Saturday, August 23, 2014

Project Runway s13e05  The Klum Of Doom  21 August 2014

Last time on Project Runway, the designers were inspired by Red Robin to create womenswear out of mens suit jackets & pants.

Alexander, Kini and Amanda placed top 3,
with Amanda winning.  That's two wins for her so far.

Kristine, Sean and Hernan were the bottom dwellers
with Hernan being let go.

Sandhya sobbed uncontrollably for hours.
Buck up, dearie.

The contestants meet up with Heidi on the runway, which has a bit of red carpet on it.  Heidi wears merely a trench coat to help explain that she needs an outfit for the Emmys.

And I thought she had transitioned to being a flasher.

Soon Mitchell is getting a monster edit.   He's not merely winning or being eliminated.   He's gonna be obliterated to bits, or cure Ebola.   Maybe he revives a passed out Tim Gunn in the work room?   CPR on Swatch at Mood?

"I wish I was getting air time."

"Am I even on the show anymore?"

"Forget about them, I'm still the
big story with the big edit!"

Tim spoon feeds some reminders as to what would be appropriate for Heidi on the red carpet.   Did he think they were going to make HKNB active wear?

"Remember it's an elegant, sophisticated event
 —  Mitchell, elegant and sophisticated."

Then we get a montage of Mitchell not being sophisticated enough.  Okay, I *think* I can venture a guess as to whether Mr. Perry is getting a Winner's Edit or a Loser's Edit.  Poor guy.  

"BIG edit.  No lie!"

At Mood they each get $250.  I don't know, it seems high by PR standards.   That's good, eh?

Sean got the Amanda memo and is using fringe.  However, with that blue, and fringe, all I can think of is:

Sandhya is getting peacock feathers.

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with
a head to toe feather look."

Kristine nearly runs into the camera.

Well, I guess Ivy and Sandro paved the way for her.

Back in the work room  the designers get to work.  Or, they make the rounds, commenting on everybody else's looks.   Only one day, people, find your own work stations!

Oooh, they let Char get some air time!  An entire 10 seconds. wow.

"Never mind her, I am getting the monster edit."

What was Korina saying about B&W?
Yes, I know it's really gold, but with production's
bright lights, doesn't it appear white?

"Come look at the refrigerator with me.
I love me some Samsung."

Finally, Tim & Heidi time!   But, what the hell is she wearing?  The lady with the perfect body (or so they tell me, how would a gay man know these things?) looks ill proportioned, all leg & hip and hardly any torso.  Oy and vey.  Put the trench back on!

Samantha is told not to have a boring bottom.

Kini is almost finished.   Heidi doesn't want sleeves?

Heidi tells Alexander to show a lot of the back.

Emily wants an interesting neckline.   Heidi approves.

Heidi doesn't want to see a beaded bib from Amanda.

Heidi seems to like Sean's direction, especially the color, but reminds him he's been in the bottom a lot, recently.

Char's work is more for a cruise than the runway.

Heidi tells Fade to "Wake that baby up."

Mitchell is asked "Where is the sex appeal."  Tim whispers "Reconceive!"

Sandhya's look reminds Heidi of Dynasty.   Ms. K. doesn't even know how to change it.  Ha!

Kristine is using gray and tomato red.   Heidi thinks it is made of bedsheets, not usable fabric.

Korina explains her color choice, and Heidi sighs.   She finds it too Lodenjacke.   Funny how it wasn't Kristine's that was too lodenjacke.    Maybe visiting with Kristine was still on her mind.

Sex it up and no snake?   No crying?   Ah, and here we all thought that line would be directed at Sandhya, not Korina.

Immediately Korina leaves to cry.   Telling her not to cry didn't work, Heidi. 

Wait, Heidi & Tim come back?   HK & TG give them $100 and another shot at Mood.   I'm pretty sure Tim said if they aren't going they are to give the money to someone who IS going.

Sandhya asks for and gets Alexander's and Kini's money, since they don't need to go to Mood again.

Seven of the twelve go back to Mood.  Emily and Mitchell (of course, it's The Mitchell Perry Show!) mumble that it's not fair that they got an extra shot at Mood, and could use the 2nd time around the money from those who didn't need to go again.

Korina picks a heavy silk that is easy to sew.    But, isn't it too close to the same color green that Heidi didn't like before?

"I think we've got the perfect color it's called 'Color Me Coral.'"

"I have it right here."

Let's see how they did.

Joining Heidi Klum, Zac Posen and Nina Garcia is Olympian Lindsey Vonn.

Charketa Glover

Emily Payne

Mitchell Perry

God, ya gotta love Zac's dropped jaw.

Korina Emmerich

Fade Zu Grau

Alexander Knox

"I can see the girl's cheeks."

Oh, please, that's been a thing for ages.

Sandhya Garg

Samantha Plasencia

Kristine Guico

Kini Zamora

Sean Kelly

Amanda Valentine

Heidi mentions that many missed the mark with this challenge.

She calls out Alexander, Sandhya, Charketa, Samantha, Fade and Emily out as the safe middle.

Kini was inspired by old Hollywood glamour.  Heidi thinks it is fantastic and expensive looking.   Nina likes how it hugs the body.   Zac scored it highest of the day.

Amanda wanted to honor Heidi's request for unexpected and fearless.  Heidi sees that it is hers (Amanda's.)   Zac isn't a fan of the trim.   

Lindsey sees the devil in Kristine's.  Zac likes the side profile, but not the front or the back.  Nina likes the paneling, and thinks with better execution it would look better.

Mitchell wanted a red tone that honored Heidi's skin tone.   Heidi sees that the dress is too short, and rough in the back.  Lindsey calls it unflattering, Nina thinks it is too Christmas red, and matronly. 

Lindsey likes that Sean's work is different and beautiful.  Zac approves, especially the ombre.  Nina was initially concerned about the proportions, but thinks it works with the bareness of the back.  Heidi calls Sean a good hair dresser.   Ha!

Korina explains her decision to go back to Mood for more fabric.   Nina wishes it wasn't so obvious and old-lady. Heidi calls it boring.   Lindsey sees the wonky hemline.

Sean is the winner of the challenge.
He, Kini and Amanda are all safe.

Mitchell is out.

Kristine is out.

Korina is in, "barely."

Both eliminated designers went out on garments they were not proud of, and did not believe it.  Wow, that's rough.

Next time:  Dita Von Teese, and no rules!   Wait, teams?   Tim is worried!   Epic fail.  Zac sees Charmin.  No bueno.  Will Tim have to use his one time rescue on Alexander?



  1. Thank you for the picture of Zulema with the first exposed butt-cheek garment IN THE HISTORY OF PROJECT RUNWAY. I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one who flashed back to season 2 when Alexander's model turned around.

  2. I seriously thought I would have to bring back the Modesty Box from Season 12.

  3. Suzq - HA!

    No comment on Sandy's extreme spending at Mood? I sort of like her because I have that knee-jerk totally manipulated response of liking people who appear to be bullied (ahem, Hernan), but even I thought it was unfair that while the other designers were spending an extra $100, she came up with an extra $400 (I think her total ended being OVER $400 for her second Mood trip, right?). And then weird that she was just deemed 'safe' with that beautiful dress, but no comments like, "We feel you should not win, given your budget was so out of line with the other designers." (I totally typed that in Heidi's accent - could you hear it???)

    In other news, I went to Mood last week! I have a Mood bag! Swatch wasn't there. (sad trombone) BUT the employees are just SO fun and fabulous - it's totally the Disneyland of fabric stores.

  4. Yes, suzq, I always am thinking that the box should be employed more often.

    PV, I never know what to think of Sandhya. It always seems like she is being edited. I remember Tim Gunn saying somewhere that, as a general rule, EVERYBODY is edited kindly. Add to that Mitchell's parting interview on BPR, (where Kini promised some of his money to him, but then Sandhya somehow got it all instead) well, it looks odd.

    The Disneyland of fabric stores. Now I am jealous.

    Thank you everybody for the comments. It's much appreciated.