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Face Off s7e12 Beautiful Disaster 14 October 2014

Last week the special effects makeup artists created Greek gods who carried the severed head of their enemy.

Dina won her fourth Spotlight Challenge,

while Sasha was eliminated again for her muddy face and murky concept.

The five remaining contestants meet up with McKenzie Westmore at Universal studios on the set of the 2005 remake of "War Of The Worlds."  The Spotlight Challenge is to create their own fairy.   Ah, but they are on the WOTW set for a reason.   They are to find a monitor which represents a natural disaster which must be incorporated into the look, and into the power of their fairy.

Cig finds Avalanche.  Stella grabs Wildfire.  George selects Earthquake.  Dina chooses Flood, and Drew gets Oil Spill.

I know, it's only a movie set, but, still, *that* is a convenient catastrophe.  The road is all clear.    On Project Runway they would have thrown the monitors out of airplanes, like s12e1, eh?

The contestants come up with their concepts and sketch on site.  Then they head back to the work room for the standard 3 day work schedule.  George and Cig are concerned that the fairy will require a beauty makeup of sorts.

Westmore Time!

Mr. Westmore suggests Drew extend the nose, to be more fairy-life.  Drew wants to upturn it, which meets with approval.

Cig hears that he doesn't really have to be intimidated by the beauty aspect of the challenge.

Stella is advised to make sure her painting is strong enough.   She's told to avoid black, since it'll take away from the beauty aspect.

Dina wants to cover her model in a sand, to represent coming up out of a flood mess.

Mr. W. thinks George should use silicone, not foam latex.   He is steered away from using red, which represents blood, in the cracks.  He does hear that the fairy has to be attractive.  Uh-oh, why did he have to hear that?  It's not supposed to look like gore/horror.   George take a pic of Mr. Westmore to copy his smiling apple cheeks., to incorporate that into the fairy beauty face.

What do you think must be  incorporated into the look in order to read 'fairy?"  Let's just say that not everyone decides to  use wings.  Curious.

On day 2 Stella struggles with her molds working in her flame area.  Oh, Drew figures out that his model will need wings on day 2, whew!   The way the editing is going, George and Stella are having th most trouble in the work room, and Dina isn't getting any air time, so we can figure out who will place where, in a general sense, at least.

Wait, at the end of day 2, Dina finally gets some air time.  She is using chocolate syrup for her mud look.   Leave it to the cake decorator to use food in her work, ha!  Okay, she is not shown STRUGGLING, but everyone else is, on some level.  Alright, we'll see what becomes of that.

On day 3 Stella is dealing with a messed up cowl.   Both George and Drew have to deal with unintentional face cracks.   As long as George doesn't cover her chin up with a big ol' beard.

Judging this week are Glenn, Lois and Neville.






This challenge really supports my idea that Project Runway could be involved with costume fabrication somehow, some day.

George is admired for the balanced approach he took.  The judges think his work is more fairy-like than the others.

Stella is told she wasn't creative, there are no wings, so it doesn't feel 'fairy' enough, and that her work wasn't blended enough.

Dina's work is applauded by all three judges.    Lois likes that it is light, Glenn likes that the makeup is spot on, and well blended.

Drew wishes he hadn't cut an edge on the model's cheek.  Glenn agrees that that is a problem.  He wishes that oil were coming ut of her mouth.

Lois finds Cig's work delightful.  Glenn is almost at a loss for words!  Neville admires the harmony, he says it feels whole.

George & Dina are top 3,

Cig earns his 2nd win with his ice look.

"As rightly he should."

Bottom two are Stella and Drew.

Stella is let go for having more missed opportunities than Drew.

Again, I have to admire the Face Off contestants for being such good sports and kindly to each other.

"What are you looking at ME for, loser?"

Tune in next week when the judges fill in for Tom & Padma on Top Chef!


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  1. Seen as I don't live in America I'm guessing one of two things has happened either 1. They've stopped doing the episodes fan favourite or 2. You've just accepted that Drew's fangirls are gonna make him win EVERY week no matter what...

    Anyway. Love your reviews and I totally have had the same thought about the whole FO/PR crossover challenge.