Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Project Runway All Stars s4 Contestants Announced
Returns Thursday 30 October 2014

Ah, such good news, eh?  Returning are FOURTEEN prior PR designers:

Former winners are competing again.  Ugh.   This is the 3rd time around for Chris March, Gunnar Deatherage and Kate Pankoke.  Triple ugh.  And, yet, I LOVE that I get to see Chris March work again.  Don't you?  If he gets the Ben Chmura/Fade Zu Grau/safe middle no camera time edit, I'll go bonkers.

The cast is too later-season heavy.   Or, too season 11 heavy.  Where are Allison Kelly, Jillian Lewis, Kelli Martin and Shirin Askari? 

Even so, I'll be watching, blogging, and praying to God that Justin stays away from the hot glue gun.


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