Saturday, October 18, 2014

Project Runway s13e13 Finale: Part 1 16 October 2014

Last time on Project Runway the five remaining contestants created street chic looks, 

and also transformed losing looks of their peers into winning looks.  Well, they were *supposed* to.

Char, Amanda, Sean & Kini advanced to create finale collections.  Judging was mixed for most, with Kini earning the most praise.

Emily was let go because Nina couldn't see her personality in the Samantha Plasencia evening dress reconfiguration.

"I am designer.  Please insert fabric."

This season, instead of sending them home to work, Tim took them on a field trip to Rome, Italy.  They spend $9,000 on fabric there, and at home.  When they get home, they have five weeks to put together their collections.

On the home visits Kini's attention to detail is admired.

Char is urged to make her looks cohesive. 

Amanda hears "whirling dirvish."

Sean has to axe half of his collection!

And there was that.

When they all come back, the judges want to see three looks from each.  Funny, they never had to do this before, to someone who was genuinely moving forward to show at Fashion Week.   Don't worry, no one gets eliminated.

"It's so unfair!"

Let's see the three looks they brought before Heidi, Zac, Nina, and mum Tim:





Sean's collection was inspired by Cesar.

"I get it!  The fringe represents the hair of a Lhasa Apso *and* a Komondor."

Well, no, it is supposed to represent the life & death of Julius Cesar.   Evidently he consumed a great deal of citrus, as the orange portions are to represent his blood.

Heidi calls it fresh, modern and young.  Zac calls it exciting, and likes the styling, too.   Nina likes that he used separates.  She hates the overuse of fringe.  (She ain't the only one!)  Nina accuses him of going one-note with it.

There's nothing wrong with that.

"You be quiet.  I'll be back soon enough to take care of you!"

Char wanted her collection to be youthful, fresh, sleek and fun.  Heidi likes it, but doesn't see any cohesion.  Nina hates the middle look.  Zac likes the B&W number.  Heidi and Nina want to see Char's personal attitude and style in the collection.  Zac agrees.

Amanda loved all the details of the buildings in Rome, and the graffiti, too.  Zac LOVES the jewelry that Amanda designed.  Nina likes the first look the best.  She wants the zipper reworked (no more overt zippers, take that seasons 7, 8 and 9!) 

Poor Kini gets beaten up by the judges.  The hair & makeup are all wrong, and the collection seems to be made for an old lady.   Nina tells Kini that pieces could be salvaged if paired with the right new pant or top, that Kini has yet to make.

Poor Kini breaks down in the back room.  I don't blame him.

Will Kini rise to the challenge?

Will Seth Aaron and Valerie Mayen be able to cope now that the exposed zipper is passe?

Will the designers do so poorly that the judges have to bring back Korina to win the whole thing?


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  1. The three-look preview has been pretty standard—off and on—since season 4, but it usually results in one designer being auf'd from the competition before the final runway. This was the first time all four designers officially sent to NYC continued in the competition.