Saturday, December 20, 2014

Project Runway All Stars s4e07
Mix & Match 18 December 2014

Last time on PRAS each designer rolled dice to learn of his fabric and event.   

Sonjia won for her bachelorette in Vegas, and Gunnar went home for his confused bodice.

This week's challenge?  To create outfits for first daters who met on  Because she won last time, Sonjia got to pair everyone up in teams: Sonjia & Dmitry, Fabio & Jay, Sam & Michelle and Justin & Helen.

They get less than a full day, just 10 hours after Mood shopping, because the singles will wear the outfits THAT NIGHT.  They get $300 per team.

Highlights:  Fabio mentions cohesion immediately after the consult with the singles (separately, of course.)  Wait, is that part of the challenge?  I don't think so.  Curious.   Also, why didn't they utter the word "makeover?"  Yes, these were all beautiful people, but sometimes the makeover clients are as well.   Missed opportunity for some designers, since they weren't able to imagine beyond giving the clients what they asked for.  Dios mio.

Michelle was sick for much of the work time, the poor dear.    Sam doesn't seem to be helping, but maybe she just wants to finish her garment first?

Zanna is impressed with Helen's look, and advises Justin to masculinize his look.

Sam hears that she is going too simple.   Zanna loves Michelle choice of cashmere.

Zanna thinks Sonjia's mint green is loud, and maybe pageant.  Dmitry is complimented by Zanna for making the complex look simple.

Zanna tells Fabio that he has enough of a statement with what he has going on.

"What the hell are you thinking.  This is a pink jacket."

Zanna encourages Jay to masculinize that look, too.   Soon he decides to make the pink sleeves the heather gray of the collar.  Smart man.

Joining Alyssa, Georgina and Issac is Laverne Cox.

Sonjia & Dmitry

Sam & Michelle

Jay & Fabio

Helen & Justin

No one is told upfront if they are safe, top or bottom.  Nice.

Georgina isn't buying' the cutout on Sonjia's girl, but Isaac likes it.  Alyssa questions whether it reads 'first date.' Laverne is underwhelmed by Dmitry's work, but he's standing by it.

Sam's girl wanted a crop top.  Georgina likes the front of it, but not the back (too long.)  Alyssa thinks it could be at any store.  Isaac doesn't like seeing the bra strap.  As Sam tries to explain her trouble with the upper frontals, Isaac and Laverne seem to go a bit harsh on her.   It did NOT seem like Olivier or Ven, so I am wondering what was cut out to make Isaac be so terse.

Helen & Justin's couple are getting married.   Alyssa sees pajamas in Helen's girl look.  Isaac sees maternity wear.  He calls Justin's work "nothing."  Oy, these two are getting the worst, but Alyssa & Laverne do like Justin's work.

Other than Laverne's fit issues with Fabio's shoulders, Jay & Fabio earn much praise from the judges, and rightly so.

Sonjia & Dmitry are immediately declared middle safe.  The judges are all over the place with Michelle, which puts her in the safe middle, too.

Jay & Fabio are clearly the top 2.  

Fabio takes the win.  That's three of 'em!

"I've won three challenges but
I know that I can go home at any time.
The level of work here is really, really high."

"Yeah, hatever you say mon."
Sam places 6th out of 8, and is safe.   I would have put Justin there.  His look wasn't *completely* insulting, like the other two.

Helen & Justin are BOTH SAFE ??!!?? 

"What?  Can you not do your job?"

"You have no idea how hard it is."

I know they are paying you to do a job that wasn't executed.

There were a couple of episodes this season where they all earned the right to stay, yet they sent someone home.   As far as I'm concerned this was the week for a double elimination, Sam & Helen, with Justin getting a stern talking to for going so plain, safe and boring.  So strange.  Dear treasured judges, when they flounder, don't use an excuse to keep them on.   When they excel, let them stay.

Next week, swimwear!

But none of this, we pray.


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