Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Face Off s7e9 Scared Silly 23 September 2014

Last week on Face Off the makeup artists crated G.I. Joe action figure characters inspired by a particular snake.  Dina won her third Spotlight (main) Challenge.  Keaghlan was eliminated.

Let's jump right to the challenge and the results, shall we?  I'll explain afterwards, although I bet you can guess why.

The Spotlight Challenge this week:  Create a clown makeup incorporating one's own personal childhood fear.









Safe middle are Stella, George and Rachael.

Top three are:
Dina, who hears she balanced fantasy and realism perfectly.

Cig, whose paint job is admired by Glenn Hetrick.

and Sasha, with her stellar porcelain doll in clown makeup.

Bottom two, each afraid of spiders, are

Damien, whose work seems muddy and unoriginal.

and Drew, whose eye placement seems random.

Damien, who probably had the worst track record of the remaining contestants, was eliminated.

Okay, here's the reason why this is so short.  There weren't any surprises!    Sasha worried about her work, but hunkered down and did a great job.  George wore part of his work, like every other week.

(By the way, George, always go with your first instinct, er, design.
Glenn loved your arm work and NOT your 2nd attempt face work.)

"Hey, I finally WON a challenge, that's new!"

Only to you, dear.  We saw it coming a mile away.

And McKenzie looked as gorgeous as ever.  Oh, wait, she didn't.  Okay, I take it back, something fresh and new happened.  Well, not so fresh.

Oh, they did have NEW models, but they did the same old dance that they have every season.  Sorta kinda.

Who's your final three?  Cig can't miss, right?    You don't think it's the brain slug, eh?


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