Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Face Off s7e11 Off With Their Heads 7 October 2014

Last week the contestants returned to high school, sort of.  They fabricated various creatures that belonged to particular high school cliques.

Drew won with his emo faun.

Rachael's cheerleading faun didn't have many features, and it got her axed.

The six remaining makeup artists meet host McKenzie Westmore in the workroom for a 2 hour Foundation Challenge:  Create a victim of Medusa who is turning to stone.  Dina and Stella are visibly excited to see Michele Burke, guest judge for the challenge.   Michelle wants to see an expression of shock on the model for turning to stone, and a great stone finish, of course.

Michele wants a straighter line on Sasha's face.  Drew receives only minor criticism.  Dina hears "Excellent work!"  Michelle likes Cig's idea, but not the eyes.   She loves that George aged his creation.  She admires that Stella used a prosthetic.

Stella edges George to win the challenge, and a $2,000 spray booth from Paasche.

McKenzie then shares the Spotlight Challenge.  Create a Greek god, and the severed head of its foe.

On day one Sasha struggles to come up with a concept, while everyone is already sculpting.  Soon she comes up with an idea, but she interviews that she hates it.   It's the beginning of day one, why not consider changing it?

Westmore Time!

Stella receives guidance on beefing up the gills.

Drew is told to roll the eyes back into the head on the foe's severed head.

Dina receives minor sculpting advice.

Michael notices that Sasha is doing the reverse of what the challenge is.  He doesn't tell her NOT to do it, but advises her to make sure the severed head is VERY good.

No George or Cig?

Drew is the first to open molds on day two.   Stella forgot to insert pry points in her mold so she could actually open it up.  She is able to deal with it, though.  For the most part, everyone is painting the severed head on day two.

On day reveal day, Sasha's helmut isn't fitting, so she trashes it.   Wait, the model couldn't have CARRIED it out with her severed head in the other hand?

Joining host McKenzie Westmore are judges Glenn Hetrick, Lois Burwell, Neville Page and The Walking Dead's Scott Wilson.

Cig • Apollo

George • Zeus

Sasha • Medusa

Dina • Aphrodite

Drew • Hades

Stella • Poseidon

Glenn tells Cig he created a very successful makeup.  Lois doesn't like the flames on the left, nor on the shoulders.  Neville likes the overall look, as does Scott Wilson.

Lois agrees when Sasha calls her work unacceptable.    She doesn't think the stone part came out right.  Neville hates the severed head.  Uh-oh!

Neville loves the sculpt, but sees it as a cross-dressing Zeus with all of the costuming.   He thinks George should have just used the model's body.  Lois sees the inconsistencies in the head hair.

Dina isn't confident with her work, but she does like it.  Glenn is amazed that she doesn't see how good it is.  Lois admires that she used the model's beauty, instead of ignoring it.

Wait, no Stella or Drew?  Guess they are safe middle.

Glenn announces Dina as the winner.  It's her fourth Spotlight Challenge win.  She's definitely the frontrunner at this point.  She, Cig, Drew & Stella are safe and sent out back.

Bottom two are George & Sasha.

Sasha is eliminated.

She's grateful to the judges and they praise her talent.

I still wish all of the PR contestants would go out like that.

Next week the artists create a fairy based upon a natural disaster.

No, not Ebola.


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