Thursday, January 29, 2015

Face Off s8e3 Let The Games Begin 27 January 2015 

Last week we saw the 15 new contestants, in teams of 5, led by a prior winner of Face Off, create two aliens inspired by a crash site they visited at Vazquez Rocks.   On day 2 of a 4-day challenge they learned they were to create a third character, a simian creature in charge of another planet.   Guest judge Rick Baker and host McKenzie Westmore drove home the fact that it had to really look like it was primate inspired.

Rayce's team won.   Logan was the individual winner.   Gregory beat out Ben and Kelly for the elimination.   Gregory has quite the resume, like many other first-out contestants.  Let's hope that it means another season of high quality contestants and work.

The remaining 14 contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore, and judges Glenn Hetrick & Ve Neill at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.  In light of recent events, they are to create deflated football players.
You know, to go along with the deflated football.

No, in the spirit of The Hunger Games and Running Man they are to create mean predators

As opposed to nice ones.

Well, yes.  Mean & nasty are overly stressed.  They are to use a particular plant & a specific animal.

Glenn wants imagination, they are not to stick a plant on some animal head and call it a day.

"I'm super cereal."

The breakdown:

Daniel & Kelly select Scorpion & Delphinium.

Ben & Darla grab Ram & Cactus

Adam & Julian take Bat & Sugar Bush Protea?

"It's gonna be BAT ass." 

Dat ass.

Anthony & Logan choose Wart Hog & American Pitcher Plant

Emily & Regina find Hyena & Shampoo Ginger

Alan & Stephanie have Thorny Dragon & Cockscomb

Jamie & Rob get Piranha & Blue Thistle

Thistle be a great challenge.  Trust.

Ve again stresses that they are supposed to be frightened.

Guest judge, star of The Hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson, gets a wonderful edit, and he ain't even there. 

I didn't get anything out of The Hunger Games, except that every time Donald Sutherland spoke, I thought he was going to sell me some orange juice.

And, well, how is Timothy Hutton doing?

Sorry, let's get to Mr. Westmore.

In general he likes Adam & Julian's work, but he is over their nose.

He loves Ben's cowl work on the cactus ram.  He steers Darla away from plain human eyes.

Emily & Regina have no face and just flowers for a cowl.  Mr. W. has to remind them that it has to be scary.

Michael Westmore sees a plain fish for the face that Jamie & Rob are creating.  He reminds them to integrate the two sources of inspiration.

We don't see the other 3 teams.  Hmmm.  Middle safe?

On day 2 Logan helps Anthony with his face sculpt.  Julian is the first to hit the molding room.  Emily & Regina are getting into their revamped idea.  Emily is worried that they are so behind.   Laura helps Stephanie with her wrinkles.  Kelly kisses her sculpt, and then realizes she took it too the molding room too late.

"This is the hardest/biggest/most important sculpt I have ever done."

On day 3 everyone seems to be behind in painting, even though they all pretty much started right at the begging of the shift.

Joining host McKenzie Westmore and regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page is Josh Hutcherson.

Anthony & Logan

Daniel & Kelly

Ben & Darla

Adam & Julian

Emily & Regina

Alan & Stephanie

Jamie & Rob

McKenzie calls out Anthony & Logan,

Daniel & Kelly,

and Jamie & Rob as middle safe,
and banishes them to the makeup room.

Glenn calls Emily & Regina's work 'fantastic'  He praises the proportions.  Ve is impressed.  Josh calls it cohesive.   Neville likes the use of the hemp.

Ve sees a psychedelic artichoke.  Ve & Josh see too much plant, not enough bat.   That's it for Adam & Julian?

Josh is a big fan of Ben & Darla's creation.  Neville calls it his favorite  work on Face Off ever.  Ve is scared, in a good way.

Neville proclaims Alan & Stephanie's work too soft and devoid of texture.  They hate the goiters on the side of the neck.  Glenn sees anime cartoon, and Ve sees a kid's toy, with the plain yellow.

Top team is Ben & Darla, who beat out Emily & Regina.

Ben is the winner of the challenge.

Ben proposes to his girlfriend Stephanie 

(not the one on the show)  since he won the challenge.

"Oh, please, that's *so* 2013."

On the bottom are Adam & Julian, Alan & Stephanie.

Alan was let go for his friendly predator.  Wow, another guy with an impressive resume, gone.  Youngster Emily has won me over with her focus and drive.  Glad Ben made up for last week with the win.

Tune in next week when they make royals.

"What are ya lookin' at *me* for?"

"We are born, not made."


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