Saturday, November 1, 2014

Project Runway s13e15 Reunion Special 30 October 2014

This will be a very short post, since not very much happened.

What were you hoping to see happen on the show?  How about the fashion?  Questions about judging?  Fringe & vaginas were briefly mentioned at the end, but mostly the show was about PR drama, The Real World Parsons, indeed.   It seemed like very few subjects were broached, although the three that I wanted addressed certainly were.  I can be grateful for that, even while I bitch and moan that it was all about bad behavior.

1.  Yes, Char & Korina finally made up.   That must have been so rough for both of them.

I don't understand how one endures all of that on the show, and doesn't immediately seek help to deal with it all.

2.  Yes, Korina & Amanda made up, (Phonygate.)  Char & Amanda clear the air, too.

3.  Sandhya still thinks everyone hates her.  The designers assure her that they merely hate her thoughts, actions, aesthetic and personality, not *her.*  Or something.

4.  Many contestants wish they also had the extra 10 minutes that Char received.   Tim agrees that they should have.

5. Samantha had emergency surgery  (Yes, we all hope it all went successfully and she is back to normal or better real soon.)  I know Emily was just reading a reprint of an e-mail, but all I could think of was — that's not real, it's a PR postcard, and there must be producer manipulation involved!   

6.  Why weren't Heidi or the judges involved? 

7.  There was no followup on most designers.  We have no idea how most of them are doing after the show.  That's not right.

So, we saw some fights resolved and that's about it.  Waste of time?  Well, not for Korina, Char and Amanda.   Here's to hoping PRAS4 will be more about fashion and less about infighting.  

Pray hard.


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  1. Did Emily strike you as seeming very on-the-verge-of-breakdown throughout? I'm sure part of it is attributable to her eyeshadow-beneath-her-eyes makeup style, but she seemed on the brink of tears throughout, and never really said why. I was totally distracted/worried about her.

    Korina didn't seem to own her behavior, which makes it hard to take her apology seriously.