Thursday, August 21, 2014

Face Off s7e5  Animal Attraction  19 August 2014

Last time on Face Off the special effects makeup artists created Superheroes in the Foundation Challenge, inspired by their model's costumes. 

 Rachael beat out Vince for the win and
immunity on the Spotlight (main) Challenge.

In teams of two, the contestants made tree creatures afflicted with a particular malady.

Jason edged out Doc, Sasha & Stella for the win.

Drew & Cig, and Damien & Vince were the bottom dwellers,

with Vince being eliminated for his initial poor design.

Now, as we start the episode, I have a present for you, beardie boys.

Boys — razor.    Razor — boys.

Not a full minute in and Damien has a BIG Honkin' Edit.  I'm guessing it's the Winner's Edit.   We'll see.   He *was* bottom two last time, I could be wrong.

The remaining artists meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at The Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, CA.  They meet some exotic species, and find out what the Spotlight Challenge is:

Create a hybrid out of two exotic animals.   The list seems fairly limited.  But what is really bothering me is —

The tawny owl can see into Sasha's soul?  Girl, what do you think he's gonna do with your soul that he might be a threat?

Beardo weirdos each choose both alligator & armadillo, but, of course. 

Soon enough they are back in the lab where they have five & a half hours on day one.

Westmore Time!

Doc wants to make a flying monkey.  Michael likes the muzzle.

Michael wants Drew to change the back of the head sculpt to match the fox.

Mr. W. only sees a fox in Rachael's work, not any Coatimundi. 

Michael is concerned that George's work comes off like a prop, not a makeup.

Stella is struggling with her sculpt.  Mr. Westmore aids her with nose ideas.

C'est tout?

Damien interviews that he is intimidated, working with feathers and fur for the first time.

"He'll get used to it."

George wears his work, like he often seems to do.

On reveal day, George has to use a different kind of adhesive, since his model is allergic to the one they normally use.   Just how serious of an issue is this?

Also, I think I know why Drew keeps winning the fan favorite every episode.

I bet his model is over-voting — a LOT.   I'm being mean.  I, personally, would love to come home to that.

Stella runs out of her paint during the last hour before reveal.   Dina interviews she didn't get close to finishing her paint.

Judging this week:  Glenn Hetrick, Lois Burwell and Neville Page.












McKenzie calls out Sasha, Keaghlan, Damien, Doc, Stella and Cig as the best & worst.   The rest are safe and head out to the waiting/makeup room.

Sasha is asked how she did, and she admits she doesn't like it — because of the leggings.   Glenn takes her to task for not being proud of her amazing work.   He calls her paint work phenomenal.  Lois thinks she used her time wisely.   Neville applauds the head sculpt.

This reminds me of the recently departed Angela Sum over on Project Runway.   Do you care how the contestants "feel" about their work, or do you just care about their work?  I wish the judges eased up on the personalities and focused on the skills.   At the end of the day, we're gonna buy or utilize the work itself, not the emotional state of the person.   Just a thought.

Although, I really do expect the poor girl to explode at any given point.

Lois doesn't like Keaghlan's paint job.  Neville does admit he likes the sculpt.   Glenn calls it inappropriately cartoony for the challenge.

Neville calls Damien's work very balanced.   Glenn calls his work with the feathers and fur exquisite, not bad for his first time!

Glenn thinks Doc's work is illegible.  Lois calls it a mess, Neville says it is way too muddy.

Stella offers that she was lost throughout the challenge.   Lois doesn't see her typical strengths.   Neville doesn't see the two animals.    He deems it unacceptable.   Uh-oh!

Neville admires Cig's head sculpt, as does Glenn.  Wait, that's it?  Curious.

"It means I didn't win.
I didn't get a full edit.   Only my beard did."

Sasha, Cig and Damien are top three.
Damien wins his first challenge!

Bottom three are Keaghlan, Stella and Doc.

Doc is eliminated for his concept and execution.

Doc interviews that he has auditioned for many other seasons.   Wow, that's rough, to finally make it on, and not make it further in the season.

Next week:  Wizards!



  1. Did you notice that Cig's model kept bowing his head? He either has the worst posture in the world, or he couldn't hold up his head. I want to hear more about either the model's experience/reasoning/choices, or at least how the designers feel about their models' performance.

  2. Wish they would give us the models names too. There is one guy who has been in multiple seasons. I feel like I should know his name.

    Also, are we seriously going to let Keaghlan go on without comment? I know I'm old, but even when I wasn't, I would have found her eyebrows ridiculous.