.  Okay, let me take that back, Jay says he never worked with vinyl before, and yet he's basing half of his look on it.  Without any more information, I'm worried.

Second, instead of a Swatch sighting, we see a commemorate painting.   Does this signify something?  I'm noivous to say the least.

Later Justin is regretting his fabric choice (after loving it at Mood.)  Uh-oh!  Early on day two Helen shares her extra fabric with him, so he's happy.

On the mentor drive-by Zanna has to ask Jay where the avant garde is.  That ain't good!

She's underwhelmed by Justin's work.  She wants to see something she's never seen before.

Zanna admonishes Fabio not to get lost in asexuality, and to remember the fish.  Hmmm.

"I'm leaving that one alone."

Sonjia's overskirt is a hit with ZRR.  No, wait, the *idea* of an overskirt is a hit.  Doesn't it look too crafty to you?

Zanna sees a family of four camping in Michelle's garb.  Or, maternity wear for the Sister Wives, one big garment for all.

Zanna sees another shower loofah with Helen's block of ruffles.  She wants not only weird, but attractive, too.  Helen removes just a little bit on the fly and Zanna beams.  Save!

Dmitry is using the seahorse as an excuse to continue his domination of the cut out.  I love his work, but when will he move on to something else?

"Like, fringe?"

Ugh, okay,  fine, uncle, you win.  All of the cut outs
are simply divine.  Even if they don't match up yet.

Soon Lauren B. is there to inform the contestants that they will have the opportunity to go wild with the nails.  The challenge winner will also be awarded a $5,000 nail extravaganza.

Thank you Fabio.  He mentions that he has seen Dmitry's current jacket during the finale on season 10.

"At least it ain't car wash flaps."

No Swatch, but we get to see Scott & Linh.

Joining Alyssa, Georgina and Isaac on the runway is Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls.)

Ah, remember?

Helen Castillo
Sand Tiger Shark

Michelle Lesniak
Flamboyant Cuttlefish

Fabio Costa
Red Bubble-Tip Anemone

Sonjia Williams
Red-Bellied Piranha

Jay Sario
Russell's Lionfish

Justin LeBlanc
Yellow Scroll Coral

Dmitry Sholokhov

Alyssa thanks them for a spectacular runway.  Sonjia is declared safe middle, 4th out of 7, and heads back to the waiting room.

The judges are not in agreement about the trim on Helen's look, but Alyssa likes the restraint with her fabric in general.  Unlike the couture challenge where the judges all mocked Helen's over-utilized technique, they are responding positively to it here.   Well, it's not 100% covering the entire garment.

Georgina doesn't see avant garde in Justin's look.  Isaac and Alyssa want the waist hiked up.  Nicole likes some of the ideas, but the execution is a mess.  The car wash streamers in the front are not a hit.

Jay is chided for going too literal with the lion fish B&W stripes.  The jacket is a miss, though they don't mind the halter dress.  The judges do worry that his repeatedly sending disjointed looks down the runway is an issue.

Isaac is won over by Dmitry's look.  Georgine doesn't like how it lines up in the front.  Nicole admires how it is sexy AND chic.

Georgina can't stop looking at Michelle's work.  Isaac likes it less the more he looks.  They all seem to find it contrived.  Nicole is a fan, but she wants to see the female form.  Alyssa loves the color story.

Fabio's pants are a hit.  Alyssa doesn't like the fabric … color?  Georgina doesn't mind an oversized trouser, but thinks the proportions are all off.  Nicole loves Fabio's own look, but not the creation.  Georgina thinks Fabio's own look is more avant garde than his creation.  Didn't that happen on his season, too?

Michelle places 3rd and is safe.

It's down to Dmitry & Helen.

Dmitry wins the challenge!

Jay places 5th and is in.

Bottom two are Fabio and Justin.  
Each seems convinced that he is leaving.

Justin is eliminated, so he places 7th out of 7.

Fabio placed 6th and heads out back, safe.

Get Justin: He is so respectful and professional.  Good on you.  Thank you for showing us how it's done. 

Tune in next week when the six remaining designers get the business-end challenge.

Or, tune in next time when Zanna insists, "No ass-cheek on the runway."

"No, never."

"You've got to be kidding me."

How could anyone forget that NG face?

Merci Seignuer for PR14 coming this Summer.



  1. Thanks for spotlighting the nails, yay!

    I also was worried the painting of Seatch was possibly because he was deceased. I could not find anything to confirm that, though I think Mood's Pinterest board for Swatch shows him pictures with the painting, so there's that....

  2. I had so many thoughts for you as I watched this episode.

    1 - I trust that the dress Alyssa wore to the aquarium reawakened your sense of outrage at her stylist. Even if you're ok with putting her in a multi-colored blotchy sausage casing at 10 months pregnant, surely you're not ok with the unfortunate giant brown splotch on the dress that happens right over her bum. Right?? Right??? Also: what's wrong with her haircut? Why is her hair always pulled back? I wanna see.

    2 - I thought the Sean meme would happen when you mentioned Jason mentioning fringe at Mood. Close enough.

    3 - I could listen to my boyfriend Dmitry say "sea whores" all day long.

    4 - Best Zanna outfit so far, for sure.