Thursday, September 4, 2014

Face Off s7e6b  Judge Match  2 September 2014

We had a stand-alone episode last Tuesday, like they had a few times during seasons five and six.  So, I'm not entirely sure if they are calling this episode seven or not.  We'll see, and I'll correct the title, as needed.

We open with host McKenzie Westmore welcoming six prior contestants.   Each has placed fourth or better in a prior season.

"Judge Match" has regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page competing for charity.  The winner gets $5,000 donated to the charity of their choice.  The two prior contestants who help the winner each win $5,000.  

Glenn's charity is the North Shore Animal League.

Ve's is A Window Between Worlds.

Neville's is The Orangutan Foundation International.

Glenn chooses Laura & Wayne.  

Neville picks Miranda & Anthony.  

Ve grabs Connor & Roy.

The challenge is to create a pair of living chess pieces that would fit in a stylized fantasy world.  Hmmmm.   Makes me think of Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland, and then TB himself.   Ve has worked with him before.   Does she have an edge?

Neville goes with Bishop & Pawn.  

Ve takes Queen & Rook.  

Glenn has Knight & King.

McKenzie states that one of the living pieces must be pure & pristine, the other evil & twisted.  This is a way to tie in to the theme of life & death for season 7.

You know that with talent of this level, there are no real crises in the work room.   Each judge team leader wisely delegates to the helpers' strengths.

Neville gets an "I don't have the same experience as the others" edit throughout.   It's not heavy handed, but it's there.   Winner or Loser Edit?   I can't tell.   Oh, wait, I can, it's FACE OFF.   They usually run a Winner Edit, and do NOT employ a Loser's Edit.   This is the opposite of Project Runway, which always seems to showcase a designer leaving (think Mitchell from a couple of weeks ago) and THEN will do a relatively subtle Winner's Edit.

Just a few surprises for me:   Only one of them tinted their work ahead of time, so that they didn't have to apply that base color when painting.  One of the judges did set a time of when they *had* to start molding, and told the helpers to sculpt all they possibly could till that hard deadline, and then they started to mold right on time.   You know that every season there is someone who will just keep sculpting and keeps putting off molding and painting.

Judging are Lois Burwell and Michael Westmore.   But, wait, no!  McKenzie explains that judges will vote for the winner, but they can't vote for themselves.  If there is indeed a tie, then Lois and Michael will cast the tie-breaking vote.

Glenn Hetrick
Laura & Wayne
Knight & King

Neville Page
Miranda & Anthony
Pawn & Bishop

Ve Neill
Connor & Roy
Rook & Queen

Glenn explains he wanted to flip the typical dark knight and goodly king to the other way around.  He is very supportive of his helpers.  Lois likes the cobwebs.  Michael likes the nuanced paint jobs.

Ve wanted to do a bad queen, and a transformer rook.  Lois beams over the queen.   Michael is impressed with the 3D aspect of the rook's fabrication.

Neville envisioned the pawn as an altar boy of the bishop.   On first viewing the pawn seemed unfinished, but after watching on a device, it is just very subtle, not short of finishing.  Lois loves the bishop sculpt.  

So, how did they vote?   

Neville is the winner!

Wow, not the way I saw it coming, even with the heavy Winner's Edit employed.  I was certain that Glenn was winning, but I did think that Ve had the best individual look.   I guess not picking up on Neville's pawn paint job the first time around made me think he was a distant third.  Lesson:   Watch on the newer computer, not on the old TV.

Next week the regular season seven cast encounters serial killers.  Well, they *are* in L.A.

God, I miss him already.



  1. I really liked this episode - I liked how high-quality the judges' work was; it gave them great credibility! I liked V's creations the best, I liked Glen's attitude the best, and I'm ok with Neville winning. All-around good ep!

  2. I thought Ve had the best individual look, but that Glenn had the best two.

    I am indeed amazed at how detailed the work was, but, they did have 3 to a team.

    Thanks for the post.