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Face Off s8e2 Monkey Business 20 January 2015
Last week, on the premier of the season, fifteen new contestants participated in a 2 hour Foundation Challenge.  Rayce, Anthony & Laura, Face Off winners from seasons 2, 4 & 5, respectively, then selected team members, based on what they saw.  

Laura's Team:  Laura, Darla, Julian,
Emily, Gregory & Stephanie

Rayce's Team: Rayce, Adam, Anthony,
Rob, Logan & Regina

Anthony's Team: Anthony, Kelly, Alan,
Ben, Daniel & Jamie

Ve Neill returned (yea!) to name Darla the winner of the Foundation Challenge.  This earned her immunity for the Spotlight Challenge: Create 2 looks (by a team of 5, plus the 'coach')

"'Coach?'  Psoriasly?"

... come up with 2 beings that emerged from a spaceship that crashed in Vazquez Rocks.  We left off on the morning of day 2, when the contestants met some monkeys.

Not those guys.

Nor these, but, well, that's closer.

So, on day 2, they learn they have to create character, a tyrannical primate ruler from another planet. McKenzie stresses that guest judge Rick Baker worked on Harry & The Hendersons AND the reboot of Planet Of The Apes.  To me, that means, *don't forget that the new character must look like a simian!*

Team Laura picks Squirrel Monkey.

Team Anthony selects Mandrill.

Team Rayce grabs the White-Faced Capuchin.

Olive Baboon and Brown Lemur aren't chosen.

McKenzie gives them another day, so this becomes a 4-day challenge, with the 4th being the reveal day.

"Dios mio!"

"I wouldn't need four days."

Soon enough mentor Michael Westmore (without McKenzie) is there to inspect.   He reminds Alan to paint well under the hair work.

Anthony scrapped the lower face ventilation idea, to the delight of Mr. Westmore.  He advises Team Rayce to go with more muzzle, less human on the primate.

Stephanie plans to utilize the widow's peak on the simian.

Emily tells Michael that she will do a hair piece for Team Laura.  He is surprised she will finish it in just a couple of hours.

Kelly and Ben bond over molding.  Evidently it is too thick.  Ben is there to help, but she seems to be stressed by his help.  Ruh-roh!

"Don't Be Givin' Me Attitude!"

That evening the team leaders join the gang at the Face Off house for BBQ. 

And there was that.

On day 3 they open their molds and continue fabrication, and even prepaint.  Smart!

Laura doesn't think Gregory's monkey is looking like a monkey.  Specifically, he has too much going on, like extra wrinkles and holes where they aren't needed, and it is detracting.  He interviews about it, but he doesn't change it.

"Why can't you do it?"

Ben's primate hands don't come out of the mold well, but he seems to figure a workaround.

On reveal day Gregory and Ben are buggin' the most.  At last looks Kelly and Daniel ditch a teeth prosthetic on their primate.

Joining host McKenzie Westmore and happy judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill & Neville Page is guest judge Rick Baker.

Team Anthony

Team Rayce

Team Laura

Everyone stays on the side, like this season of Top Chef.

Glenn enjoyed Team Rayce's insect alien.  Ve likes the attention to detail, the judges see cohesion, even though 4 people worked on it.

Ve is not excited about the design or the paint job of Team Anthony's alien.  Rick hates Ben's hands.  Glenn thinks the face sculpt is the crime.

Team Laura's alien is a hit with the judges.  Ve likes the luminescence, and sees the sea reptilian influence.

Team Rayce's simian ruler is a success.  Ve is beaming, wow.  Rick admires the color choices.  Glenn likes the tear duct placement, respecting their decision making.

Glenn calls Team Laura's monkey man inarticulate.  Rick sees turtle, not monkey.  Neville calls the muzzle *wrong.*  Yes, the same thing both Mr. Westmore & Coach Laura had said.

The top team is Team Rayce.

The individual winner is Logan.  They loved both his simian ruler and the cowl on the alien that he did.

Kelly, Gregory & Ben are bottom three.  Everyone else heads out back to the makeup/waiting room.

Team Laura's Gregory is eliminated.  

Rick gives a nice personal anecdote about persevering.   You know that they don't always lay accolades at the feet of the first to be eliminated.   This must speak to Gregory's level of talent, and maybe it bodes well for the season, when everyone seems to be of a certain (high) caliber.  Like the last few seasons, the first to go home had a long resume.  Did you think the youngsters, Emily & Stephanie, were going to do so well?

Next week:  Hunger Games!
Wait a minute, did they time that for Super Bowl season?

And, no more monkey business.

Okay, one last bit.  What would Tonya Reinman be saying about
Rayce always dropping his head to the side during his interviews?


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  1. A - Thank you for the picture of my PR boyfriend.

    B - Thank you for the picture of Nik Kershaw at, I believe, Live Aid.

    C - I was struck by the quality of the finished products (other than the creepy mud monkey), given that this is the first episode. Do we think that all the challenges are going to be team challenges? Didn't hear as much complaining about that as I would expect to, if that is the case. Papa Westmore still needs to back waaaaaaaaaay off - it is supposed to be the contestants' vision, not his.