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Project Runway All Stars s4e03 
Something Wicked This Way Comes 13 November 2014

Last time on PRAS the contestants took masculine construction materials and created feminine fashion.  

Justin beat out Jay & Kate for the win. 
It was his first win ever.
I believe Gunnar & Benjamin are the last two holdouts,
they've never won a challenge.

Chris & Michelle were bottom dwellers,
but Alexandria edged them out for the elimination
with her overly '80s inspired frock.

— and Dimitry was awarded 'safe' for this.

The contestants join up with Alyssa at The Gershwin Theatre to meet with the current Elphaba and Glinda, who tell them the challenge:  It's a Face Off!

Face Off?  Oh, if only.

Not to get sidetracked, but what was with the fog love?
Is Ben *that* homesick for London fog, so to speak?
(Not London Fog.)
Maybe it's a 'theatre' thing?

No matter how you slice it,
I just don't think y'all should have been
so excited to see under the poor lady's dress.

They all go head to head against one another with a good vs. wicked theme.  They are to create gowns.  Gowns, inspired by costume, but not costume-y.  Hmmm.  Betcha all the 'good' ones are white and all the 'bad' ones are black.  B&W ... like those are the ONLY choices.

"I *know* you are not looking at me!"

When Zanna comes in, all I can think is:

*THIS* is what you chose to wear while you were out in public?  I like the jacket, but, those pants, they're just so casual and ... unsophisticated.  It's barely a step above sweatpants.

I like her advice, and she generally comes off well, but, the messy hair and the horrid pants, well ...

I'd be acting goofy, too, Fabio, if I were there.

"Well, no, if you were here, we'd all be beating you up."

Let's see how they did:

I'm not overwhelmed by either, but at least Benjamin's meets the brief, right?
He'll win over her.

I can't tell.  Dimitry's is more traditional, but Gunnar's isn't bad.  
If you make me guess, I give it to Dimitry for the shoulder work.

I like that Sonjia didn't use a literal bright white.  Both honor the challenge,
but Sonjia's is more interesting, Kate's is more traditional, yes?
I'd give it to Sonjia.

Why is Chris designing for Heidi Klum's New Balance line?
And why are we going with 1987 big hair right after Alexandria got eliminated for going too '80s?
Did she want a gown you could wear with sneakers?
I give it to Michelle only by default.
What kills me is that I *like* the work he did on the top.
Imagine it as a top to be paired with jeans,
it makes sense to me that way. 
As for Michelle's, the top is interesting, especially from the back.
Not comfortable with the bottom, and I'm wondering if it is because
the fabric is too stiff (think Christopher Straub s6e12)

For me, Fabio's doesn't answer the challenge.
Therefore, Justin automatically takes it.
The thing is, I *like* Fabio's work, just not for this challenge.

Evidently Jay was influenced by maternity wear, eh?  
Why else wold there be SO MUCH volume in the front there?
I'd give it to Sam.

Alright, Alyssa, did I guess right?

Alyssa Milano calls out the winners: Michelle, Justin, Sam, Sonjia, Benjamin and Dimitry.  Highest scorers are Sonjia, Sam & Dimitry.

That means Chris, Fabio, Jay, Kate, Helen and Gunnar are the losers.  Alyssa calls out Chris, Fabio & Helen as the bottom three.

All the safe middle people head out to the lounge, leaving the top 3 and bottom 3 on the runway.

Isaac calls Dimitry's work pretty, but wants more skin.  The proportions are off in the front, too.   Betsey Johnson thinks it isn't wicked enough.  Alyssa loves the back & calls it gorgeous.  Ariel Winter just adores the dress.   Um, okay, actresses love it, designers not so much.

Betsey mocks the side appendage of Helen's work, imaging its function to hold drinks.

Yes, think Anthony s7e01.

"Every girl needs a place to hide her alcohol."

Ariel hates the ruffles, reminding her of a duvet cover, or kitty pillows.  Alyssa likes the handwork, but Isaac wisely advises that just because a lot of work was put in, that doesn't automatically make it great.

Ariel can't explain how beautiful Sonjia's work is.  Actress, not writer.   Isaac admires the treatment of the lace.  Alyssa loves the back of the overskirt.

Isaac asks Chris if the gown was made of t-shirt fabric.   Betsey loves that it is so costume.  Alyssa didn't love it.  Ariel sees a Hot Topic t-shirt dress.


Alyssa loves Sam's dress, Isaac loves the 'crow' black.

"As well he should."  "Of course."

I think Isaac meant that the black has a strong blue undertone?  Betsey sees beauty, not wickedness.

Fabio's work looks like an apron to Ariel.  Isaac doesn't see couture at all, even allowing that Fabio blends gender ideas.

In the back, the bottom three don't seem to be able to tell who is going?

"(Dimitry's) workmanship has been beautiful throughout the competition."
Yeah, especially last week.  

Dimitry is safe.

Top two are Sam & Sonjia.

The winner is Sonjia!

Fabio is safe.

The bottom two are Chris and Helen.

Chris is eliminated, leaving Helen safe.

At least he knows he's great, eh?

I respect Mr. March's talent so very much, but he went too casual with the fabric, especially the ripped t-shirt effect.   So many wish he stayed for his exuberance, but this isn't Project Personality.

"I already won that, anyway, honey."

Next time: Nina!  Wait, and *love*?  Meana Godzilla AND love?  Must rethink.  Visions of Nina frolicking with children in nature are just not coming to mind.  And, is poor Alyssa looking more matronly than ever?   I should be happy the clothes are fitting her and count my blessings.

"You know who doesn't like Nina?  People who suck!"

"Well, duh!"


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  1. Luv your ode to past contestants. It always makes me smile.