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Face Off s7e8 Serpent Soldiers 16 September 2014

Last week on Face Off the contestants were inspired by movie posters to create lead horror villains.

George won the challenge.   Sasha was eliminated.

"But, wait, there's more!"

Sasha was saved by the judges, using their Tim Gunn Rescue™.   So, we still have nine makeup artists competing.

The contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore and some squirmy, slithering friends on the Battleship Iowa in San Pedro.  The challenge?   Create an outfit for Cher to wear on the 25th anniversary refilming of the "If I Could Turn Back Time" video.   The Spotlight Challenge is to create a character for the G.I. Joe universe, inspired by a particular exotic/scary snake.   They pick their snakes (by taking pictures, not by picking them up and bringing them back by hand!) and sketch on the ship.

There's a prize for the winner, many special edition toys from Hasbro (G.I. Joe related, bien sur.)

Didn't you love the contestant's reactions to the live snakes?

At any rate, they are sketching, and they explain their concepts.   Everyone seems to have a decent enough idea.  But, then, we get to Drew.

Remember, he's the fan favorite every week, no matter WHERE he places.

Out of all of them, he reacts the most unfavorably to the snakes. Okay, at first that just makes me think he is observant.  But, later I wonder if his idea to create a human with minor body modifications is a result of his 'fear.'

"He hardly did anything!"

Okay, I guess J-Lo  does hardly anything, too.   Or at least WEARS hardly anything.

Except for when she's when on South Park.

Drew interviews that he wants to stand out by doing something different.   All the while I'm thinking, he wants to stand out by doing less work?  Huh.

Sasha can't figure out her face sculpt, and asks everyone else for advice.   Everyone else?   Uh-oh!

Hey, the Westmores are back!

Sasha thinks her snake man looks like a duck.  Mr. Westmore guides her nose direction. 

Cig shares his plan.  He and Michael discuss how the eyes should be handled..

Rachael's side work is called unique.

Drew explains his (minor!) body modification idea.  Michael admonishes him for setting himself up for too much of a challenge.

Keaghlan wants to go with an albino look. 

"You can't go wrong with that."

She's incorporating some snake motifs, but Michael wants to see more, especially concerning the eyes.

Dina is done with her sculpt and working on the mold at the end of day one.  

On day two Sasha fears she is just doing a repeat of her cat/owl from a few challenges ago (which they did like, right?  Must go check.)  (Yes, they liked that one.  That's the one where she thought she was on the bottom, and the judges had her at the top.)

Stella's model gets strep and a new model takes her place.  Poor model!  Poor Stella, she's just gonna use the sculpt for the sick model, and hope for the best.

George uses couch foam to make muscles for his look.  He never made them before, but is happy with what he put together.

Rachael interviews that she is way behind in molding her sculpt.  Uh-oh!

On reveal day they are all over the place.  Some are struggling with how the cowl and front fit, it's not just Stella with the different model trouble.

Funny, Keaghlan is worried she didn't go enough 'snake' but Drew isn't worried, well, not until the last minute.

Joining host McKenzie Westmore are judges Glenn Hetrick, Lois Burwell and Neville Page.

Cig Neutron

Drew Talbot

Rachael Wagner

Damien Zimmerman

George Troester

Dina Cimarusti

Stella Sensel

Sasha Glasser

Keaghlan Ashley

McKenzie calls out Stella, George and Damien as middle safe.   They are banished to the last looks make up room.

Cig wanted to make something he wanted to own as an action figure.  Glenn beams that he knocked it out of the park.  Lois and Neville are sold, too.

Rachael is asked how she did, to which she states she faltered in both sculpt and paint.  The judges agree.  Glenn doesn't like her decision making, nor the unfinished paint job.

Lois is astounded at the amount of work Dina accomplished.  Neville admires the balance and thought.  Glenn is gushing, wow.

Drew explains his concept.  Glenn calls the decision to go minimalistic brilliant.  Wow.  Lois loves the paint.  Well, that's what is there.   Neville likes that it is so different from everybody else's.

Sasha says she had trouble with the nose without even being provoked.  Lois comments on it looking too much like the cat/owl from a prior challenge.

Keaghlan's snake human comes off too feline per Neville.   Lois wants some contrasting gray to the yellow and white.  Glenn is too choked up to comment.

Top three are Cig,


and Drew.

Dina wins the challenge.   That's her third.
She's in the lead with most wins this season.
She'll give the collectible toy prize to her boyfriend.

Bottom three are Rachael, Sasha and Keaghlan.

Keaghlan's muddy paint work sends her packing.  Glenn says it didn't look like a snake.  She should have just put a tatoo and some minor bod-mod and called it a day, eh?

As usual for the eliminated on Face Off, she is grateful and respectful.  That doesn't always happen on Project Runway.

Guess what?  He won fan favorite again.   I don't get why the challenge winners aren't getting it, or maybe someone who overcomes a particularly difficult time in the work room.  Then I remember that he is cute, is *that* it?  Or does he have all of Trinidad & Tobago rotodialing votes in?   I didn't think his approach would land him in the top 3, and I don't get why he wins fan favorite nearly every episode.  I'll get over it.

Next week, evil clowns!

Why are you looking at me?


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