Saturday, November 8, 2014

Project Runway All Stars s4e02
The Art Of Construction 6 November 2014

Last time fourteen prior PR contestants assembled in NYC to compete again.

Fabio beat out Benjamin for the win.

Patrica edged out Kate for elimination.  Wow, #2 on her season, first to go on All Stars.

Alright, friends, I've been extra sick this week, above & beyond the regular stuff, so this will be short.


The challenge:  Create maternitywear that flatters the host and helps Alyssa Milano not look so funny.  Oh, if only.   The real task is to take masculine unconventional materials found at a construction site and create feminine fashion.

"Feminine!   This is my challenge!"

Did you think Zanna came in at the right time?

Did you like how Ben & Justin calmly evaluated what they were doing with the same material, came up with minor changes and created very different looks?

Were you embarrassed that Dmitry seemingly copied Chris's ideas not once (as shown) but twice (as per Chris's statements?)   I felt terrible that it actually seemed to negatively affect Mr. March's output.

Let's look at the work before I get a few more knives, er, comments, in.

Joining host/judge Alyssa Milano are regular judges Muppet killer Georgina Chapman, and too afraid to report her Isaac Mizrahi, are important fashion experts Nicole Polizzi and Jenni Farley, and a genuine fashion designer, Elie Tahari.


I was psyching myself up all week, saying the challenge will somehow be explained in such a way that Snooki & Jwoww *are* indeed right and good to be judging the contestants' work.   Like season 6 episode 1 with Lindsay Lohan, where it turned out to be red carpet looks.  (For better or for worse, LL had indeed walked many red carpets by that time.)  No such luck this time around.

I only know them from the South Park episode,

you know the one,

so, well, God bless 'em, may they have great deserved success.  But, what I want out of PR and PRAS is for them to have guest judges whom I've never heard of, only for me to look it up and find out they were such an important icon and expert in the fashion world.  That actually happens once every few YEARS.  =o(

Korto Momolu Jay Sario

 Fabio Costa 

 Kate Pankoke 

 Alexandria Von Bromssen 

 Michelle Lesniak 

 Helen Castillo

 Benjamin Mach

Bert Sean Amanda Gunnar Deatherage

Samantha Black

Dmitry Sholokhov

Chris March

Sonjia Williams

Justin LeBlanc

Alyssa sends off safe Dmitry, Fabio, Gunnar, Ben, Helen, Sonjia and Sam.

Which judges did Dmitry have to sleep with in order to escape not only the bottom three, but complete elimination?  Je ne le comprends pas.   This is a worse atrocity than Santino being kept on so much in season two.  How Dmitry is middle safe (even if he was fourth worst) is beyond me.  Completely wrong. 

It makes about as much sense as Jackson Galaxy repeatedly harassing a new cat, and being surprised that he keeps getting scratched.

Also, wasn't Gunnar's much better than middle safe?

"You'd think that he would have been the winner."

The judges mostly love Kate's work.

They mostly find Michelle's lacking.

Justin's is adored, except for the boob fat.

The judges see 1980s and poor construction for Alexandria's look.  

Jay's use of the blue tarp is applauded. 

Chris's top is poorly received, but some judges like the bottom.

Kate is safe, leaving Jay & Justin as the top 2. 

Justin is the winner.  It's his very first win.

Chris places third worst and is out.

Michelle and Alexandria are bottom two.   Michelle is told she aiming too low, and Alexandria hears that she made an '80's costume.  Michelle is in, and Alexandria is eliminated.

People who placed 2nd in their regular seasons are the first two to be eliminated.  Not what I anticipated.   I did wonder if a fresh start would bless Ben.  I guess that's about as far as I got with it all.

Next week, something really wicked!


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  1. First, a disclaimer: I love Dmitry. I love him. So I WANT him to be righteous and not a creep.

    That said: I wish he had voiced his own side. I got the sense that he heard what Chris was accusing him of, and declined to address it. Was he taking the high road (please please), or was he caught being disingenuous?

    And not only did it affect Chris's output, it really seemed to affect Chris's attitude. So EITHER he was severely demoralized by his perception of someone copying his look, OR he was severely demoralized anyway, and jumped on the claim that Dmitry stole his look as an excuse for being pissy and putting less effort into his work. I can see how, given the limited items that they had to work with, it is conceivable that two designers would use the same (flexible, colorful, manipulable) material for a top without anyone deliberately ripping off anybody.

    I also don't see much of Dmitry's style in Chris's work.

    I don't know. It was disappointing all around. Except that Alexandria went home: woot!

    I am SO distracted by Samantha's maternity wear. It's a lot.