Sunday, November 2, 2014

Project Runway All Stars s4e01
Made In Manhattan 30 October 2014

Fourteen former PR contestants converged on NYC this Summer to compete for more prizes and money than they could have won on their regular season of Project Runway.

Note:  Due to horrid Internet service this will be a severely truncated recap, until things are back to normal and I can fix it and shore it up to normal length.

"No need to do that, you're not worth the read as it is!"

Two of the 14 have already won.  Yes, Dmitry won s10 ad Michelle s11.   On one hand, it's so unfair, let it be for those that haven't won.  On the other hand, it's Dmitry and Michelle!  Love them both.  Alright, if we could have Jeffrey, Irina and Seth Aaron last season of All Stars, then we can have Dimitry and Michelle.

Returning host Alyssa Milano meets up with the 14 contestants at Grand Central and learned the challenge:  In two teams of seven (boys vs. girls) create a garment reflecting uptown (girls) or downtown (boys.)

Joining host Alyssa Milano are the beautiful Georgina Chapman, the famous Isaac Mizrahi and guest judge Ivanka Trump.     Let's see how they did.  Don't adjust your computer, it's all fairly colorless:















Alyssa announces that the boys won and the girls are the losing team.  Alyssa calls out Justin, Jay, Gunnar, Dmitry, Sonjia, Samantha, Alexandria & Helen as safe middle and sends them out back to wait.

The judges find the fit of Kate's dress off, the ribbon hem and the slit of the skirt all inappropriate.  Funny, the clam shell boobs don't bother Isaac, but others aren't so on board with them.  Alyssa sees car seat, and Georgina can't see past the green in the back of Michelle's look.  Ivanka likes it?  Patricia's darts are called out, but the judges seem to be going easy on her. Clearly her's is the worst, though, right?

Chris hears the most criticism,  so I guess the top two will be Benjamin and Fabio, eh?

Chris is safe.  Fabio is the winner and Ivanka will wear he look.  Benjamin and Michelle are safe.

Bottom two are Patricia and Kate.  Kate is safe.

Patricia amuses Isaac when she does her call / blessing from the other side of the screen.  Does he not know the meaning of that?  I do (from the s11 explanations) and yet it unnerves me!

I fear that Chris doesn't last too too long, from the footage they showed of upcoming challenges.  Sure hope I'm wrong.



  1. Great recap, but as you continue to blog PRAS, please bear in mind the spelling of Dmitry's first name. There is no i after the D.

  2. I, too, was watching for Chris in the 'upcoming season' clips, and I, too, was dismayed! Lots and lots of Kate, but very little Chris! Very disappointing.

    Alexandria's Occasional Accent made no appearances on this episode. Does it only happen when she's upset, or is it fake and therefore it comes and goes?

    I'm coming into the season with ALL THE AFFECTION IN THE WORLD for Chris and Dmitry, and serious misgivings about Alexandria and Kate. Fabio's on probation too. I have all these leftover grudges, but I can't remember why! -sigh-

    I'm almost tired of Benjamin already. Not quite - but almost.

    I have zero impression of ether Jay or Sonjia (which I'm pronouncing in my head as Sanjaya of AI ponyhawk fame, which probably isn't right, right?)

    As ever, I thought Dmitry's dress deserved a top spot. I remember in his first season he was seriously under-appreciated for the first half of the season or so, and the judges only started acknowledging his talent well into the season. Perhaps deliberately, to keep him from running away with the show? Dunno - just know he's the designer upon whose behalf I have shouted at the judges most often.

    I wish the All-Stars episodes were as long as the regular episodes. Given that the prize package is bigger, it seems like this show shouldn't be treated like a lesser show.