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Project Runway All Stars s4e08
Making A Splash  8 January 2015

Man, it felt like we went through eternity & back, waiting for PRAS to return.

"We were waiting for you to finish celebrating Epiphany."

Do you even remember who was eliminated last time?  Oh, that's right.  NO ONE.

"We must have Justin & Helen in the finale, we couldn't just let them go."

What's done is done, or, what's not done is not done.  We open with the eight remaining contestants celebrating Michelle's birthday at Gotham West Market.  B/M got a few fake USA Today newspapers printed up.   But why is Jennifer Lopez on the cover?

They go to the Gansevoort Park Rooftop, where they meet host Alyssa Milano and USA Today President of Travel, John Peters.

"Don't even!"

The challenge is resortwear, with an accompanying bathing suit.  They have $150 at Mood, and one day for the challenge.

Wasn't that nice of them to provide some eye candy to grab the bathing suit lycra?  I don't think it was Madame Streisand's pool boys, though.

"Of course not, mine wear tasteful white trunks."

The winner will get a vacation to the Caribbean, and a Travel section cover story in USA Today.

Don't you think Alyssa should have thrown bathing caps to the contestants, before letting them off the hook?

I like how both Dmitry & Michelle are drawn to the Kara Janx caution tape.

"Let it go, you're such a wreck!"

"It's time to go to Mood!"

"Well, I'm in the mood, so let's head over."

Ugh.  Thank God Helen was eliminated right on the spot for such poor punnery horrid word play. 

"Oh, please, we will never eliminate Helen."

"I decided that my girl is going to Mykonos, Greece."

I know I was supposed to be reminded of this,

and "I don't know WHAT that had to do with Mykonos,"

but I was even more reminded of this.

"Nobody ever offers me anything.  They see a strong competitor.  That's what it is."

No, you were at Mood earlier, too, and you could have purchased your own magic elastic.  You can't have other people's purchased fabric and notions just because you want them, and then say they are being strategic and are threatened by you.  Delusional.  Maybe it was just producer manipulation, and poor Dmitry never acted entitled to other people's purchases.

Zanna Roberts Rassi brings along USA Today's Fashion Editor Alison Maxwell for the mentor drive by.

Jay doesn't know where his girl is going?

Alison likes the suit Justin is working on.

Zanna sees a Bond girl coming out of the water with Dmitry's work.

"Zanna loves it, and I think that Dmitry's look is absolutely hideous."


Zanna admonishes Sonjia to find some sophistication.

Michelle's fringe reminds Zanna of caution tape.

"It's very now, not just 10 years ago."

"I don't know if I am being insulted or complimented."

Alison finds Helen's look heavy.

Fabio hears "boring, complicated and conservative."
Yes, Fabio and conservative in the same sentence.
That was the spit take moment of the episode.

Sam wants to feature a Baywatch look.
When since is Baywatch a high enough standard?
She is told she needs to add in glamour & ease.

Zanna, did you feel underdressed when you were standing next to Alison?
Wait, I know what it is, Alison came dressed for a critique.
You came to walk in the drunk gypsy parade.
I know that's an insult to drunk gypsies,
it looks like she got dressed in the dark!
Hope you get your power back soon, dearie.

Everyone had to change models for this challenge, so the designers are buggin' at fitting time.  Dmitry seems the most stressed, having to come up with a second look over the bathing suit.  Sam is a close 2nd with her sewing the top of the jumpsuit poorly.

Joining Alyssa, Georgina and Isaac is fashion photographer Nigel Barker.

Justin LeBlanc

Michelle Lesniak

Sonjia Williams

Jay Sario

Helen Castillo

Fabio Costa

Samantha Black

Dmitry Sholokhov

Alyssa calls out Helen & Fabio as middle safe.
I know, that's what this lackluster recap needs:
Drag Queens!

Alyssa calls out Fabio & Helen as the middle safe.
The drag queens are coming soon enough.

Isaac applauds Dmitry's use of asymmetry, and likes the color choice.  Georgina isn't fond of the hem, but likes the original suit underneath.

Georgina loves the movement of the bottom of Jay's dress.  Isaac hates the leather yoke.  He calls the suit crazy.  Nigel finds the bottom too high.

Georgina enjoys Sam's jumpsuit, but not the Flashdance suit underneath.

"I can't really have it all?"

Georgina calls Justin's output cohesive & classy.  Isaac is so impressed, he positively gushes.

Michelle's Miami girl is hit & miss.    The judges love the suit, and hate the cover up, rightly so.  It looks like all the thought & effort went into the suit.  Nigel thought she caught the material in her underwear.  Ha!

"You'd think that 'moose knuckles' would be a compliment."

Sonjia's suit top is a hit, as are her lace pants, but the denim mixed into the top of the lace cover up is incongruous, to say the least.

Sonjia is in, placing third.

Top two are Dmitry and Justin.
Boy, are they happy about it.

Justin wins, not only the challenge, but
also the trip and the newspaper feature.
Congratulations, JLB.

Michelle is safe, placing sixth.

Bottom two are Samantha and Jay.

Samantha is eliminated, placing eighth out of eight.

Sam is gracious & professional on her way out, which is appreciated.
And, of course, that means Jay placed seventh and is in.

Next time:  It's the Ben Chmura challenge!   Are they doing a crossover episode with Tanked?

Or, do they have to dress a shark?


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  1. Now you may have me disappointed if they don't get to dress a shark?! It could be cool if they had to use greys, blues, blacks and white – not to mention red accents as their fabric choices. The winner would do all that in a print.