Thursday, October 2, 2014

Face Off s7e10 Teacher's Pets 30 September 2014

Last time on Face Off the SFX makeup artists created clowns encumbered with their childhood fears.

Sasha earned her first win, and Damien was axed.

It's morning in L.A. and Drew is mourning placing 2nd from the bottom.   Sasha doesn't know what to think, she's been in the bottom as often as she has been in the top.

The remaining contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at some unnamed high school.  This week's challenge is to create a fantasy creature high school student.  They choose  the creature, but they are given the school clique that they are to be a member of.  Here's how it breaks down:

Sasha • Cyclops • Cheerleader
Dina • Goblin • Nerd
George • Goblin • Jock
Drew • Faun • Emo
Rachael • Faun • Cheerleader
Stella • Minotaur • Emo
Cig • Minotaur • Nerd

They sketch on campus and then return to the work room.  Again, it's the typical 3 day challenge. Everyone seems to have a decent concept.  Or, maybe I spoke typed too soon?

Sasha chose cyclops, and yet she designed a head with SEVERAL eyes.   Hmm.  Someone wants to go home, eh?

They're not the same.

Westmore Time!

Michael fears Cig is going to go completely white.

Evidently it has happened before.

Rachael wants her faun to be more human.  Wait, is that not honoring the challenge?

George gets head/hair advice from Michael.
There's a joke in there somewhere.

Drew wants to make his emo faun look like Glenn.  Ha!  Wait, will he think it is a ploy to curry favor?

Dina is going with band geek.  Michael is concerned that he sees wrinkles.

Stella's overweight emo minotaur's head isn't wide/fat enough to be believable.

Michael and McKenzie, and rightly so, question Sasha's understanding of the term cyclops.  Michael suggests hiding the real eyes of the model.  Well, yeah, but will she?

The only drama of day two is Stella opening up her mold at the end of the day.  It  eventually works just fine.

Well, and someone wants to model hair(cuts) now.
Or maybe he's practicing a hair reveal.

On reveal morning, George and Stella keep having to fix face anomalies.   Cig plays a bit with the Pee-Wee Herman giant underpants.

Wouldn't you?

Joining host McKenzie Westmore are judges Glenn Hetrick, Lois Burwell and Neville Page.








McKenzie calls out Dina, Sasha and Stella as middle safe, and they head out back.  Sasha is in shock.  I swear that emotive face needs its own TV show.

Drew explains his concept.  Glenn calls it Drew's best work thus far.  Lois loves the paint job, Neville likes the design.

Lois doesn't like the frown bit on Rachael's work.  They are worried she hid her ears.  Neville calls it too simple, and doesn't see the faun aspect.   Glenn thinks the ears (which can't be seen) were the only good part of her work.  Ouch!

Neville loves Cig's memorable character.  Glenn likes that there is an expression, and yet the model can still change and manipulate it.

George wishes he had done more with his design.  Glenn doesn't like the sculpt, and they don't like the work at all.  Lois thinks it is more Muppet than makeup.

"There's nothing wrong with that!"

Top two are Drew & Cig,

and Drew wins the challenge!  It's his first win.

Well, his first CHALLENGE win.
He's been winning fan favorite week by week
more often than the rest of them combined.
At least this week it makes sense.  Good work!

Bottom two are George and Rachael.

Rachael is let go for her faun without faun features.

So, we're down to a final six.   Do you know who will be in the finale?  Who do you WANT in the finale?   I'm sure Cig is going to be there.  I am guessing Dina and Stella, but really, it's anyone's game, eh?  All I know for sure is that Sasha will worry and emote throughout the rest of her time on Face Off.   I can be grateful for that.


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  1. I thought both Drew and Cig created looks that looked a LOT like themselves.