Thursday, August 28, 2014

Face Off s7e6  Wizard Of Wonderland  26 August 2014

Last time on Face Off the special effects makeup artists fabricated hybrid creatures.

Sasha & Cig were each in the top three,

and Damien won his first Spotlight Challenge.

 Keaghlan, Doc & Stella were on the bottom.

Doc was eliminated.  No more Team Orlando.   =o(

It's morning in L.A. and we get an edit of Sasha and Rachael feeding the Koi.   Hmm, surely neither of these contestants are going home.   Maybe Sasha is finally winning a challenge?

The makeup artists head over to Sony Pictures, where they see host McKenzie Westmore admiring a huge rainbow.    Keaghlan wants a whimsical challenge.  Jason doesn't.   Ah, THAT is the edit this week.   It's not a Winner/Loser Edit, it's a Themed Fight Edit.   Good on you, Face Off, we have now have a fifth edit, after Winner, Loser, Fake and Future Edits.   So, we'll see this pro-whimsy/anti-whimsy fight throughout the episode.

The Spotlight Challenge:  Take a Wizard of Oz character and reimagine it for Alice In Wonderland.

They pair up themselves and choose as follows:

George & Drew • Wicked Witch Of The West
Dina & Stella • Winged Monkey
Cig & Damien • Scarecrow
Rachael & Keaghlan • Tin Man
Jason & Sasha • Cowardly Lion

They sit and sketch and explain their concepts.   Sasha and Jason are not on the same page.

Jason interviews that they just HAD a whimsical challenge, and he just can't be bothered to do it twice in a row.   Ah, so when a challenge is presented, you just do whatever you damn well please?  Gotcha.

Back at the lab they have 6.5 hours on day one.   That's longer than usual, eh?

Jason wants Sasha to go small with the ears.   Why is he so timid to embrace the task at play?

Mentor time!

Michael gives George advice on how to shape his witch mouth.

It's never "go vertical."

Mr. W. advices Dina & Stella to use a tiny bit of hair on the chin of their jester monkey.

Michael sees a seashell on Keaghlan & Rachael's tin man.

Mr. Westmore is nervous that Cig & Drew's scarecrow face will fade into the work.

Michael Westmore calls out Jason on not honoring the challenge, and for not being bold enough.   It's Wizard Of Oz, but there's not Alice In Wonderland to it.   Or, it's a little too normal and plain, if not real.

Jason interviews that he is worried, that one of them might go home.  Oh, please, that was an after the fact interview if I ever saw one.   YOU are going to go home because you can't be arsed to pay attention to the challenge.

Every other team seems to be working well together, and doing interesting work.   4 or out 5 ain't bad, eh?

Stella cuts a bit of Rachael's hair (with permission) for her jester look.   No, she isn't a hair stylist.   Uh-oh!

Sasha & Jason are still at odds over the look of their cowardly lion.  Still?   Even after Mr. Westmore came through?

On day two, Sasha decides to incorporate Cheshire cat ideas into the fur of the lion.  Smart girl!

Stella makes wings out of a deck of cards that she fabricates.   The contestants don't always make wings well, but these don't look too bad.

Drew makes his witch's broom and soon George has to test it out.

Jason & Sasha struggle with a mold, but they eventually get it.

On day three everyone seems to be scrambling.   They're all painting the models soon enough.   Jason & Sasha are not agreeing on paint colors, or application order.

Drew tosses the idea of the witch having an interesting head shape to match the hat.   Aw.

Let's see how they made out.  Joining host McKenzie Westmore are judges Glenn Hetrcik, Ve Neill, Neville Page and Lois Burwell.

Stella & Dina

Sasha & Jason

Drew & George

Keaghlan & Rachael

Cig & Damien

Drew & George's work comes of very WOO, but not AIW.  Ve thinks the color green puts it too far into WOO territory.    Neville thinks they should have had more hair, less hat.  Lois spews several preferable color choices off the top of her head.

Cig & Damien's work is called clever, but way too dark and busy.   His face is hidden, there's no focal point.

Stella & Dina's work is a complete fusion of the two worlds per Neville.  Glenn is beaming over Dina's design choices.

Well, it is beaming for him.

Sasha & Jason needed to have more work done with the face.   Lois calls it mask-like.   Glenn wants much more whimsy, cartoon.  Ve see Teen Wolf.

Keaghlan & Rachael's execution is applauded.  Glenn calls it clean and finished.  Ve is impressed with the symmetry.  Lois like the profile view.

Top two teams are Stella & Dina, and Rachael & Keaghlan.

Top team is Stella & Dina.

Dina nabs the individual win for her ear/hat concept.
The top teams, plus Drew & George are safe and sent out back.

 Bottom teams are Damien & Cig, and Sasha & Jason.

Jason is eliminated for his bad concept and color choices.

It just can't be a good idea to summarily toss aside the parameters of any challenge presented, eh?

Next week:  The judges themselves compete to make chess pieces?


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