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Project Runway s13e12 Fashion Week: Who's In & Who's Out 9 October 2014

Last time on Project Runway the six remaining contestants, in teams of two, created looks out of whatever materials they bid on from storage bins.

Kini won for his soccer ball cocktail dress.

Korina and Char were the bottome two.  Heidi sent them back to the work room for a new look in one hour.  Is this gonna be a thing every season now?

This time around the judges were able to make a determination.  Char was kept on, and Korina was let go.

Tim gathers the five remaining contestants to meet Lexus Marketing Mgr. Brian Bolain at the rooftop of Gotham West.  It's the typical "take a photo of your surroundings for inspiration" but they are to make streetwear, not eveningwear.   They all either know immediately what they want to do, or figure it out quickly while taking snapshots.

"What are you saying?"

They get $200 at Mood, and two days. 

You know what's coming up, don't you?

Char is excited about her rectangular petals.

"Really?"         "Oh, please."

"For the record, they are called American Girl Rectangles, thank you."

On day two they walk in to a select group of losing looks.  The outfits that got Mitchell, Samantha, Fade, Sandhya and Korina axed are in the middle of the work room.  Well, Korina's group effort is there, not her one-hour dress.  Soon Tim walks in and presents the twist:  Reuse the fabric to make any new outfit.  It doesn't have to be cohesive with their current look?  It doesn't have to meet the brief it was originally created for?  Aw, missed opportunities.

After $100 at Mood, they return to learn that they have help, the contestants that made the original losing looks.

Yes, Char gets Korina as a helper.

"Oh, no she doesn't!
I'm too good to have to work for a
sub-standard designer *so* far beneath me."

Tim decides then and there to use his "Tim Gunn Smack" and knock some sense into Korina.  Suddenly she is gracious and helps Char win the challenge.   "Thank you, Tim!," she gushes.

"No he doesn't, and no she doesn't, and no she didn't."

Korina whines that she is so traumatized that she could never give Char the proper help.  Refusing to help a so-called sub-par designer in the name of concern?  Wow.

Sandhya thanks Sean for picking her look, and the entire room cracks up.  He ended up with it because it was the last one.  Sandhya, by the way, has a killer, great attitude.

Soon Tim brings back Alexander Knox for Char, who is all smiles.

☆☆☆  Tim Time! ☆☆☆

Tim is crazy about the volume on Amanda's streetwear look.

Emily explains her vision to Tim who cautions that she should differentiate her work from something so easily found in stores already.

Tim questions the use of a pocket on the right front since the left front has so many 'petals' going on.   She decides to keep it after all.

Tim suggests using the same idea in both looks, and to push up the interest, and then scale back if necessary.

Mr. Gunn is worried that Kini's look is already at Michael Kors.  Wow.  He tells Kini to think3 and then work3.

Tim sees a uniform instead of fashion with Sean's streetwear.  Sean says he can ramp it up.  Tim likes his idea for the redo look, but isn't sold on all of the fabrics involved.

Who will listen to Tim?  Who won't?  Will it even matter?

Joining Heidi, Zac and Nina is actress Shay Mitchell. 

Amanda Valentine

Emily Payne

Sean Kelly

Char Glover

Kini Zamora

The judges do like Kini's trench, but not the skirt underneath.  Zac admires the gown, he wants the other look to be as clean as the dress.  Nina call is extraordinary.

The judges are mixed on Emily's streetwear look, some don't like the hoodie/coat at all.  They think that she went too simple and safe with Samantha's revamped dress.

Nina loves Amanda's streetwear look, if not the makeup and accessorizing.  The redo isn't a hit with the judges.  Like Emily, they don't see Amanda in the redo.

Nina and Zac like Char's ideas, but not the execution.   The judges don't like the makeover, though.

The judges all GUSH over Sean's white look, but, yet again, the reconfigure look is a miss.

Hey!  Heidi didn't ask the designers who they should take to the finale with them.  NICE.   They merely had to plead their case for moving forward themselves.

Kini is the first to be told he is in and will show at fashion week.  I will assume he is the winner.  He won fan favorite this week, at least.

Emily is out.  She is calm, gracious, and classy.

There should be a Tim Gunn Award given to the contestant who goes out the most (believably) graciously, don't ya think?   How about one for the eliminated designer whose losing look was the best?  Sorry, I'm getting carried away.

Relax, the rest are all in.  There are concerns with Char, and with the 2nd look for everyone, but all will show at Fashion Week.  Or WILL they?

Next week:  The top 4 go to Rome (Italy, not NY) so Tim can point out they can be inspired by cobblestones.   Uh-oh, that better not be their next unconventional material.

Kini has to create something in a day?  Why?  Let's hope I misheard him.


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