Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Project Runway All Stars s4 Contestants Announced
Returns Thursday 30 October 2014

Ah, such good news, eh?  Returning are FOURTEEN prior PR designers:

Former winners are competing again.  Ugh.   This is the 3rd time around for Chris March, Gunnar Deatherage and Kate Pankoke.  Triple ugh.  And, yet, I LOVE that I get to see Chris March work again.  Don't you?  If he gets the Ben Chmura/Fade Zu Grau/safe middle no camera time edit, I'll go bonkers.

The cast is too later-season heavy.   Or, too season 11 heavy.  Where are Allison Kelly, Jillian Lewis, Kelli Martin and Shirin Askari? 

Even so, I'll be watching, blogging, and praying to God that Justin stays away from the hot glue gun.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Project Runway s13e10 Muse On The Street 25 September 2014

Last time the designers created tween looks, inspired by particular American Girl dolls.

Kini edged out Korina and Char to win the challenge. 

Amanda and Alexander were middle safe.

Emily, Sean and Sandhya were the bottom dwellers, with Sandhya's onesie sending her home.

This week's challenge: Find a muse/model in Washington Park and create an outfit for them, and to show a fantastic transformation.

I have a question.  If one has fashion design skills, wouldn't one be searching for the ugliest, most misshapen, sorry excuse of a person?  This way the transformation would be most extreme, yes?  Wouldn't you feel sorry for the poor contestant that got someone young, pretty, tall and thin, meaning, model-like?  Isn't the point transformation?  Luis Casco did talk about this a bit.  I wonder if the contestants are so unsure of their abilities that they feel they HAVE to get a model-like non-model.

Think way back to last year.  Didn't you feel sorry for Bradon when he was paired with a very pretty real life client?   It was only when we learned that she wanted to change from 'nice' to 'bitch' that poor Bradon had a place to GO with the makeover.

Sean turned down someone because they weren't tall enough.   Wow.

"You really need to let go of these
stupid ideas and join the real world.
Short people can't be transformed.
Short people can't be fashionable."


"It's not really going to be a makeover, it's going to be a Mary Kay revamp."

Hmmm.  On one hand that almost sounds reasonable, but, please, remember the challenge.   Drastic makeover.  "It's not really going to be a makeover" sure sounds like it's not really going to cut it.

They get $200 at Mood, and two days to create.  Two days!

At various points Kini interviews that the challenge is getting the best of him.   Whether it is the challenge itself, or the marrying of the client's wishes with his aesthetic, he is buggin'.   No, I won't get worked up, he'll figure it out, won't he?

Tim Time on Day 2!

Korina's point of view is strong on her makeover work.   Tim is fully supportive.

Char wants to go as short as her model will allow with the shorts.  Tim is nervous, he brings up the model's work/position in life.  Korina, who has been interviewing dirt on everyone, thinks Char shouldn't be there.

Amanda's work isn't lining up completely correctly.  She was hoping Tim wouldn't notice?  Ha!

Kini has two looks, but is preferring the denim.   When in doubt, make a collection, eh?

When Kini remarks that he is returning to denim, Korina gets some camera time.   People were denim still, don't they?   Oh, sell it as a retro look if they don't.

Tim doesn't see Sean in his work.  Is the fringe not on it yet?   Oy, my tolerance of fringe isn't going any higher.   Oh, God, is his finale collection all about fringe?   Dios mio!

Maybe I was too harsh with Korina's reactions earlier. 
We certainly got an eye full from the other designers
when Tim named Alexander's work BUTT UGLY.

I don't think I could get that reaction from a guy
if I were covered in bacon.  Or $100 bills.  Or chocolate.

Emily wanted to make feminine with an edge.  Tim thinks it's beautiful, and it reads both her and the client.

Tim calls Alexander's look bizarre, hideous twice, and then even calls it BUTT UGLY.

As opposed to butt beautiful.
Or, butt poor, I guess.

I see a giant tarantula at the waist, trying to overtake the green & black dress.  "Go to work, go to work, go to work!"  He does.  He starts over with a very similar idea to what was underneath the black & yellow bit.  Good man!

Amanda struggles during model fitting and wonders if it is her time to go.

On runway day Char (her model?) breaks a zipper with two minutes left.  She gets Tim to ask everyone if she can have ten more minutes.

Of course I have an opinion.  Yes, they should let her fix the zipper, the clients need to be honored, let them have finished clothing.  However, the judges should be told that also.  They have the right to factor that into their deliberations.

What we get is the contestants feeling forced into agreeing to Char's extra minutes to put in another zipper, and Heidi wondering where everybody is.  It's just too hokey.

"Don't even!"

"We believe in second (and third) changes."


Joining Heidi, Zac & Nina are actress Michelle Monaghan and model/host Asha Leo.

Emily Payne

Amanda Valentine

Alexander Knox

Char Glover

Kini Zamora

Sean Kelly

Korina Emmerich

What do you think of the runway?  At this point I expect everyone to be amazing.  It was all across the board, right?

Alexander won the fan favorite.  I don't think it's off.   I do think we all can put ourselves in his position, with Tim coming over and having a coronary over the worst outfit ever.

Heidi calls out fringe man Sean as the middle safe person.  So, he placed 4th out of the seven.

Amanda wanted to give her girl a rocker vibe.   Nina compliments all of the models for their walks.  Nina says Amanda's idea was fine but the execution was bad.  Zac sees mall clothes.   Heidi thinks it dated and … WHAT?  Heidi says it is too short.  You know you're in trouble when SHE thinks that.

Korina wanted to edge up her model.    Nina tells Korina she understood exactly what her model needed.  Asha Leo wants to have babies with the jacket?  Heidi likes the jacket but not the rest.

Char explains her look and Nina glares.  Uh-oh!  Heidi likes the color and that is it.  Zac thinks it is a tap dance costume.  Nina thinks Char forgot what her model does for a living, and where she is in life.

The judges seem to like Emily's design, sans the armpit ruffles.  Except for Zac, he doesn't mind the costumey vibe.

Heidi asks Alexander "what happened."  Asha Leo thinks the top is unflattering.  Nina thinks the model dresses herself better than Alexander dressed her.   Whoa!

Kini's look was for a date night.  Zac admires that he returned to denim, like his audition looks.  He admires the construction.

On Zac's closer looks Tim explains Alexander's course correction from the WORST OUTFIT IN PROJECT RUNWAY HISTORY. 

They hate the proportion of the peplum on Char's outfit.  What, no mention of Char's extra 10 minutes?  Ah, as Tim and the models try to leave, Heidi makes him explain, so they finally get the story, the full story.

Korina wins the challenge!  She, Kini and Emily are all safe and head out back.

"And, I can see myself
separated from the rest of the competition
in what I am trying to do,
so, I am excited."

Did I understand that correctly?  I better go ask Gretchen what that means.

Amanda is in.  The bottom two are Alexander and Char.

Wow, Alexander is out.   Somebody better get Tim some tissue!

Alexander is gracious to the judges.   Not so during the final interview, though.   Must kill Char.  Or something.   Never mind that they all agreed to her extra 10 minutes, huh?

Next week, TEAMS.

We all love teams.

Aw, geez, they're gonna make me cry again, aren't they?