Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Walking 6 23 December 2014
No, mine aren't that nice!

I had to walk to the podiatrist today for my appointment.  I went in with four wounds.  By the time I got home, I had five.  Annoying.  Yes.  I'm on complete bed rest.  No kitchen for food.  No restroom for you know what.  But, I'm alone enough to where that will never happen.  I know it's a little irrational, but I fear never getting well.

I spent half of 2013 in the hospital.  I fear going in and never coming out.

Oh, and I'll be alone on Christmas.  Yeah, I know, you're jealous, at least I won't be  surrounded by annoying people demanding gifts because they are entitled, but don't really want to spend beyond 15 seconds actually talking to me.  Someday I hope to celebrate Christmas with an emphasis on the gift of the birth of Jesus — with someone else.

Wait a minute:  I found the silver lining.  (Don't you dare say NO PR!)  (LOL)   I have plenty of xeroform.  It's a powerful infection fighting dressing to lay over my wounds.   I am also on Cipro, so between the two of them, I really should be alright.

I've had wounds going on my feet since mid-August.  Three are moving in the right direction, one is regressing, and the brand new, huge one, well, I just got it today, so I don't know for sure.  I'll know how I'm doing tomorrow.

Well, that was quite the rant.  If it feels a bit hyperbolic, because, well, I *do* have the gift of exaggeration, well, sadly, it isn't.  I've undersold how serious it is.   But, I'm above ground, and I'm not paired to anyone bad for me.  I have things for which to be grateful.  Merci, Seigneur.

Merry Christmas to everyone.   Health & happiness in the new year, too.


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