Saturday, January 31, 2015

Project Runway All Stars s4e11
Always A Bridesmaid 29 January 2015

Last time on Project Runway All Stars the contestants created separates for QVC, and then a fashion forward look inspired by their ready to wear pieces.

Sonjia beat out Helen & Dmitry for the win. One of her pieces will be sold on QVC.

Jay edged out Michelle & Fabio for elimination.  Fabio got a stern talking to by Isaac.

I expected him to just pull out a gun, like, well, you know.

The five remaining designers meet up with Alyssa, Georgina, Georgina's co-founder & partner Keren Craig at Marchesa.  They bring out bride-to-be Dana.  She needs some bridesmaids dresses.


Georgina exhorts that the bridesmaid's dresses need to be worn to other events after the ceremony, so versatility is key.   The ceremony is tomorrow!

"Oh, no."

Yes, another one day challenge (boo) and $150 at Mood (with Swatch, whew!)  

Dana has her own mood board with fabric swatches.  It features red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, er, I mean navy, plum, dark gray, light gray and taupe.   Funny, I see other colors there, don't you?

The winner will get Marchesa goodies, including a diamond ring, and good china.

"Not THE good china."

Okay, what is odd to me is that they don't see the bridesmaids at this point.  Shouldn't they be allowed to see hair color, have some measurements, etc?   Seems to me they only got half of the information needed.

Back at the workroom, Michelle proves she never took anatomy, accusing Dmitry of going to second base by putting his hands on her NECK.  Wait, maybe she has some serious deformity, and they are misplaced.  I should remove my foot and shut up, the poor girl.

Sonjia breaks down at dinner because Dmitry won''t touch her.

"Dmitry didn't just mess up my hair, did he?"

The bridesmaids come in just after five hours in the work room.  No one seems to have a s6e1 Mitchell moment where the clients don't match the measurements.  Why is that?  Remember that.

Zanna time!  She brings along Georgina's brother, Marchesa CEO, Edward Chapman.

Dmitry is still making up his game plan.  Edward & Zanna are concerned that adding anything will make it less versatile.

Zanna likes the silhouette Helen has going, but she is worried it will be matronly with the lace.  Edward steers her in a good direction.

Fabio's embroidery on the shoulders is a hit.  Zanna nicely reminds him he has been all over the place with the judges.

Sonjia doesn't seem to know where she is going.  Curious. Edward says it is a beautiful place to start from.  Start?

Edward politely tells Michelle her work isn't going to jive with the Marchesa bride's dress.
She interviews that she isn't worried.  You buyin' it?

Aah, let's just skip to the runway.

Joining Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman & Isaac Mizrahi is So You Think You Can Dance's Cat Deely.

Helen Castillo

Fabio Costa

Michelle Lesniak

Dmitry Sholokhov

Sonjia Williams

Cat calls Helen's work really flattering.  Georgina thinks it is nice, appropriate and versatile, but she wants more.  It's too old and heavy for Alyssa.  Isaac loves that it is tasteful, but he wants more, too.  Did he copy off of Georgina?

Alyssa likes that Fabio thought out of the box, but the placement of the shoulder embroidery is off.  The hemline is a mess.

Georgina is mad that Fabio picked a fabric that would be difficult to work with.  Cat thinks he built up the shoulders too much.

Isaac thinks Fabio's work is sub par.  That's all?  No death match between the two?

Michelle wanted to put all the excitement of the dress up near the face.

Isaac wants the dress to be shorter.   Alyssa goes right to the penis on the front.   I'm leaving that alone.   She also sees circus costume with the bottom of the dress.

I see Amy.
Why she's naked in that 1st shot is beyond me.

Damn, now I want Amy & Jonathan on s14.

Maya, too, while I'm dreaming, right?

Hell, why can't s14 be all the s7 contestants?

Cat kind of likes Dmitry's work, but calls it safe.  The others are bored, and Isaac refuses to call it a good dress.   Georgina insists it's not a disaster.

"It's not 'Project Runway: It's Not A Disaster!'"

That's almost as good as 'Project I Didn't Mind It.'

Alyssa loves Sonjia's dress, titscrepancy and all, and Isaac thinks there is too much draping going on. Georgina is conflicted, but at least calls it exciting.

"I don't know who any of you are this week."

Top two are Sonjia & Helen.
Helen wins the challenge, the china, and the diamond.

"Even though *I* am the one who NEEDS the diamond."

Dmitry is safe.

Bottom two are Michelle & Fabio.

Fabio gets the boot.  Michelle is in.

"We'll always have Mood."

Alyssa is complimentary, and Fabio is rather gracious.

What, no last word from Isaac?
Maybe he's hiding under the table, 
waiting to grab Fabio's ankles.

Oh, wait, there was a wedding, too.

Ru had one with more people last year.
Wait, more COUPLES, it wasn't a Utah wedding.

We even had some on Face Off s1e5,
before they invented focusing, evidently.

Certainly another is up & coming, eh?

Tune in next week for canines!

And, Helen cries!

"Let's have a Harper's Bazaar Mini-Challenge."
Yeah, but will the guest judge be Kelly Rowland or Iman?