Saturday, September 13, 2014

Project Runway s13e08 The Rainway  11 September 2014

Last time on Project Runway the expensive jewelry challenged returned.  So did Char Glover, as Tim used his once-a-season elimination override.

Korina won with her killer coat.

Samantha was let go for her safe dress.

It's morning in NYC, and over at Gotham West Sandhya is missing Samantha.   Are they going overboard with the melancholic guitar?   Kini gets a strong "I can't be on the bottom anymore" edit.   Relax, folks, it's a fake out edit.

Tim AND Heidi (finally) meet up with the contestants on the runway.  Tim delivers his best Carol Merrill, presenting the Samsung UHDTV.  Buy two today!  For every room!

"I'll get right on it."

Thank GOD HK is back to share the actual challenge.  They are to create avant garde looks that are "forward thinking," "cutting edge, innovative, and a 'wow' from every angle."  (As if Avant Garde was previously only interesting from the front.)

The runway will feature indoor rain.  It's an elaborate set up, they didn't just do it to accommodate upcoming roof work at Parsons.  It's not even AT Parsons.  More importantly it's a TWO DAY challenge.   They get $300 at Mood, plus there are heavy duty construction aids in the work room already, to help with infrastructure.

Suddenly we get strong edits for both Fade & Emily.  Both of them get plenty of air time AND each calls home.   It's nice that they are finaly getting decent air time, but, well, you know what that means, right?

Make it stop?  Don't worry, it will, and very soon.

But not before Swatch gets run over.

When Tim comes through, Tim gushes over Kini's 'umbrella' idea.  He advises Kini to have impeccable construction.

"He says it's never been done before?"     "Not ever?"

Tim has chills hearing about Sean's Rit dye in the rain dress.    Maybe he just owns stock in Rit.  His model can only walk the runway once.   I wonder if they filmed the models doing this the typical 3-4 times to get the TV shots?

Emily shows off her vinyl effort.   Tim sees R2D2.   Huh?   Not even if it were in brass or gold.

Amanda was inspired by hieroglyphic eyes.  Or, the vagina.   Why else would an eye be right on it.  Why would she put her head there?   Aaah, maybe I'm just too vag-phobic.

Char is quickly told her out-of-the-box idea is reptilian.

Fade wants to use a circuit board inspired line or lines around his play button.  The silhouette is too simple.  Fade asks if it is too loud.  What?   It's too simple already. 

Tim is worried about Sandhya's junior look.  She assures him she will take it to a higher level.   Or maybe she doesn't?

Korina wants to send a thunderbird down the runway, in black, royal blue and white.  Tim hints that it shouldn't be too literal, nor too simple.

Amanda has a plan for celebrating a TWO DAY challenge.

They gather all of the remaining contestants and hit the roof, and the booze.

Next day we see Fade losing it (missing his husband) on the phone.   Wow, that's rough.

"When will you be home?"    "I'll be home soon."

Yeah, no lie.

The next day they head over to Brooklyn for the runway?  Joining Heidi, Zac and gimp Nina is Caitlin Fitzgerald.

Char Glover

Sandhya Garg

Emily Payne

Alexander Knox

Fade Zu Grau

Korina Emmerich

Amanda Valentine

Kini Zamora

Sean Kelly

The judges all proclaim how terrific the show was.  Heidi calls out Amanda, Char and Alexander as the middle safe.  They wait in another room.

Kini wanted to play with umbrella shapes.    Heidi enjoyed his imagination.  Caitlin isn't wild about the accidental hat.  Nina calls it sublime.  Lawrence Welk Zac calls it 'wonderful, wonderful.' 

Korina wanted have her thunderbird mimic thunder.  Heidi is not a fan.  Caitlin wishes it were done in metal.    Zac calls it lackluster.   Nina calls it unfinished.

Sandhya explains her SMPTE color bar jumpsuit with pinwheels.  Heidi beams, it made her happy, and she knew it was Sandhya's.  Caitlin is intrigued, but doesn't quite think it could translate to real life.  (Did it have to?)  Nina sees circus and junior.  Zac wanted to play in a puddle.

Nina calls Fade's work gimmicky.  Heidi sees the subway in it.  Caitlin doesn't see the rain inspiration.  Fade says it doesn't have to be strong, and Zac agrees, but 'SOMETHING' has to happen.

Sean sewed his dye into the dress.  He's thrilled it worked.  The judges are all smiles.  Caitlin saw fairytale, Nina loves the way Sean thinks.  Zac calls it effective and exceptional.

Emily wanted to do a spin on protective raingear, and that lead her to armor.   Zac calls it a cliche and weak.  Caitlin was worried that it would collect water.  Nina names it dated.  Heidi doesn't mind it as much, but notes that it isn't fresh.

Sandhya is safe.

Both Sean AND Kini win the challenge.  That's three wins for Sean, and Kini's first.

Korina is in (she had the last immunity.)  It's down to Emily and Fade.

Fade gets the boot.

I'll just have to find solace in the idea that Fade showed a decoy at Fashion Week.   I haven't looked at them yet, I'm trying to be surprised, but I know that nine people from PR showed.   I *hope* that means Fade and those still in the game showed.   I hope no one quit the show or withdrew at the last minute.

I suspected his point of view would keep him from making the top 3, but that doesn't make it any easier.  I still love his work outside of PR very much.

As long as Bert & Ernie make it to fashion week, that's what matters.

And Zac is playing in the rain puddles.

Next time:  American Girl dolls.  Yes, but will Tom Petty guest judge?



  1. SWATCH GOT RUN OVER????!!! Noooooooooooo

  2. Bert & Ernie. Heh. American Girl Dolls: I'm terrified already.

    Fade's sobbing, "I will be home very soon," BROKE my cold stony heart. He was so heartbroken and scared and vulnerable. It made me love him MORE.

    How could Samantha have been kicked off last week? She wasn't even a contestant. Wait, there WAS a contestant named Samantha?? The whole season? Weird.

    The previews for next week's show made me hate Sanhya. Like, instantly, seeing her whimper in bed feeling so grossly manipulative. "Maybe just some compassion." Or, you know, a punch in the throat. Whichever. Seeing that changed her whole narrative for me.

    Also, on a related note: I may make snap judgments.