Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Walking 8 3 December 2014

I had to run a few errands again today, and even with some of it on the bus, I still walked 8 miles.  Except for the heat & humidity, it felt alright.  I mean, my feet weren't unhappy.  The above pic is one area where I walked.   It actually looks a little bit different today.

Tomorrow is the MRI on the foot that the podiatrist wants to work on soon.  (He wants to shave a bone, or something, so that the wonky toe lies flat.)  (The one that was infected and sent me to the hospital in February 2013.)

Friday I see the neurologist, and I'll learn more about my (sort of newly) messed up back.  I have so many questions lined up, don't you worry.   One of the errands this morning was obtaining a CD of the MRI from a few weeks ago on the back.   Monday is physical therapy for the back.   I doubt I'll have enough money to go regularly, but I can go once and memorize everything they recommend and do it at home.

It's 80°F and sunny.   Life in Orlando is muy bueno.


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