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Project Runway All Stars s4e04
Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve 20 November 2014

Let's have a brief recap for the senile writer here, okay?

On PRAS4e1 Patricia was eliminated.   She had funny, questionable work, especially near 'the girls.'  She is to talented, it was hard to see her go.  Wish she had course corrected differently after hearing her Zanna critique.

On PRAS4e2 Alexandria was eliminated, for going too '80s/costumey, and eliminating those pesky breasts.  

I thought Dmitry should have been eliminated for his sloppy work, and for showing too much skin around the good china, ass & hips.   I wondered if Dmitry would end up being a chosen one who could do no wrong. 

I do remember that some of the guest judges loved Alexandria's outfit. 

Last time on PRAS4e3, the designers had to create a gown.  Inspired by the Broadway smash "Wicked," they went head to head, in a good vs. evil wicked match.  Unbeknownst to the viewers, 80% had to be good, with 20% wicked, or vice versa.  

 We *love* it when you hide parts of the challenge, B/M.

Chris March, Fabio Costa and Helen Castillo were bottom three.  

Fabio ignored the 'gown' portion of the challenge and was safe.  Is HE a chosen one?  Surely the one who disregards the challenge should go home, eh?

"It doesn't always work like that.
 I didn't make an outfit for my dog on PR3e3,
and they kept me on. 
They *barely* gave me a verbal reprimand."

Hey, didn't one of the guest judges love Chris's look?  Is a pattern developing?  Do they not even count the guest judge's votes?

Bottom two were Helen and Chris.  If you put them in the bottom two, then, I get it, Chris earns the elimination, because he was way too casual with the gown, and, well, to me at least, a gown implies sophistication, eveningwear and formality of SOME sort.  There are no daywear gowns, right?  Out of the challenge, I love Chris's work.  I could see the top half of his wicked work as a separate to be paired with jeans.  Maybe.

So, two #2 placers, and our beloved Chris are all gone.
(Deep sigh.)
(Join me in some Lucille Ball bawling, won't you?)

Okay, now as we start the most recent episode, did you notice, as they are going to meet up with the host and learn of their challenge, that everyone is pronouncing the sponsoring magazine differently?

You do know what Fabio said, yes?
And, I do miss MSCL.    MP's paternity tests, not so much.

The remaining contestants meet up with Alyssa Milano, Nina Garcia and Scott Davies, Sr. VP of Marketing at Zales, at The Hearst Building.  The challenge is to be inspired by their own love lives, past, present & future, and to create a cocktail dress.   Nina specifically says no black or white.   Wanna bet the all go for blood red?

"Blood red *is* the next best thing to black, trust me." 

They have $100 at Mood, and one day for the challenge.

Did you catch the following?

HC: With my relationships, I've always been, like, the one on the back burner.

HC: My ex-boyfriend didn't even watch the show with me last season
SW: He didn't watch it?
HC: No.
SW: Oh. My. God.
HC: — and it's like, kinda, like a re-ocurring, uh, on & off thing,  and I just kinda, like, just threw in the towel and said, I can't anymore. And, it's time to just, like, show my confidence and, you know, my self worth through this beautiful garment.

Okay, Helen.  This is where I stop making fun of you crying all the time.   Being in a relationship like that could throw even Madonna, Barbra Streisand or Aretha Franklin off of her game.

But, like, I'll never stop, like, hounding you for, like, overusing, like, y'know, like, amirite?
And, yes, I saw reocurring for recurring.  One battle at a time.

Did you believe any of that "Nina is my bestiest best friend for everty-ever and it's a joy to work with her, really, uh-huh, absolutely" crap?  I say that because for her mentor-drive-by she told everyone to be more vulnerable, while it sounds like she is covering up work shenanigans.

"I'm not going to say anything."

"Alright, let's hit the Chia hair salon."

Well, no, he didn't say that, but that is what I am hearing anytime someone says it.

Joining Alyssa, Nina in for Georgina, and Isaac are Danielle Bernstein and Seth Aaron Henderson.












Alright, why does Alyssa have to sit so far away from the others?  Does she smell THAT bad?  Or does she need better light?  Curious.

Alyssa calls out Michelle, Justin, Sam, Jay, and Fabio as middle safe and banishes them from the runway.

Nina LOVES Sonjia's work, she calls it edgy & modern.  Isaac admires the fit of the lace, that it isn't so tight.  Alyssa's world is rocked.  Danielle thinks it is  It's growing on Seth Aaron.

Isaac picks on Gunnar's asymmetry.   Seth Aaron likes the top, not the bottom.  Nina picks on the darts.

Nina loves Benjamin's fabric choice (so he'll be safe, yes?)   Nina calls it "Project Runway 101" thought, ha!   I'm with you, I hate the napkin/handkerchief look. 

Helen wanted to make ... swimmies?    Nina calls it powerful, it has presence.   You didn't like them on Elise's work, back in 2007.  She must be thinking of the upcoming men in the pool on a future episode.  Alyssa calls it the most emotional one.   Well ... I just recently made a promise not to pick on Helen for crying, so I will leave that one alone.  I will pick on her swimwear inspiration, to hell and back, to make up for it.

The judges enjoy the top of Kate's work, less so the bottom.   Nina abhors the color choice.  "It's worse than poor ...  no bueno.'

"And, what the hell is THAT?"

The judges all gush over Dmitry's work.  My GOD, he is the chosen one.   I should have seen it back on episode 2 when he showed the models butt, hip and hoo-ha, and was middle safe.

Dmitry places third.  

It's down to Helen and Sonjia.

Helen wins the challenge.  Swimmies for the win!

Benjamin is safe.  See, make a good fabric choice and Nina will fight for ya.

Bottom two are Gunnar and Kate, just as they predicted back in the waiting room during deliberation.

Kate is out.  That means Gunnar is in.

"Not for long.  I bet he goes on the very
next challenge.   Maybe ... even before."

Patricia had trouble course correcting in the first episode and it sent her home.  Kate had to rethink her work and she went home.   Hmmm.   Good luck to everyone in having successful future Mood trips.

Don't worry Anne, I'm sure your MC friends, past
present, and future, will all be there any minute.
Any minute. Even Zoe G.

 Yeah, I heard him say Jewry for jewelry.
I don't know him, I'm giving him a pass.

Did Dmitry do that to your neck, Gunnar?


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