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Face Off s7e3  Ancient Aliens  5 August 2014

Last week on Face Off the makeup artists created mob bosses, a la Dick Tracy, with inspiration from real life criminals.

But there were no donbots.   =o(

Cig & George's "Big Tuna" was the top creation, and the win went to Cig.

Sasha & Barry's "Tick-Tock" was the bottom look, and Barry was sent home.

What was with all of the Hot Pockets commercials, at least two per break?   That was hell annoying.  Okay, 100% Real Annoying.   I don't mind Foreigner, it wasn't that.   Well, wait, it wasn't Foreigner, either.

The contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore and judge Glenn Hetrick at the Walter Pyramid at Cal State Long Beach.  This week's Spotlight Challenge:  Create the alien that had a hand in the creation of an old historically significant site.  They choose as follows:

     Egypt's Giza Necropolis • Damien, Keaghlan
     South Pacific's Easter Island • Doc, Vince
     England's Stonehenge • Gwen, Rachael
     Peru's Machu Picchu • George, Jason
     Mexico's Pyramid Of The Sun • Drew, Dina
     India's Peruvudaiyar Kovil • Stella, Sasha
     Cambodia's Angkor Wat  • Cig

They sketch and then head back to the work room.   It's a typical 3-day challenge with a few hours on day one, a full day on day two, then 4 hours on day three, plus an extra hour at the reveal stage.

Drew is excited because he's actually been to his place.  He thinks that that is a distinct advantage.   Sasha is overly selling that she's never done many of the techniques she is employing.   They seem to be standard fare for the show.   Did she sneak onto the show, or earn her way?  Geez.  Gwen is making her alien more humanoid.  Um, really?

Westmore time!

Dina is remaining the fire over her aliens head as a mind control device.  Michael wants the head ideas carried further down the neck.

Jason wants to incorporate an LED into the head of his alien, and to take the pattern of his site and put it directly on his guy.  He gets advice as to exactly how to put the light in the head from Mr. W.

Michael doesn't see "Easter Island" in Doc's sculpt.  We get an edit of Mr. Westmore giving a LOT of advice.   Doc interviews that he is confused.   He doesn't want to go too literal, but he doesn't want to ignore Mr. W. either.

Stella is worried that the model won't be able to move her neck.   Michael says to tear out some ridges in the back of the neck to aid in movement.

Keaghlan is reminded to do a stellar paint job.  (The judges always say, if you don't have time to do everything perfectly, let the sculpt suffer, and do a perfect paint job.)

That's it?  I thought we had 13 contestants.  Some of them took the day off?

Damien is thrilled to have finished his face sculpt work on day one.  Only he and Rachael are that far along.  Oh, good, she's alive.

On day two Sasha doesn't know how to make her cowl mold.   Huh?   Soon we see her struggle, but it comes out fine.   Useless drama, sure, but it's a useless edit, too.

And since when is April Johnston on the show?
I'll shut up, I really love April.

Vince is lazily walking.   Everyone else is running against time.   It's a … strategy.  Actually, it's pretty funny.   Glad he showed up and is alive, too.

On day three the models come in, and the makeup artists get to painting.   Gwen had trouble with her foam chest piece.    She can save it with her paint job, yes?   Damien might not be able to do a good paint job, he's stressing that his blue and gold is a mess.

Joining host McKenzie Westmore at the reveal stage are judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill (yea, she's back!,) Neville Page and Lois Burwell.














McKenzie calls out Sasha, Doc, Stella, Gwen, Damien and Keaghlan as top and bottom.  Everyone else is safe middle, and they head out back to await the fate of the others.

Glenn deems Sasha's work remarkable, and instantly understandable.  Neville thinks the head proportions were unachievable, yet she did.  Wow.

Ve doesn't like the monotone work on Doc's alien.  Neville doesn't like the covered ears, he calls the look concept-less.

Neville is amazed at how the face works, calling Stella's work very successful.   Lois likes the color and the henna.   Glenn says he never saw anything like it (a compliment, for sure.)

Lois sees pagan, not alien with Gwen's work.  She made him human on purpose.  Glenn is a bit disgusted.  Ruh-roh!

Glenn doesn't like the pyramid shapes on Damien's alien's head.   Ve rakes him over the coals for using the highlight of gold as the base coat, and the base blue as a highlight.

Keaghlan's paint choice and work is admired.  Lois likes the ear work.

Top three are Sasha, Stella and Keaghlan.

Stella wins!
All three are safe and head out back.

Bottom three are Gwen, Doc and Damien.

Gwen is sent home for her poor vision choice, and inability to work through the fabrication mishaps.

Next time:  Twisted Sister trees!


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  1. I agreed with who won and went home this week, BUT I was surprised that George didn't get more credit for his non-humanoid form. I totally agreed with him when he said that aliens shouldn't look human. I also thought that Vince's end-result, though cool-looking, was WAY too derivative from his source material. No creativity there, just good execution.

    I'm glad that Doc didn't get sent home - who knows what his creation might've looked like if Father Westmore hadn't told him to do this instead. Srsly - Father Westmore needs to back off. He's supposed to be supporting the contestants' visions rather than steamrolling them.

    I had no patience for Sasha pointing out her own incompetence, but I did like her finished product.

    Also - no comment about Glen's look when they revealed the project? I didn't even recognize him at first! So clean-shaven! J'Approve.