Saturday, August 16, 2014

Project Runway s13e04  A Suitable Twist  14 August 2014

Last time on Project Runway the contestants created 2034 looks.
Or, rather, one look each for the year 2034.
Wait, this was for the pages of Marie Claire, right?
What ever happened to a future paperless society?  

Emily, Kristine and Sandhya were top three.
Sandhya acquired her second win.

"That's right.  Not earned, just acquired."

Alexander, Sean and Angela were bottom three.  Alexander fought hard to get kicked off, valiantly even, but Angela was released, being told she wasn't up for the show.  "You can't work under this pressure."   Harsh, huh?

The designers head over to Red Robin to meet some men.

Yeah, Char, I'd be the same way with some of them.   And, not just 'cause they were carrying fries.

Before we get to the challenge, what is up with Mr. Red Robin VP of Brand Transformation Jason Rusk's collar?   I mean, what's with the inserts?  Is that a 'thing' now?  How many years has it been current?    Okay, last time I bought a suit, Whitney didn't even know what drugs WERE.  Well, not quite, but almost.

Now, why are Tim's lapels growing?   They're almost at his shoulders.   Oh, no, they're trying to become a hoodie!  I like Jason Rusks's lapels better.   But, still, I should *thank* Tim and shut up immediately thereafter:   No gingham tablecloth dress shirt.   Merci Seigneur.

The challenge?  Take a man's suit jacket & pants, and make women's high fashion.

Sandhya, since she won last time, not only picks hers first, but assigns everyone else's garments.  Most are okay with their choices, but there are a few major exceptions.

"I can't believe Sandhya hates me so much."

Yeah, none of us can understand that.  At all.   You got along so harmoniously in episodes two and three.

Sandhya interviews that she tried to give everyone what they would have picked for themselves.  Sean interviews that she was lucky to be controlling the game.  Oh, please, the judges will understand if you do or don't have a bad fabric.   In some manner, everyone had to learn how to adapt.

"I know where you live."
"I'm armed and will stand my ground."

The contestants design and eat fries inside Red Robin.   We learn the initial plans of about half of them.   Nearly every one of them will change midstream.

"I hate my suit."

"Sandhya is afraid of me."

Soon they are shopping for supplemental fabric ($100) at Mood. 

At Mood, Amanda hails a taxi changes her design.  However, we see the same original design by the time Tim makes his rounds.   What was up with that? 

It's right here where I realize, even though we've barely seen him, Swatch is getting more air time than Fade or Samantha.   Well, Samantha is never on the show.   I guess you CAN take sick days, or sleep in, while on PR.

"Hate it, hate it, hate it!"

Mitchell seems to have a plan to deal with the suit that he hates.  Hernan, on the other hand …

"Sandhya is threatened by me, so she purposely gave me the worst fabric EVER."

Don't you just LOVE it when everything is someone ELSE'S fault?  One doesn't have to rectify the wrongs, when the power belongs to someone else.  Interesting.

"Very interesting."

Korina and Kristine are both doing red & black motorcycle jackets.    Not from the same pattern, I presume.

Hernan is whining/fighting with Sandhya in the sewing room.

"Have you heard that she is horrible, and she hates me?"

Tim time!

Amanda's fringe are deemed her "savior" by Mr. G.

Kini's suit is a hit with Tim, as long as his construction and fit are good.

Alexander has to interview that Kini's work is bland.

Well, I guess he knows bland.

While he chats with Kini, Tim takes off his glasses.  You mean, the pupils and irises are painted on the glasses?   I don't intend to be on your case all the time, but, the pure white eye has to go!

Tim sees the motorcycle theme with Korina & Kristine.  

Tim worries about Alexander trying too hard.  

Mr. Gunn admits he had a corduroy suit.  Ha!  He & Sean both agree that the back is boring.  Tim suggests to go with the interesting front treatment.

Tim thinks Mitchell's upper straps are too big.

Hernan interviews that Sandhya hates him.

Tim doesn't like how the vinyl is laying on the form.  "It doesn't look pretty … it's a big mess."  Hernan ends up reducing the amount of the vinyl.

We get quick edits of Emily, Samantha (she WAS there!,) Fade and Char.  Blink and they are gone.

When Tim gets to Sandhya, Hernan HAS to interview again how horrible she is.  Okay, we get it, Sandhya sucks.  Move on.

Sandhya wants to add stenciled mustaches to her look.   Isn't it about time for that to leave American culture?


Kini finished early and is taking a long break.  Kristine took so long on the jacket that she never made any pants.

Okay sing it with me:
  If you leave me, can I come, too?  

Hernan interviews … oh, never mind, you KNOW what he interviewed.

Let's just cut to the chase.  Joining Heidi, Zac and Nina is guest judge Bethany Mota.

No, not her.

Korina Emmerich

Charketa Glover

Fade Zu Grau

Samantha Plasencia

Hernan Lander

Alexander Knox

Mitchell Perry

Sean Kelly

Kristine Guico

Amanda Valentine

Kini Zamora

Sandhya Garg

Emily Payne

Question #1:  What was with the Hernan vs. Sandhya runway drama?  Did Hernan think calling Sandhya a bitch was a good thing?   Was it appropriate to give him the finger in return?  I'll say this, I'm sure she has had enough of him by this point.

Question #2:  What is with Sean relying upon the model to get him through?  Is ripped and frayed edges couture now?  Ugh.  Loved his portfolio so very much, it was clean and interesting.   Now he makes ripped and boring.  Boo.

Heidi calls out Kini, Kristine, Sean, Alexander, Hernan and Amanda as the top and bottom.   All the others are sent away, to the safe middle lounge.

Kini wanted to make something fun, funky and a little bit different.   Nina loves the tailoring.  Zac likes the sculpted neoprene shoulders.    Bethany calls it fierce and sexy.  Heidi likes that he included the pockets, in the back now.

Zac calls Kristine''s pants boring.   Bethany doesn't understand the use of two fabrics for the pants.  Heidi says it has too many ideas.   Nina tells her it isn't harmonious.   Later, upon closer inspection, they see all the pins and tape.  Uh-oh!

Amanda wanted to go graphic / bohemian.  Heidi wants it.  Wow.  Bethany is beaming over it, she admires Amanda's creativity.   Nina admires the fringe placement.  She also loves that Amanda was resourceful.

Sean wanted to transform his material, make it lighter and softer.   Nina says his deconstructed looks more like a mistake.   Heidi calls it a shredded mess.   Sean tries to wiggle out, explaining what deconstruction means.   Balls, I tell ya.   The judges call him out on that. 

Alexander explains his vision.  Heidi teases him before letting on that he was in the top.  Ha!  Nina likes that it is editorial.  Bethany calls it elegant, classy, yet flirty.

Hernan wanted to make his polyester suit modern.   Hernan explains that his material was coming apart.  Nina calls it 'vagina superhero' because of the giant V.

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with V!"

"That's right."

Nina does like the back, but the front is a no go.  Zac hates the construction and the poor fit.   Hernan tells them that it was the material's fault.  Heidi calls him out on purchasing the vinyl bits at Mood.  Tres bon, madame!   When Tim brings the models out, Zac notices that the fabric is NOT falling apart like Hernan declared earlier, he just used it poorly.

Alexander is in.

Amanda is the winner!  She and Kini are both in.

Heidi scolds the bottom three for not pleasing the judges.   Kristine is in, she promises to dig deep next time.   Hernan and Sean are bottom two.   Sean is in.

Hernan is eliminated.   We get an edit of Sandhya not running up to gush over how much she is gonna miss him.

Next time, a red carpet look for Heidi!  Does she accuse Sandhya of being a cry-baby?  Wait, a DOUBLE elimination?  Be careful, everyone!



  1. Interesting that you included a picture of Daniel Esquivel, because that's exactly whom I thought of when I saw the shoulders on the Red Robin VP's suit jacket.

  2. Good riddance, Hernan! Karma gotchya.