Thursday, January 15, 2015

Face Off s8e1 • Return Of The Champions • 13 January 2015

 Hey, Under The Gunn is back!  Three prior contestants are now mentors, guiding 15 new contestants to victory.  The contestant AND his coach will each win a prize package, including $100,000.

Well, something like that.   During this first episode there was a Foundation (mini, 2 hour) Challenge.  

Thank God for Chicago's Regina who at least tells us that it took place in the middle of downtown L.A. (near Hotel Figueroa?) behind magical doors that came out of nowhere.

Because we couldn't tell it took place in
downtown L.A., or near that hotel.

The contestants meet the coaches (prior winners of Face Off, seasons 2, 4 and 5, specifically.)  The new flock then creates a companion creature to one the coach did in his prior season.

Darla and Orlando's own Adam seem to have
impressed Rayce, Anthony & Laura the most.  

After picking their teams of 5, Ve Neill is there to award the Foundation Challenge win.   Rob & Darla are the contenders and Darla wins.

This means she has immunity for the Spotlight Challenge.  Too bad she couldn't trade it for cash.  She ain't goin' anywhere soon.  No one is.

The next day they they meed up with McKenzie Westmore and Rick Baker in the middle of Vazquez Park to learn of their challenge.

There are three alien spaceship crashes nearby, and each team has to pick one, and create two creatures for the scenario.   Five people for two looks.   This is better than a typical first challenge, 2 people per look.  So …

"Why are you avoiding the main point of this episode?"

Wait, what?  Huh?

"Did you notice ANYTHING going on over on hunky Rayce's team?
If you won't say it *I* will."

Say what?

"Gianni should have renamed this episode: 'The Anthony Show!'  All we saw was Anthony being amazed at the big house they will live in, all the makeup and tools in the workroom.  Then we saw Rayce correcting Anothny, mentor Michael correcting Anthony, and then, when he was asked about his expertise, it was in SCULPTING.   That is where poor Anthony is failing his team."

Well, we don't know how it is going to turn out.  They just cut the show at the beginning of day two, where they learned the crash wasn't on earth, but some primate led planet.

Tune in next time when the teams will pick a
specific ape to base their new character upon.

"I saw Star Wars!  I have it on VHS!"

Ugh, I can't.  Let me see SOME sort of resolution next week.   And don't keep everyone on board. Eliminate someone!

"And bring back my apes!"

No?  Would you prefer:

"And bring back my apes!"


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