Thursday, October 30, 2014

Face Off s7e13 One Knight Only 28 October 2014

Are you kidding me — THAT is what you're calling this episode?

Last week the four remaining special effects makeup artist contestants created big monsters!


Dina won with her monster mantis.

Well, alright.

Cig earned 2nd.

Drew placed 3rd.

George was 4th & last, being eliminated for his big squid.

Why all the squid-loathing ?!?!?

George says goodbye to himself, and then the finale starts right then and there!

McKenzie explains the challenge:  Create a good knight and a bad knight.  She brings out the last three makeup artists eliminated, and then brings out three past Face Off winners.  They are teamed up as follows:

Cig gets Sasha & Rashaad

Dina has Stella & Nicole (with Keahlan's hair, don't get confused)

Drew is with George & Rayce

They pick various coat of arms:  Dina with Aquaitc, Drew & Deer, and Cig gets Gargoyle.

During Michael Westmore's run through, Cig is advised that his guys are both looking too dark. 

Drew needs to have a stronger nose anchor.

Dina chose the Octopus coat of arms, so she's doing a crab.

"That's crazy!  It's like using several eyes to represent a cyclops!"

Other than Dina not initially honoring the challenge there aren't too many surprises.  Everyone is of a high enough caliber to be focusing and working well.

Let' see how the did!  Joining host McKenzie Westmore are judges Glenn Hetrick, Lois Burwell and Neville Page.   No Ve. And, they still look they are judging on Top Chef.

with Sasha & Rashaad

with Stella & Nicole

with George & Rayce

Then the models turn on each othe
to decide who wins the finale.
 Or something.

The judges are complimentary to all three contestants.   I keep thinking that Cig's first guy just looks like a sloppy, sweaty guy, not a man in transition to a gargoyle. 

Dina's first and second looks are cohesive, which is good, but they are not exactly the same, which is very good.

The judges love Drew's work, but ... necromancy as inspiration?  Hmmm.  The judges admire the cohesiveness.  Neville says he loves the nuanced stag look.  Is nuanced code for 'I can barely see it?'

 Before the judges started speaking, what did you think?

Did you have a favorite?

Did you have a favorite going into the entire episode?

Dina is declared the winner of season seven!

I noticed this and last episodes the judges were almost completely complimentary.  Now I have to go back and see if they did that in other seasons.   I don't think Roy in s3 or Eric F. in s4 heard such sweetness as they were getting axed.

Face Off returns in January!  But, wait, there will be a twist!   Ah, finally, they'll team up with Project Runway for a season?   Or RuPaul's Drag Race?  If only.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Project Runway s13e14 Finale: Part 2 23 October 2014

Did the judges get it right?  Did it play out as you anticipated?

"Remember it's not who does the best work.
It's who is going to have the best life & career."

So I was watching Minority Report?  They aren't judges, they are precogs?

Aaaah, it's not as bad as season 8.  I'd say it's on par with season 9.  The right person won, but if only Viktor hadn't trashed some of his looks, it might have been different.  If only B/M hadn't thrown some extra superfluous money at them at the least minute, just because.

I guess just being too 'invested' in Kini, rooting for him, only to see him fail come the finale, well. now I can understand what all of the Mychael Knight fans were feeling back in 2006.

How about we just take a look at the finished collections before I reach my whining quota for the year?

Sean • #1

Amanda • #2

Kini • #3

Char • #4

I know what you're thinking.  "Gianni, all along you said, 'As long as Bert or Ernie win, you'll be happy.'"  Well, maybe.

But, I was so bored.   

I am not sure where the blame lies, so I don't want to just say the designers are at fault.   Maybe I've watched too many PR shows, plus Accessories, Threads, Britain, Australia, Canada, Korea, Philippines ... and don't forget the knock off shows like Fashion Star, Fashion Show, All On The Line, Launch My Line, etc.

It's ennui, Henri.

Nina gushing over all of Sean's risks sent me over the edge.  Especially when she gushed about the rain challenge.  Yes, he was using his brain.   But I got the idea that her idea of risk was him not using fringe for one brief moment in time.

And, then, when Zac started getting moist over a Muppet moment ...  ugh.

Just in case you missed it, Alexander Knox won Fan Favorite for the entire season.

Hey!  Wake up!  You're getting some air time!
Ah, maybe he's bored and he feels the same way, too.  Poor guy.

At least there will be Project Best Friends or Miss Congeniality or whatever you want to call it next week at the reunion when Fade knocks some sense into everybody and Korina & Char team up to forge their own fashion house.  House Of Respect.

No, not House Of Love.

How about we look at the decoys and call it a day?

Emily • #5

Korina • #6

Alexander • #7

Sandhya • #8

Fade • #9

"Hello? Why am I even here?"

Listen up, Chris.  I'm counting on you to win PRAS4 to make up for the PR13 malaise.  I don't care who you have to pay off, sleep with, or kill to make it so.  Actually, I do have faith you can win on just your talent, ability and imagination.  Yes, even with your hands tied behind your back, or in your sleep, so there is no killing necessary.

"Not even Helen for crying the minute she gets on set?"  

Alright, if it will make you feel better.

"It will."

However, Chris, I have a sneaking suspicion you won't even get a chance to.  Alexandria will be there, too, right?