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Project Runway All Stars s4e05
Designing For The Duchess 4 December 2014

Bear with me as we run through a brief recap of the entire season's winners & losers:

The first challenge was a team challenge.   The guys created a downtown NYC line, the gals an uptown NYC one.   Fabio won the challenge, and Patricia's poor construction sent her home.  Of note, she changed her design midway through.

The second challenge was to make feminine fashion out of masculine materials from a construction site.  Justin's zip ties & plastic fencing gave him the win, while Alexandria's extremely literal mid '80s plastic fencing & tarp got her eliminated.

The third task was to make a gown inspired by either 'good' or 'wicked.'  (Yes, after the day of work they saw the musical "Wicked.")    Sonjia's 'good' outfit earned her the win, while beloved Chris's casual take on a gown sent him home.

Last time around, the designers were inspired by love, time, and diamonds to make party dresses.   Helen won for her red dress, while Kate's messy skirt ended her third run on Project Runway.  Will she be the first to be on PR four times?  For that matter, will there BE a PR14?  I assume we won't know for a few months.   Please, Lord, we need PR to stick around.  Oh, we also need to find the international versions, with subtitles where appropriate.

And, lastly, way back on episode two, Dmitry skated by with a design that showed off all kinds of intimate, private bits.   What does this say about all involved that this placed middle safe?

"Anything that resembles fringe is now, hip and current.  Ya can't lose with it"

On the runway a nicely dressed host Alyssa Milano shows the 10 remaining contestants a promo of the upcoming Paddington Bear movie.

Ya know, I understand that I am supposed to crack wise on her outfit, but the truth is, this is the best she's looked all season.  It's bewildering how we see paparazzi shots of her during the summer, looking normal, pregnant, but reasonable, but on the show, with different clothing and cameramen, she looks unfortunate.  The real problem here, though, is the color.   Give that orange & brown fabric to someone with natural red/brown hair, like in the next paragraph.

The designers jet off to London to meet up with Zanna Roberts Rassi and … Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York!    I love her, but I want to wash off all the eyeliner.  Oh, and, please, lay off the black, try brown instead.

The challenge is to make an outdoor coat.

Not an indoor coat for indoor rain.  That is so last Summer.

So, Paddington Bear, trip to London, and adorable Fergie, all so the designers can make a coat? Fergie will even touch the winning garment.   I can hear The Queen herself ringing every day, to query "Didja get da coat yet?"

"Wait, that's where I used to work, and now it's a hole in the ground, ha!"

Well, Benjamin is getting a monster mother of an edit, so he either wins spectacularly, fails miserably, marries Fergie, or creates unity and harmony in Ferguson.

They have £200, which is approximately $324, for shopping at MacCaulloch & Wallis, Ltd.
£, not €?   Pounds.  Not Euros.   Mmmm … gyros.

Both Sam and Ben pick fabrics that they have issues with.   Why?  Why would you do that?   It's not like Halloween where you get whatever they hand out to you.   You had choices, people!

Ben wanted the fabric that Sonjia snatched.   Geez, you can both use it, it's not like you'd be making the same exact thing.

"We're each making a coat."


Soon they are having afternoon tea with The Duchess.    It looks like I'll need insulin just from watching.

Back in the states, the next day, ZRR brightly breezes by.

Jay is doing a long coat, military inspired.  Zanna is overwhelmed with the style lines, and the finishes.  Shouldn't they *always* be concerned with craftsmanship?

Sam wants to make an oversized Moto.  Zanna thinks it will be a little bit lost, and wants an exaggerated collar, sleeve, etc.  She wants it *truly* oversized.

Justin used fog as inspiration.  He gets a "very good" from Zanna.

Michelle is told her work has to be impeccable.  C'est tout?

Fabio impresses Zanna.  She urges him to fit it well.  (Because that's not usually an issue?)

Zanna is not pleased with what Dmitry is showing her.  He interviews that he won't just take every single thing said on board.  In other words, he knows what he is dong.

Zanna names Ben's see-thru outer pockets cartoony.   (They sure are!)  If the entire coat were that way, maybe it would work.  Well, that's a timid maybe.

Joining Alyssa Milano and Isaac Mizrahi are Debra Messing and Karen Elson.  Am I just becoming immune to the travesty, or are they dressing Alyssa better this week?  Maybe it's just that her PRAS stylist was out sick those couple of days of filming.

Dmitry Sholokhov

Benjamin Mach

Sonjia Williams

Jay Sario

Gunnar Deatherage

Samantha Black

Helen Castillo

Fabio Costa

Michelle Lesniak

Justin LeBlanc

Alyssa calls out Sonjia, Helen, Gunnar, and Michelle as middle safe, and sends them all back to the waiting room.

Debra loves JLB's look, except for the backside showing.  Karen calls it exquisite.  Isaac calls his usage of plaid smart.  Alyssa sees how flattering it is to the body.

Alyssa loves the back of Jay's coat.  The front is too busy.  The judges all agree.  Karen doesn't see "London."

Dmitry wanted to create something classic and modern.   Karen notes the uneven hemline.  Isaac loves the tulle bit.  Alyssa can't find the words to commend him.  (Psst ... they're in the dictionary.)

Debra likes the top half of Sam's work.  Alyssa likes the back.  Isaac sees robe, not coat.  They don't like her fabric selection.

"I wish I could stand at the door of Mood and
eliminate anyone who purchased poorly."

Fabio coat is a hit with the judges.  Isaac likes the sleeves.  Alyssa is obsessed.  Debra admires the construction.

Debra sees junior with Ben's flounce.  Isaac asks, "Why so drab?"   His answer seems to be cut quite short.

Justin places third.

Top two are Dmitry and Fabio.

Fabio wins for a 2nd time!

Jay is safe. 
Bottom two are Ben and Sam. 
Ben is out, so Sam is safe.

Alyssa did give a strong compliment before all of the critiques.   It's nice that there aren't so many train wrecks with All Stars.  And, this week I think they got it right.  Ben's was more disjointed and junior than Sam's.

Next time, bowling a die?  Georgina is back from Muppet hunting in the dark jungles of Los Angeles.  Wait, is Georgina the one who killed "America's Next Muppet?"


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  1. Ohhhh, honey, yes. You ARE becoming immune to the travesty because it's SOOOOO still there. I think you might be experiencing some sort of fashion Stockholm Syndrome, wherein you're empathizing with your host/tormentor.