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Project Runway All Stars s4e06
Luck Be A Lady Tonight 11 December 2014

Last time on PRAS4e5 the designers saw a Paddington Bear film preview, then jetted over to London to meet the Duchess Fergie and purchase fabric.   For a moment I thought they were gonna have to dress the bear for his film premier.

"It could have happened."

No, their challenge was to make a winter coat.

Host Alyssa Milano complimented everyone for doing well.   You know that doesn't always happen. Beating out Dmitry and Justin, Fabio won for the 2nd time this season.  Fergie promised to wear his coat.   Ask for pics, Fabio, ask for pics.

Bottom three were Benjamin, Samantha and Jay.    If ever they were gonna keep everyone, this was the week (and do a double elimination another time.)   However, Benjamin was let go for his see-through pockets that didn't match the coat, and a junior bottom bit.

It's morning in NYC and the contestants are with Alyssa at the runway.  At first I thought maybe Alyssa was going to reveal her first kid, for whom they would have to create an outfit.   Or maybe Paddington Bear finally needed that movie premier look?

Nah, the challenge this week was to create an outfit from a particular fabric, for a specific event, which the contestants learned by throwing dice.

Here's how it broke down:  Fabio rolls Denim & Masquerade Ball, Sonjia gets Brocade & Bachelorette Party, Samanatha has Brocade & Awards Ceremony, Michelle collects Lace & Gallery Opening, Justin receives Silk & Gallery Opening, Helen obtains Brocade & Awards Ceremony, Gunnar wins Brocade & Masquerade Ball, Jay grabs Denim & Sunday Brunch and Dmitry earns Velvet & Gallery Opening.

Some of these make more sense than others, I'll leave it at that.  They get $150 at Mood and a day in the workroom.   Maybe Fabio's girl is going to Barbie's home at Toys R Us?  Or Bazooka Joe's at Topps in Brooklyn?

"I happened to find this beautiful pearl necklace
from the QVC accessory wall
and instead of using it as a necklace
my crazy ass (is) gonna put it in her head."
"Not on her head.  In her head."
"I wholeheartedly recommend that."

Would YOU have told Sonjia that she might not be using the correct fabric?

It's a miracle that Fabio was able to convince Sonjia
to give up the pseudo brocade and hit the real thing.   

I get the idea that if she won it all, she'd be happy with a pink blanket, a year's supply of Bubble Yum bubble gum, and the chance to create an outfit for Strawberry Shortcake.  

Justin is told he lucked out with the fabric and venue.
Zanna tells him to push it and not be predictable.

Zanna questions the high slit of the skirt placement.

And, yes, Helen said her godmother taught her RUSSIAN roulette?

Zanna sees Pepto Bismal was the inspiration for Fabio's work.

"Now why couldn't we say that in season 9 about Bryce's work?"

Zanna declares Jay's work 'cheesy,' and I'm
immediately wondering if that's a
euphemism for something else.

Zanna likes Michelle's girl.   She calls her work classy.

Gunnar is on the verge of creating a hairy chest?

God, I miss Amy.

Samantha is making square legs from thick fabric.

Zanna steers Dmitry towards a jumpsuit.

Zanna wants to hit Sonjia's bachelorette party, but thinks the work is anemic thus far.

Oh, yeah, Zanna shared with everyone that Alyssa would wear the winning design in a Marie Clair advert.  Advertorial?  I'll have to go look at it again.

No matter what went down, Helen, you were accurate.   That was an unconventional materials challenge attempting to get bar drinks paid for by lecherous men, not denim going to Sunday brunch.

Joining Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi is Michael Bastian.

Sonjia Williams
Justin LeBlanc 

Gunnar Deatherage 

Helen Castillo

Dmitry Sholokhov 

Jay Sario

Samantha Black 
Fabio Costa 
Michelle Lesniak

Alyssa calls out Jay, Dimitry and Sam as middle safe.  Good thing I complained about Mr. Sario's work while I had the chance.

I guess we don't get to hear Michael Bastian rip on the oversized peplum.  Dear Santa, Jesus, Isis, White American Cops, whomever is in charge, could ya please eliminate all peplums from the planet now?  Didn't we hit quota on that *yet?*

Georgina likes Helen's idea of separates, but not all the skin showing all over.   Pick one and run with it.  Isaac wanted much more luxury.   Michael likes that she explored the back of the fabric.

Sonjia wanted to dress herself for a Vegas bachelorette party.  Alyssa says she is the one to beat.

Actually, the regular three are all beaming over Ms. Williams.  Isaac calls her work young & rich.  Georgina wants less bulky shoulder work.   Only Michael sees it as Vegas casino employee.

Isaac likes Justin's neckline, but thinks the entire dress is out of proportion.   Georgina wants to fix that problem by eliminating the sleeves.   Michael sees that he had the easiest pair of parameters.

Alyssa likes Gunnar's work, except for the dress hem design.   Isaac loathes the fringe.  Georgina doesn't like eliminating her shape.    Michael thinks he should have been neater or more random with the fringe on the top.

Michael was impressed with Michelle's use of chartreuse.  Isaac isn't sold on the padded hips.   Georgina agrees, although she isn't too bothered.   I guess 'cause they were just traumatized by Gunnar for completely removing his model's shape.

Georgina says Fabio's dress is fine, but really, she wanted a denim that *read* denim.   Alyssa thinks a bubblegum pink taffeta effect is not something he should have employed.

Isaac about has a coronary over it, he declares it an epic failure.  Yeah, but will it matter?

Helen is safe, placing third.

Top two are Michelle and Sonjia.

The winner is Sonjia!

Bottom three are Gunnar, Fabio and Justin.

Justin is safe, placing 7th out of 9.

It's down to Gunnar & Fabio.

Gunnar is eliminated, so Fabio is safe.

Alyssa calls for help in getting up so she can hug Gunnar goodbye.  Adorable.

Get a load of Gunnar's manners and gratitude.  We don't see that every week.    Good going, GD!

I'm not sure you are the one who deserved to go, and yet, you're so professional.   I'm beaming, I'm so proud of you.

Next week, Michelle is afraid of … of what?   
She's certainly not afraid of wearing April Johnston 2008 or Jennifer Beals 1983.
Maybe she ought not to be getting married again, huh?

I'm sure it depends on *whom* she marries.


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  1. Thanks as always for this recap -- I look forward to them every week! And yes, I miss Amy too!