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Project Runway s13e02  Unconventional Movie Nite  31 July 2014

Last time on the show 18 fashion designers vied for 15 spots on the season 13 opener.  Season 11's #8 contestant Amanda Valentine was voted back onto the show, like s11's #9 Kate Pankoke was for s12.  The new set of 16 then created a look for Spring from fabrics provided.

Sandhya edged out Char and Amanda for the win.

Angela, Mitchell and Jefferson were in the bottom,
with Jefferson being eliminated.
Thus, his time was proportionately much shorter than the others.

Popcorn.  It's what's for breakfast.

Thank you, Mitchell.

The designers meet up at The Village East City Cinema, where they see a 'movie trailer' which segues into mentor Tim Gunn introducing an unconventional materials challenge.  The contestants will utilize items found at a movie theatre, wait, "movie and movie experience items," to fabricate their next looks.

"We're not here just to see a movie."

Well, how about an old TV show?

Ah, they're so smart these days, eh?  This won't last long.   Start counting.

[One]     — but wait, there's more!

[Two]     Tim notes that they are sitting in groups of three, and it's a team challenge.  Each team will create three looks.   It's a one day challenge.

[Three]     "I can't believe that they put it
(the unconventional materials challenge)
so soon in the competition."

Well, that didn't take long.   Lady, more often than not an unconventional materials challenge rears its head by episode three.  Or, were you being facetious, like 'I can't believe Tim Gunn wore a suit?'

The piranhas are released to devour, and soon they head back to the work room at Parsons.

Amanda explains to her teammates that they have to create their own textiles from the materials that they have, as opposed to using fabric or a fabric-like material.

How can you even KNOW these things?

Angela doesn't want to do what Fade & Sean are planning.   Self sabotaging, n'est-ce pas?

Did you get the idea when Sandhya was talking about the countdown numbers at the beginning of a movie that maybe she was just an excellent bull****er?  "I placed the number on the dress and it suddenly became such an uber fashion moment!"  Maybe she is just easily impressed.

Soon we're getting strong back stories from Hernan, Carrie, Fade and Angela.  Each was born outside of the U.S.

"You know that Germany always has good stuff."

"We're from Jersey, evidently."

"Hey, don't forget me, I'm part Native!"

Well, that's too many Winner & Loser Edits, so one or more have to be fakes.  Or maybe, just maybe, there's a mass elimination?

"How is everyone?"

Crickets.   No one wants to make fun of your collar, Tim, but they are all noticing it.

"Well, I thought it was lovely."

"Me, too."

Tim likes Samantha's use of CDs.  Emily explains her use of the usher hats.  And, its over?  That was quick.

Tim isn't completely on board with Kini's vision.  Whoa, did they even get 15 seconds?

Sean explains his straw dress.  Fade wonders if he needs a 2nd row on his in black, under the white ones.  Angela is using cut up scripts.  Tim doesn't like the flowers at the bottom.   Angela then is called out for not working with the other two.   The way she is adding things to the dress, she's reminding me of Guadalupe Vida.

Tim is questioning the cohesion on the Red Team.   He calls it costume.  Mr. Gunn accuses them of doing whatever they want instead of listening to each other.    He sternly reminds them that either Carrie or Hernan would go home, since Sandhya has immunity.

Futuristic, from the 1960s is the Silver Team's aesthetic.  Tim is concerned that they will all have to scale back their workloads.

Okay, the way things were edited, we know that the Purple and Blue teams are safe middle.  A few of them didn't even get 10 seconds of air time.

"I'm really still here, Gianni, don't worry.
I'm just getting the Ben Chmura edit."

But not the shark edit.

Soon Sandhya is crying.   Mitchell offers her a hug.  Or, a scissors cut to the back.  Okay, I'm glad you stayed, Mr. P.  Good on you.

Sandhya pulls Tim aside for some moral support.   No, he's not depressed.  We hear everybody and their uncle interviewing that Sandhya's work is no good (from last week's win) but are they also harassing her to her face?   Very silly, y'all just do your own work.

Angela gets plenty of air time not listening to her teammates.  Ya know, that seems so weird.   Sean & Fade are my faves of the season already, I can't wrap my mind around not listening to them.  (I didn't say they would be top 2 for the season, just that I'm most eager to see what they each do next.)

He's alive!   He's alive!

Joining Heidi, Zac and Nina is guest judge Garance Dore.

I presume no relation.

R E D   T E A M



S I L V E R   T E A M



G R E E N   T E A M



B L U E   T E A M



P U R P L E   T E A M



Heidi singles out Angela as bringing down the score of the Blue Team.   This implies that Sean and Fade had the highest scores of the challenge, or at least, that they might have won, if Angela's had been better.   

Heidi calls out the Red Team and the Silver Team as top & bottom, and banishes the rest to the waiting room.

Amanda explains the sci-fi movie inspiration.  Materials used included duct tape, masking tape, VHS tape, marquee letters, zip lines, speaker wire, nuts & bolts, straws, cording and cellophane.

Zac likes the use of transparency.  Now he expects good things from Kristine.   Heidi thinks they are all stunning.   Nina adores the color, and that they are cohesive, while all different shapes.  The judges could tell that they all got along.

"Dude, they're all the same!"

Hernan and Carrie stress that Tim told them their original looks weren't cohesive.  The judges counter that they responded by presenting the same dress three times, without any material manipulation, which is kind of the purpose of the challenge.  Here, they just threw on some film and called it a day.  Carrie and Hernan fight to stay, and it become apparent that this would be a good opportunity to get rid of both.  Sandhya is told quite a bit that hers is the worst, but she has immunity and will stay.

In the back room, Hernan tells the group that Nina said it is all Sandhya's fault.    It had nothing to do with his own work.  He and Carrie are victims.  One or more of them will be eliminated and it had NOTHING AT ALL to do with them.

"I thought I would take the high road
and just trash talk them in interview."

No, to be serious for a couple of seconds, which is all I can handle, I'm with you, Sandhya.  It's not like they'd be receptive to anything coming from you.

The winner and eliminated loser were pretty evident early on, huh?   I kept thinking, there's usually a surprise, when I think I've figured it out early into the show.   Will Sandhya just quit out of fear?   Will Angela go on a wild rampage from all the stress?   Did Char quit the show?   She hardly got any face time.   Will they bring back Ken Laurence and Alexander Pope after all?   What about Keith Michaels, Maya Luz or Kooan Kosuke?

Well, it was none of those things.  Amanda won, and Carrie was eliminated.  Carrie didn't seem to grasp that it was her job to make an interesting garment, and that Sandhya's garment, no matter how bad, was only one third of the score for their team.

Okay, the surprise was that Hernan got to stay.  I thought he might go, too.

Thoughts?  I am sick of the Sandhya hate.   I don't wish to correct opinions as to her work.  No matter what is going on, one needs to focus on one's own work.  I don't like it when the designers assign too much weight to other people determining their outcome, and it not occurring to them that they might have the power to win or lose all on their own.   Even if Sandhya had immunity.   Even if Tim didn't like their work.  Even if they only had a day.

What a turn around for Mitchell this week, eh?  Good on him!  He's not just eye candy.

I can hardly wait to see what so many of the contestants will do next.   I like that.   I hope Angela calms down and creates a killer garment before she self destructs.   And, I pray to God that Heidi didn't hurt herself when she slipped on the runway.   Wait, I wonder if Sandhya somehow made that happen.  She's got the power, y'all.

S O M E     O B S E R V A T I O N S

"Sandhya, be very happy that you have immunity."

Always listen to Tim.

"The thing is, if we are using the same materials and similar techniques,
it'll end up like three same looks, just done differently."

"Dude! They're all the same!"

Always listen to your teammate.  Even if you don't approve of them having immunity.


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