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Project Runway s13e11  Highest Bidder  2 October 2014

Dearest Reader,

We're doing something different this week.   Don't be scared.  Let's examine the brief and head to the runway.

The challenge was, in teams of two, to bid on unconventional materials shown in storage bins (think Public Storage, not plastic totes.)    Each person was to make an outfit, but they had two days, so you KNEW that an expected twist was coming.   Later they had to create a third garment (per team) from fabric that was cohesive with the other two.  So, 3 looks by each team.  Let's dig in:

Team Blue = Amanda & Kini

Team Green = Char & Sean

Team Purple = Emily & Korina

According to the Chyron, the team members both worked on the 3rd look, except for Char & Sean.  He alone did the 3rd look (that's per the Chyron info., we'll see how that pans out.)

What was your first reaction, prior to the judging?  Maybe I'm showing my lack of knowledge, (maybe?!,) but I could see good and bad on every team.   I initially thought S&C were most cohesive, on the verge of boring, but the models couldn't walk.   I thought ugly 70's with some on E&K's looks, but, well, it does look better than Anthony Ryan's mess from s9 that got him eliminated.    The outerwear looks costumey to me.  But, how could one make it NOT so?  Fit?  Fabric?  Strike the entire piece?   I'm not buying the cohesiveness of A&K's output, but, man, some of those looks are so terrific.

Amanda explains the American rock star in Tokyo, and suddenly Amanada & Kini's output makes sense.  Wow.   Nina LIKES it, although she does move Kini's jacket from one model to another.  The soccer ball is the hit of the group, likely so.   Heidi states they were the most creative.  Guest judge Christian Siriano (woo-hoo!) gets it, saying this is how young girls want to dress.

Sean & Char wanted sleek sportswear.  Zac approves of the first look, the jacket, but the other two were a mess for different reasons, inability to move, and inability to be tasteful.  Heidi warns them that they played it safe.  Nina is over the transparency, but admires the cohesion.

Emily & Korina were going for a Caribbean fashion photographer going to Helsinki for a shoot.   Nina is shocked at the material purchased at Mood.  She approves of Emily's look but not Korina's.   Heidi likes that there was a clear concept, Zac sees the 'soul' of it.    Christian sees the vision.  Nina calls out Korina on overuse of the SW theme, and the entire presentation.

Heidi awards the win to Kini.  Bien sur, mes amis.  Kini and Amanda are sent off safe.  She also sends off safe Emily, and then Sean.

It's down to Korina and Char.  Each has an hour to create a brand new garment, that does NOT have to be cohesive with the work they just showed.  Their prior teammate is to help them.  So, Emily helps Korina and Sean helps Char.

At the end Char's look was more 
interesting and successful, and she is kept in, 

while Korina is sent home.

Okay, that was the recap of the fashion.  Now, how about the real star of the episode, the behavior.  What's YOUR take on the way the contestants acted?

I get that this isn't Project Best Friends (thank you, Lashawn Beyond) but the point of the show is to win by making great fashion.  It isn't it to throw a fit or to sabotage another contestant.  Character has to matter, right?

Dear God, No matter what calamities or illnesses fall on me, please let me be gracious enough to smile, stand tall, and focus on whatever I am to be focusing on.  If someone else is enjoying life more than I am, it is not my job to take them down, gripe that they have it easier than I do, or make them uncomfortable.  At the end of the day, I want to be a blessing, not a curse.  Help me to believe and live out those words.

And, if I'm ever in a situation where Tim is saying goodbye to me, I don't want the brush off like Johnny got in season six.  I want a long, drawn out ordeal where he can't imagine life without me!

To dream.

Tune in next week when Tim pairs Char with a happy, calm and docile Korina to help Char get to the final, and, ultimately, to win Project Runway Season Thirteen!


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  1. Eh! Mah! Gaw! I just finally watched this episode last night - I don't think I've seen such reprehensible, narcissistic behavior - maybe ever, but certainly not on our Tim Gunn-cordial PR! That was, like, I can't even. Korina is out of control.

    Bert & Erni: final two.