Thursday, August 14, 2014

Face Off s7e4  Twisted Trees  12 August 2014

Last time on Face Off the special effects makeup artists created aliens inspired by ancient wonders.  It was their first individual Spotlight Challenge.

Top three were Keaghlan, Sasha and Stella, with Stella winning.

Bottom three were Damien, Doc and Gwen, with Gwen going home.

I hate when the Winner/Loser Edit
is crammed down our throats
right off the bat.  Ugh.

Worse, though, is poor Doc being forced to
ask Stella how it feels to win the last challenge.
We have no idea, and inquiring minds want to know.

"I feel so dirty now that I've won.
I must quit immediately."

The contestants walk in to the lab and see the models all set up for a Foundation Challenge.  Host McKenzie Westmore introduces Mike "Hell Boy 2" Elizalde.  The mini challenge is to choose a model (and costume) and create the superhero that would wear it.     They get the typical two hours.

Doc is told his guy is merely wearing a mask.

Mike likes the layering of the color on Vince's guy.

Mike calls Rachael's work elegant.

Sasha hears 'beautiful' and, wait, that's it?   We saw four out of 12.   

Did you notice that they showed everyone EXCEPT for Jason?  I wonder why that was?

Shame that he got all the makeup on the hair.   Was he supposed to cover it with a wig, and ran out of time?

At any rate, Vince and Rachael are top two.

Rachael wins, earning immunity for the (main) Spotlight Challenge, which they find out the next day.

Their challenge is to create a larger than life tree character inspired by a particular species. Each soon has a malady attached to it.   They are working in teams of two, but they choose their own teams.

      Doc & Jason • Bristlecone Pine • Lightning Strikes
      Sasha & Stella • White Birch • Burls
      Vince & Damien • Giant Sequoia • Rot
      Dina & Rachael • Banyan • Fungus
      George & Keaghlan • Silk Floss • Choking Vines
      Cig & Drew • Weeping Willow • Pests

McKenzie reminds them that the judges should be able to see which tree and which pest is at play.

Soon it is Westmore time!

Mr. Westmore's initial response to Dina & Rachael is not at all what they are going for.  They've made it more twisty than the Banyon actually is.  Dina interviews that they have to start all over.   Rachael has immunity, be careful, Dina!

Mr. W. wants Keaghlan & George to hide the face a little bit.  Right now it looks too human.

Michael wants to see big enough holes to house the bugs in Weeping Willow guy Cig & Drew are making.

Vince & Damien are told how to work with their cowl so the model will be able to move a bit.

Michael thinks Doc & Jason were too timid with their design, they didn't push it enough.

Sasha & Stella are reminded that it isn't to be a person inside a tree.

Dina decides to go from diagonal and winding to straight vertical lines.

On day two Keaghlan & George are dancing?

Cig & Drew can't get their mold open, but minutes later that have and it's all good.  Oy, isn't that the way it always goes, the fake out crisis?

Sasha & Stella make hand molds, only to be unable to use them.  Okay, THAT is a bonafide crisis.  Well, maybe.

Damien & Vince are disagreeing over their tree color.

Doc messed up his arm mold.   Geez, did the producers just go through everyone's work while the contestants were at lunch?

On reveal day the models come in and everyone seems to be painting soon after.  During the last hour Cig & Drew are finally attaching their weeping willow branches.   Why aren't they there during the actual reveal and judging?

Glenn Hetrick, Lois Burwell and Neville Page were the judges this week.

Sasha & Stella

George & Keaghlan

Damien & Vince

Doc & Jason

Dina & Rachael

Cig & Drew

McKenzie calls out George & Keaghlan, and Dina & Rachael, as the middle safe.   They head out back to the waiting room.

Doc & Jason explain their desert inspiration.  Glenn is awed by their planning and thought process.   Neville wants it to read more clear wether it is on fire, or already HAD the fire, but otherwise is impressed.

Cig & Drew have too many missed opportunities per Lois.  Neville sees muddy work.  Drew claims responsibility for the branches that didn't stay on the model.

Sasha & Stella's white birch is a hit with Neville, except for the boxing gloves.  Glenn has them take them off.  Lois likes the knees.

Damien & Vince have the trunk  at the head, and the judges hate that idea.   Neville likes the hands.   He doesn't understand the left eye not working (it is rotted out per Vince.)  He calls it a missed opportunity.

 At the top are Doc & Jason, and Sasha & Stella

Jason is the individual winner of the challenge.

Bottom dwellers are Damien, Vince, Cig & Drew.

Vince is eliminated for his weak concept.

He hears a sweet compliment from Lois, and then they all say goodbye.

Did you notice how McKenzie and the judges were all teary-eyed?   That was sweet, and unusual for only the fourth episode.

Vince, be a doll and take Cig's brain slug hat with you when you go, okay?

I love Futurama, probably more than anyone, but Cig needs a new look.

But not this.


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  1. I thought it was so weird that they never explained why the branches were missing during the judging.