Thursday, September 11, 2014

Face Off s7e7 Killer Instinct 9 September 2014

Last time on Face Off the judges competed for charity, aided by prior contestants.

The right person won.

Two weeks ago, we saw the season seven contestants
create The Wizard Of Oz characters
reimagined as coming from Alice's Wonderland.

Dina won, while Jason was sent home.

It's morning in L.A., and George is hitting Rachael with his pillow?  Cig throws one at George, but misses.

There's a mini-challenge quickfire Foundation Challenge this week, woo-hoo!   Host McKenzie Westmore spooks them into creating their own versions of "Bloody Mary."  The judge is Emmy winning (Buffy & The Vampire Slayer)  makeup artist Brigette Myre-Ellis.   She talks about the end of her time on HBO's True Blood.  For the challenge she wants them to scare her.  The contestants have two hours.  Drew imagines bleeding eyes.   Damien envisions shards of glass.   Stella thinks horns.  Dina comes up with teeth, Rachael, stitches.

Top two are Rachael

and Drew.

Rachael wins, earning herself immunity for the Spotlight Challenge.  Didn't she win the last one?

Later that night the contestants meet up with McKenzie Westmore at Universal Studios.   The makeup artists choose from (fake) horror movie poster titles and taglines to guide them in fashioning a leading villain look.

McKenzie Westmore then welcomes John Murdy and Mike Aiello, the creative directors for Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights.

There's a prize for winning the challenge:  The winning look will be shown at Hollywood Horror Nights.   The guys want them to have special attention to the details.

The contestants sketch and then hit the work room the next day.

Soon the artists are wearing wigs?

Dina is struggling with her deer head.

You've got to be kidding me.

Soon enough George and Damien are molding by the end of the day.

No Michael Westmore mentor-through?

The mere thought of it has me reeling!

Sasha is struggling with painting the veins on the models on day three.  Keaghlan leaves the sash facing the wrong way, muddying her concept.  Uh-oh!

Determining the outcome are regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Lois Burwell and Neville Page.

Damien • Buzzcut

Dina • The Cloven

Sasha • Bonnie & Cyanide

Cig • The Second Chumming

GeorgeAxe Girlfriend

Drew • We Met Online

Keaghlan • Homecoming Scream

Rachael • Bone Appetit

Stella • The Trophy Room

McKenzie calls out Stella, Drew and Damien as the safe middle.   They head back to the makeup/waiting room.

Glenn is impressed with Rachael's interpretation of the movie poster.   Lois wants a moister mouth.  Neville says it is still successful.

Dina's outcast reindeer that tortures the elves misses the mark per Lois.  Neville wanted more attention paid to the hoof.

George's character is a hit with Neville.  Glenn calls admires his decision making.

Glenn sees mistakes, not a bonafide concept.  Lois likes that Keaghlan aimed high, but it's a mess and a miss.

Lois and Glenn like the chin manipulating the tongue.  Neville admires Cig's time management.

Glenn yelps that Shasha's work doesn't match her explanation.  Neville is disappointed in the poor execution.

On the top are



and Cig.

And, winner is:

Cher & Dionne for UHDTV! 
Doesn't the commercial break get annoying?

No, George is the winner!   This is his first win.

On the bottom are Dina, Sasha and Keaghlan.

Sasha is eliminated. Glenn extorts that they know that she is capable of so much more, so the judges use their once-a-season save on her.  So, no one goes home!

Of course, Drew won the fan favorite again.   Oy.  No matter what happens, he seems to win.  You'd think the person who was most successful, or surmounted the biggest odds would win.  Nope.  Drew.   No matter where he places.

Okay, I'd have voted for Wayne, no matter where he placed, during season four.  Hell, ANY season.  I guess I should ease up on the Drew voting. 

Wasn't she adorable?   Did you agree with the save?

And how sweet was it to see Glenn SMILE like that,
even if it was at the poor girl's expense.
Now if only I knew where to send her some socks.

 Next time:  Sailors? 

But no half nekked Cher.


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  1. Half-naked Cher ALWAYS. We must find a way.

    I disagreed with both the winner and the loser this time around. I thought Rachael should've won, despite how her name is spelled. I will grant you, however, that I may be judging George's work too negatively due to excessive tongue work by his model. I can't even.

    I thought Dina's reindeer was absolutely ridiculous. While Sasha's veins may not have been successfully rendered, her overall look was still kinda creepy and interesting. And hasn't she had a couple of wins? Dina's reindeer was a FLOP - even before she put it in an elf suit(?). It was bad. It was all bad. And I don't remember anything interesting from her since she cake-frosting-piped veins (ooh, battle of the vein applications!) on the first Foundation Challenge. Maybe I'm forgetting, though, It's hard for me to see past that super-awful reindeer, because DAH-YUM.

    I do agree with the save - that was a nice little moment.