Saturday, August 9, 2014

Project Runway s13e03  Welcome To The Future  7 August 2014

Last time on Project Runway the designers, in teams of three, presented mini collections made of movie theatre unconventional materials.

On the top were Kristine, Korina and Amanda,
with Amanda winning.

On the bottom were Sandhya with immunity,
Hernan, and Carrie.   Carrie was the one eliminated.

The designers meet up with Tim, not Heidi, and a bunch of oversized Marie Claire covers.

Tim introduces Anne Fulenwider, Marie Claire's Editor-In-Chief.  

The challenge?  Make a funny face and hold it as long a you can.  No, wait, it's to create a look for 2034, using 1994 as inspiration.   Tim still frowns when talking about grunge.  Ha!  They pretty much all did need a bath back then, didn't they?

He's not the only one who made faces this episode!

They were almost as good as Ken Laurence.

Well, perhaps I overstated it.

Tim later deemphasizes the 1994 starting point, saying anything from the past can be the inspiration.  The designers sketch, and then head out to Mood.

Amanda is at ease with the Mood fabric trip.
I think I could be at ease with the right
Mood worker next to me, too.

Char interviews what I can only describe as extreme stress.   She didn't kill Swatch, did she?   Was it about her fabric choices, or Tim announcing to the camera that they only have one minute left?

They head back to the work room where pictures of everyone, circa 1994, abound.

Poor Korina was having a Blossom moment in 1994.

Emily Payne was Pam Grier?

Ich liebe Fade.

But, isn't "Das Ist Kunst" translated "That is art," not "I am art?"

As long as he isn't referring to himself in 3rd person, I'll take it.

Tim Time!

Sean is going minimalistic.  Tim agrees that Sean needs perfect execution.  Or a model that doesn't move at all.

Angela's take on a suit is worrying herself more than it is Tim.

Tim doesn't like the messy edge on Mitchell's neoprene.   Tim says the sketch is of an ice skater.

They *were* initially supposed to use 1994 as inspiration, right?
Better that than Ace Of Base, or O. J.

Kristine lives in the world of Clueless.   As if.  Tim advises her to be confident.  What happened to letting the clothes and craftsmanship do the talking?   Curious.

Emily introduces the Ewok hoodie.

Do you *want* to be sued, ma'am?

Did you say Suede?

"Originally I was thinking it would be cool if she could, like, take it off and, like, turn it into a purse, or something, onstage."

1.  Stop saying "like."   Merci beaucoup.

2.  Is Emily Payne Mrs. Calvin Tran?
Wait, I mean, his sister?

Perhaps, but an outfit that does more tricks than a hooker can sometimes be a good thing, eh?

Just go away, vagina obsessed boy.

Sandhya explains the 3D gold cut outs and safety pins to her look.    Her fraying of the edges is like rosettes to s3 Angela, too much isn't a concept to them.

Amanda is making separates, which Tim loves.

Tim advises Fade to go at it with his sporty, flirty, and constructed pants.

Char wins over Tim with her motorcycle jacket inspired look.

Alexander isn't wining Tim over with his clunky afghan and leather look.   Nooooo!   Don't go home yet!

Model fitting is no good for Alexander, so he changes up the top for his look.  After he picks up his jaw, I mean.

Do you remember s4e2?
I bet that's what Alexander uses as inspiration the 2nd time around.
Too referential, though, right?

"No such thing!"

Joining Heidi, Zac & Nina are Marie Claire Editor-In-Chief Anne Fulenwider, and Undone host Amanda De Cadenet.

Kristine Guico

Hernan Lander

Mitchell Perry

Amanda Valentine

Angela Sum

Emily Payne

Samantha Plasencia

Kini Zamora

Fade Zu Grau

Sean Kelly

Char Glover

Korina Emmerich

Alexander Knox

Sandhya Garg

Heidi calls out Char, Fade, Samantha, Korina, Amanda, Kini, Mitchell and Hernan as middle safe.   Before Heidi banishes them from the runway, she takes Amanda to task for displeasing the judges.   Poor lady, Amanda is genuinely surprised.    

Angela explains her updated suit with the one sided lapel.  Zac sees a stewardess.   Anne thinks the skirt is too short.    The judges seem to like her original inspiration (to update or change the suit) but that is it.   Nina accuses her of being lost.

Sandhya expects womenswear to veer away from the menswear influence.  Nina is gushing, it's editorial, it's beautiful, it's refreshing, it's phenomenal.  Heidi didn't score it high, but admits it is memorable.  Zac likes it, even if it's weird.

Emily's look impresses the judges, mostly, if not her wording of the Ewok hoodie.  Nina isn't blown away by the jumpsuit, but the other three ladies will order it.

"We've seen it before, right?  And, better, of course."

Alexander was inspired by his mom and mixing of fabrics.   Heidi calls it an old rag, an old blanket.  Zac calls it maternity, Heidi says potato sack.

We've seen that before, too!

Nina sees Planet of the Apes.  Anne sees The Flintstones.   Zac sees darkness and unhappiness.  Nina says it would be very difficult to shoot.   Nina is thrilled that it was his 2nd look, not his first.   Did that save him?

Kristine's take on grunge is a hit with Nina, she wants to shoot it.  She cautions Kristine on the styling, though.  Heidi thinks she totally nailed it.  Zac thinks it looks more today than future.  Anne sees complexity and simplicity.  

Sean thinks everyone will be in clean, simple looks.   Heidi calls it bizarre, and hates the high slit in the back, not to mention the wonky hem.   Anne hates the hat, Zac likes it.   Nina was expecting The Matrix, not Mary Poppins.

Emily is in.  Sandhya is the winner of the challenge.  Heidi gives her a "V" for vagina.  No, she observes that this is Sandhya's second win.  Kristine is also in.

Those waiting in the back room are incredulous, once again, with Sandhya's win.   Korina's response is duly noted.  Okay, I'll fess up, Korina, I'm not getting the extreme degree of the Sandhya love either.  But, I figure there must be a genuine rule at play that I am not grasping.  I wouldn't let it keep me from befriending the poor girl.

Bottom three are Sean, Alexander and Angela.  Sean & Alexander are in.

We say goodbye to Angela.  Heidi is very complimentary, which is unusual for such an early elimination.

Tim gives Angela the "not the right environment' for her line.   That's an insult, yes?   Who is it right for?  Santino?

Coming up next week:

"What's that?   A vagina?"


"HO!  YES!"



  1. Well done every time! I love your recaps and your sense of whimsy and humor. How do you remember all these past seasons? Now I'm going to look at fade and call him suede!

  2. Thank you, you are very kind.

    Most of the seasons are seared into my brain. Top Chef is the show that I can never keep straight, as to which contestants are on which season.

    I keep wanting Calvin Tran to show up on Project Runway All Stars, or even Ivy Winters, and I know that that can never be. Maybe Fabio Viviani?

    1. The problem is that Calvin was never on PR; he was on The Fashion Show, so he's not a candidate for All Stars, and I think he's actually gotten too big—witness his Art Institutes ad—for regular PR.