Thursday, October 30, 2014

Face Off s7e13 One Knight Only 28 October 2014

Are you kidding me — THAT is what you're calling this episode?

Last week the four remaining special effects makeup artist contestants created big monsters!


Dina won with her monster mantis.

Well, alright.

Cig earned 2nd.

Drew placed 3rd.

George was 4th & last, being eliminated for his big squid.

Why all the squid-loathing ?!?!?

George says goodbye to himself, and then the finale starts right then and there!

McKenzie explains the challenge:  Create a good knight and a bad knight.  She brings out the last three makeup artists eliminated, and then brings out three past Face Off winners.  They are teamed up as follows:

Cig gets Sasha & Rashaad

Dina has Stella & Nicole (with Keahlan's hair, don't get confused)

Drew is with George & Rayce

They pick various coat of arms:  Dina with Aquaitc, Drew & Deer, and Cig gets Gargoyle.

During Michael Westmore's run through, Cig is advised that his guys are both looking too dark. 

Drew needs to have a stronger nose anchor.

Dina chose the Octopus coat of arms, so she's doing a crab.

"That's crazy!  It's like using several eyes to represent a cyclops!"

Other than Dina not initially honoring the challenge there aren't too many surprises.  Everyone is of a high enough caliber to be focusing and working well.

Let' see how the did!  Joining host McKenzie Westmore are judges Glenn Hetrick, Lois Burwell and Neville Page.   No Ve. And, they still look they are judging on Top Chef.

with Sasha & Rashaad

with Stella & Nicole

with George & Rayce

Then the models turn on each othe
to decide who wins the finale.
 Or something.

The judges are complimentary to all three contestants.   I keep thinking that Cig's first guy just looks like a sloppy, sweaty guy, not a man in transition to a gargoyle. 

Dina's first and second looks are cohesive, which is good, but they are not exactly the same, which is very good.

The judges love Drew's work, but ... necromancy as inspiration?  Hmmm.  The judges admire the cohesiveness.  Neville says he loves the nuanced stag look.  Is nuanced code for 'I can barely see it?'

 Before the judges started speaking, what did you think?

Did you have a favorite?

Did you have a favorite going into the entire episode?

Dina is declared the winner of season seven!

I noticed this and last episodes the judges were almost completely complimentary.  Now I have to go back and see if they did that in other seasons.   I don't think Roy in s3 or Eric F. in s4 heard such sweetness as they were getting axed.

Face Off returns in January!  But, wait, there will be a twist!   Ah, finally, they'll team up with Project Runway for a season?   Or RuPaul's Drag Race?  If only.



  1. I agree that Cig's red guy was underwhelming. I was hoping that the wonder-twin powers between Cig and Rashaad would overpower the talent suck of Sasha, but alas, no.

    Cig was my favorite going into the final, but Dina created the better two final looks. Heck, I think maybe even Drew's final two looks were better than Cig's. Not sure what happened.

    1. We didn't even see Sasha do anything, did we? Not a good sign for Cig.

  2. Rayce did Drew's sculpt, which got the most compliments from the judges. He had the right to use Rayce, but I would have been grumpy if he had won over Dina. I liked that Dina made a point to work on every piece.

    Got a bit misty eyed when the guys helped Dina clean her cast. I love these contestants!!! If this new "twist" is typical reality show BS to stir up drama, I refuse to watch. You hear me, SyFy! Looks like it is an all-stars show though. Should be so great!

    Love seeing Rashaad again!