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Face Off s8 Meet The Contestants Premiers 13 January 2015

"Face Off is changing." 
"The competition is getting more exciting." 

"We're bringing champions back to teach
the artists how to make over their game."

" Consider the bar raised."

"Face Off premiers Tuesday, January 13th, at 9, only on SyFy."

You buyin' that?  About all I can guarantee is that it appears there will be three teams of 5, each led by a prior winner of Face OffOh, and there was a sighting of Ve Neill.   Will Lois Burwell come back?  We find out in a couple of weeks.  Yeah, I still miss Patrick Tatopoulos too.

Let's meet the contestants, shall we?  Remember, SFXMA = special effects makeup artist.

Adam Milicevic, 30

Orlando, FL & Osaka, Japan, hometown Merrillville, IN

Art Director & Concept Designer
Has worked in various amusement parks as a SFXMA, notably Universal, Japan.   Gotta root for someone from the hometown, eh?
Alan Carnes, 3
Redding, CA, hometown Weaverville, CA

Freelance Special Effects Makeup Artist
Interned at Amalgamated Dynamics.  Worked on X-Men First Class, and Luna.  Please, no relation to Kim, or her songs will never leave my head.
Anthony Reyes, 20

NYC, NY, hometown Shohola, PA

Freelance SFXMA
Worked on College Humor, Funny Or Die and FX's The Strain, ESL One and various music videos. Inspired by fantasy video games.
Ben Peter, 32

West Carrollton, OH, hometown Centerville, OH

Construction Worker

Not the typical background for a Face Off contestant.  Served five years in U.S. Marine Corps as helicopter mechanic on various aircrafts. Enrolled in L.A. Cinema Makeup School and in just four short years has been making a name for himself in the industry.  There are several candidates that look real good for the win, and this is one of them.
Daniel Prado, 38
Atlanta, GA, hometown Sao Paulo, Brazil

Associate Creative Director
Art & graphic design education in Brazil, has been in the U.S. for 2 years.  Has 3 children.  I know, it's gonna be hard to avoid the Don Pardo jokes.
Darla Edin, 28

Minneapolis, MN, hometown St. Louis Park, MN

Freelance SFXMA
Winner at 2012 LA & Toronto IMATS (International Makeup Artists Trade Show), Graduate of & Teaching Assistant at Vancouver Film School. Worked on indie film Solitude.
Emily Serpico, 18

Wellington, FL, hometown West Palm Beach, FL

Cosmetology Student
Emily's focus is on painting, character concept, costuming and prosthetic application.  Specializing in hair & makeup at school.  Is that too early in the career to be on Face Off?
Gregory Hewett, 36

Charlotte, NC, hometown Supply, NC

Freelance SFXMA & Instructor
Has worked in the field for 17 years, opened own business in 2000. Has worked on various TV, film & theatre projects, as well as his own "How to FX" demo.

Jamie Leodones, 30

Burbank, CA, home province Alberta, Canada

Freelance SFXMA
Karate Black Belt. Trained in special effects by Season 4 finalist Kris Kobzina. Ten years in SFX, has worked at FrightFest, and with cosplay superstar Yaya Han for 2014's WonderCon.
Julian Bonfiglio, 25

San Francisco, CA, hometown Fremont, CA

Freelance SFXMA, home caregiver
Cinema Makeup School graduate. Julian hopes to start his own business teaching advanced classes & selling prosthetics in order to help support and spread awareness of NBIA, a rare neurological disorder that affects his younger brother. SFXMA for independent movies, music videos. Assistant lab tech. Santa Clara Great America makeup artist.
Kelly Harris, 24

Columbus, OH, hometown same

Freelance SFXMA
Kelly Harris is a self-taught effects artist.  Her bio online is quite sparse.  In the past a lightweight bio has meant they really were going to do well, and hid portions of their resume.  Is this on purpose, I wonder?
Logan Long, 29

Salt Lake City, UT, hometown same

Self-Employed Artist
Traveler, licensed pilot, sailor and production designer, Logan Long is a modern-day renaissance man. After spending nine years in the California Air National Guard, Logan went from having no makeup special effects training to pursuing employment solely as an artist. Drawn to sculpting, fabrication and painting, Logan has demonstrated his abilities as a special effects artist, recently fulfilling contracts with Ballet West, Salt Lake Comic Con and Red Coral Crew, a film production company founded by his brother.
Regina Jiganti, 24

Burbank, CA, hometown Hinsdale, IL

 Freelance Makeup Artist
Trained in fine arts, Regina excels in drawing, painting, high fashion and theatre. S6 Graham Schofield introduced her to SFXMA.
Rob Miller, 
Monroe, MI, hometown same

Automotive Clay Sculptor
 Featured in Fangoria Magazine, Amazing Figure Modeler and on TV show Strange Universe.  Member of "Vader's Fist." Co-owns a company that creates props for cosplay & film. Holds fan-based charity events, active in National Downs Syndrome Society.
Stephanie Masco, 21
Plainfield, IL, hometown same

Haunted Attraction Makeup Artist
Pursing a BFA at the American Academy of Art, Chicago, tattoo apprentice, cosplayer. Worked on The Adventures of Kitty Zombie. 

What do you think?   I know, they always trick us, the first person going home usually has a KILLER resume/bio.  I am curious as to why Logan has a different picture from all of the others.  I also want to know if the three with the 'seemingly' barest of bios will be all on the same team, or spread out evenly amongst the teams.

"Why are there no ladies with unnaturally red hair this season?"
"The show can't last without a redhead."


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  1. OMG I MISSED THIS! Must find and watch. Based solely on your recap, I am concerned about the apparent lack of a foppy-mop-headed boy to take fan favorite this season, so I'm hoping there's some crown volume and length hiding under Anthony's cap there. If not, I'll settle for Adam's trim little (and unnaturally red, so check that box) pompadour, since he has a western European surname (and therefore I will be rooting for him, even though Julian B is staring into my soul through my computer screen).