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Project Runway s13e09  American Girl  18 September 2014

Last time on Project Rainway (ugh) the nine remaining designers created avant garde looks to be worn under indoor pouring rain. 

Both Sean 

& Kini won the challenge.

And our beloved Fade was sent home for his 'playful' look.

"That was *NOT* funny."

The contestants meet up with Tim Gunn and Heather Northrup of American Girl at the store.

Eight young tween girls come out holding American Girl dolls.  Each doll's 'story' is the inspiration for the challenge. 

Some fabric is provided, but they also get $150 at Mood.  It's a one day challenge.

Korina gives us the Jonathan Peters spiel about being kid-ignorant.   'Cause they were each born adults.  Oy.

Did Sandhya really interrupt Korina?  That's what it looks like.   Sandhya comes of as impervious to whatever anyone else is thinking.  Curious.   I mean, that's a sword that cuts both ways.

"Don't you even."

They get back to the work room and all I can think of is s10e11 where they all had to make toddlerwear.  For a second I thought maybe the models would pretend to be cranky tweens, you know, slamming doors, screaming "I hate you!," that sort of thing.  No, that's more teenager.  Tweens would just be hiding in the corner with the headphones on, oblivious and impervious, yes? 

Kini interviews that is he pro-troll.     Now I don't feel SO bad for saying he reminded me of a troll doll weeks ago.   (  )   Okay, I do feel bad, but I'm still posting it.


Tim calls Sean's work adorable.  However, he thinks the fringe vest might be too retro.  Didn't the judges fawn over the fringe earlier in the season?  Didn't Sean even himself win with the blue fringe number?  Nevertheless, I'm over the fringe, I'm with you, Tim.

He adores Emily's knit, which she is using to make a sweater.  Mr. G. is concerned that the skirt will be oversized.

Tim hates the white bit under Kini's B&W coat.  Kini says he's a little stuck.  Don't go home, Kini!

Amanda gets a pass with her choice of fabric.

Alexander's look is called too "Kids R Us."

Char is using fringe, too!  Tim has a coronary.  He calls it cheap and tawdry, and that it's not going to be a good look, that it will flop.

"I'm becoming nervous."

 "You have to leave a little room for magic."

"I feel like you have an excellent start here, and you will make it or break it with that vest."

"Okay, I got the memo."

"Okay, that's the 'shut-up-Tim' face."

"No it's not, it's I got you."     "Yes it is!"

"I have received it and I appreciate it as always."

"I love you."    "Thank you Tim"

Okay, she can win Project Personality right now, thank you.  Or at least fan favorite.  Okay, both of them.  And star in a screwball comedy with Tim.

Tim thinks Korina can have a great look if she executes the skirt idea well.

Sandhya can't sell her design to Tim, or the rest of the room. 

Everyone, save the production crew, says so in interview.

Tim shares he fills like he is doing her a disservice because he has all these concerns about her work, and then the judges love it.   Sandhya seems okay about it, just the same.  Very curious.

When the young models come in they are all composed and pleased with their garments.

 They are much quieter than the last youngster challenge!

When the designers get back to Gotham West, Sandhya is in tears.  She's overwhelmed that the other designers don't respect her.

Emily interviews "of course you're going to take it personally."  I don't know.  It's certainly not Project Manners.  I guess some people don't understand how much their hatred or confusion comes across, whether or not words are said.  And, now that I think about it, why can't Sandhya be less sensitive to the others, and MORE sensitive to what Tim is saying?  THAT is the way to play it.

Let's jump to the runway. 

Joining judges Heidi, Zac and Nina are actress Elizabeth Moss and senior design manager at American Girl, Heather Northrop.

Korina Emmerich

Sean Kelly

Amanda Valentine

Alexander Knox

Char Glover

Sandhya Garg

Kini Zamora

Emily Payne

Heidi calls out Amanda and Alexander as middle safe.   There's a Xanax joke in here somewhere, eh?

Sean explains his 1970s period and backstory.  Zac isn't on board.   He wants it to be funkier.  The back is a cliche.  Heidi notices that it is incorrect (missing a bar.)  Nina doesn't mind the vest but the look in general is so underwhelming.  Heidi deems it unworthy of PR.   Sean was worried about being costume.  Elizabeth wanted the crazy colors from the '70s.  Heather expected him to go somewhere else on it.

Korina reinterpreted the ruffled skirt with the colored square pieces on the skirt.  The judges are immediately beaming.    Nina and Heidi call the use of the yellow underneath clever.    Elizabeth wants one in her size. 

Sandhya's girl is from the 1800s, and she went nautical.  Heidi and Nina think she had the wrong challenge, it is so baby/toddler, not for a tween.   She disagrees.  Ha!  Zac calls it circus flamingo.  Heather agrees.  Elizabeth sees that it isn't cool, mature or modern enough.

Kini's inspiration point was a girl with a credit card, looking for a tailor.  Heh.  Heidi loves the dress with the Dimitry cut outs.  Zac admires the work, and Elizabeth wants one in her size, again.

Char wanted to create a look for a party with her girlfriends.  Elizabeth thinks it is fantastic.  Nina loves the fringe, saying it is youthful, age appropriate.  Heidi likes the placement of it.  Zac calls it contemporary, and later is impressed with the dress underneath.

Emily's girl is from Russia.  Heidi thinks it is drab.  Heather wants a defined waist and different proportions.  Nina doesn't see any joy, she hates the colors. 

"Oy vey!"

Zac is bummed because Emily had his favorite American Girl character.  Like she just ruined or nullified his childhood.  Ha!  Now all I can think of is little Zac bringing in to school an American Girl doll and getting beat up.

Heidi proclaims Kini the winner.  Two in a row, yoo-hoo!  Kini, Char, and Korina are all safe.

Sean is in.  That means the bottom two are Emily and Sandhya.

Emily is in, so Sandhya is out.

Sandhya is teary eyed, but very gracious.  She interviews that she is happy she went out on a garment she liked. 

She also interviews that her happiness and strength were tested every day by the others.  Wow.

Next week they are hunting for clients in Washington Square Park. 

Tim sees the most hideous garment EVER.  
Shouldn't he be adding:  In the history of Project Runway?

"Tim Gun saved her (Char) once, does he really need to save her again?"

Is that a huge cut out or is it the Dimitry Sholokhov challenge?

"Hey, even I don't make cut outs THAT big."


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