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Project Runway s13e07  Priceless Runway  4 September 2014

Last time on Project Runway, inspired by Dita Von Teese, the contestants, in teams of two, created alternative wedding and reception dresses.

Korina deemed Amanda 'phony' and, therefore, was paired with her for the challenge.   For all the stress they endured, they placed safe.

Kini & Sean were the top team.  Kini made his own outfit, plus Sean's top.   Therefore, Sean won the challenge.   Did Sean's explanation as to who made what get edited out?

The rest were the bottom three teams.   Sandhya & Char's poorly executed yellow messes were the bottom, and Char was eliminated.  

It's morning in NYC and the contestants are all missing Char.

What, no explanation as to how these ladies made amends?
Oh, never mind, Amanda does look like she's contemplating
the ledge from the other side of the window, huh?

They head over to the runway where they not only see Tim Gunn minus Heidi.  (She's calling in sick a lot this season, huh?)  Tim is joined by display cased jewelry from Chopard, and Chopard's Co-President and Artistic Director, Caroline Scheufele. No armed guards like in season 11.

Amanda is delusional, she thinks they can win the jewelry if they win the challenge.  Ha!  The challenge is to create an extravagant evening look that showcases the jewelry.   They get $250 at Mood and one day to create.  Each seems happy enough with their choice of bling.

They head over to the work room to sketch, and Tim interviews that he's been up all night.

"That'll teach him to not eat right."

No, he's missing Char.  So he grabs some Chopard jewelry, and proposes to her right in the work room.  Almost.  He does bring her back!

"Well, there goes the 'Tim Gunn Rescue.'"

Everyone on the planet seems to agree with his decision.   Well, 83 percent of the voting planet.

Geez, I got it wrong, I was sure he would've saved the save for Alexander Knox.

But, wait, there's a field trip!  Before they head over to Mood, they hit the Met for the Charles James Beyond Fashion exhibit.

Char avoids yellow at Mood like the plague.  Smart girl!

During Tim's walk-thru, he advises Amanda to avoid the heart shapes on the back which read Harlequin.

Tim sees bridal in Char's design.  "You have to promise me that you'll make it through this challenge!"  Uh-oh!

Sandhya, Emily and Fade get 7 second edits.   Safe middle, as always.

Tim advises Kini to lengthen his skirt.

Korina's upholstery fabric coat seaming is all off by about an inch.  Tim is worried the construction will fail her on the runway.

Sean wants wider hips?  Thank GOD Tim advises him against the idea.

Although, the judges have rewarded that in the past.
I know, you're thinking:  It's not the same.  Alright.

Tim asks Sam, "Is it just a pretty dress?"  He tells her to step it up.

Tim detests Alexander's neckline.  "That's not gonna work with this necklace."  AK hears 'big hot mess.'   Uh-oh!  I see where he would like to go, but the execution is not there yet.  At all.

Alexander and Amanda aren't ready come model fitting, and Kini has to refit, which is unusual for him.  No bueno.

Aah, let's cut to the runway.  Joining Heid, Zac & broken footed Nina is Chopard's Caroline Scheufele.

Korina Emmerich

Fade Zu Grau

Char Glover

Emily Payne

Samantha Plasencia

Kini Zamora

Sandhya Garb

Sean Kelly

Amanda Valentine

Alexander Knox

Heidi commends everyone for their good work.  She then calls out Fade, Emily, Char(keta) and Sandya as safe and banishes them to the waiting room.

Heidi likes the sheer piece, but not the bit underneath of Kini's look.  The neoprene is failing him.  Nina thinks the bottom is poorly executed.  Caroline wants another fabric, too.

Amanda wanted Grace Kelly meets Grace Jones.  Heidi admires that she stepped out of the box a bit.  Nina likes that Amanda challenges them.  Caroline thinks she did a good job.  Zac is the only one who thinks it is a poor effort.

Nina gushes about Korina's coat.    Zac, too!  All the judges like the look underneath.  Zac calls it her best work so far.

Zac couldn't see the stone with Alexander's look.   That can't be good.   Nina sees such a great disconnection between the jewelry and the dress.  Heidi thinks he didn't know what to do with the fabric.  Zac calls it tortured, and yet it isn't terrible?  Wha?  Caroline thinks the jewelry needs another dress.

Samantha states she wanted to push herself.  Zac grimaces, ha!  He calls it drab, and that there is nothing to talk about.  Heidi doesn't see much design.  Samantha states she wanted to stick to her own aesthetic, which means she DIDN'T want to push herself.   Argh.   Caroline wants another color, and thinks it is too basic.

Sean thought he was dressing a young royal.   Nina agrees that it is stunning, and likes the velvet fabric choice.  Caroline can see it in her catalog.  Heidi likes the design and fit.  Zac is impressed.

Korina is the winner!  Sean is 2nd and Amanda 3rd.

Kini is 3rd to last and safe.

It's between Alexander and Samantha.  Alexander is still in.  Samantha is eliminated for being way too safe.

Except for Kini not being in the top it was just another episode, challenge-wise, eh?  Char coming back was the big story.   No followup on the Korina hates Amanda drama.

Next week: Rain!

No, not that.

Not this rain.

Not that rain.

Not any of theirs.

Not theirs either.

Wait, is this when Heidi has her slip on the runway?  Be careful, Heidi!

Oh, and it's the season of the vagina, per Tim.

"I can hardly wait."


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