Monday, December 1, 2014

Project Runway's 10 Year Anniversary
Episode 1, Season 1 first aired
December 1, 2004
(on Bravo)

Okay, I didn't "discover" PR until the beginning of season 3, but, I've been a silly, crazy fan every since.

The goal of this blog was for my mother & me to recap PR and Face Off.  Right before we were to start, she passed away.  I'm not on my way out, in fact, I think I do alright for a blind, cripple with a *new* problem: serious back trouble.   Still, I get that it isn't as polished as I could have made it, were I not so sick.  As for the back, I find out more information later in the week.  Aidez-moi, Seigneur.  Et, merci pour PR.


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